Saturday, February 20, 2010

Was Tila Ever A Virgin?

Apparently after her show in Melbourne, Tila decided to sing Madonna's "Like A Virgin". I'm surprised she actually gave credit to Madonna since she hasn't with anybody else. Oh well it's just as crappy as her other songs she has stolen. Does anybody wonder why there's always so many people on "stage" with her? Maybe they are there to protect her from all there to protect her from 20,000 fans who may show up and poke her fake pregnant belly.


Tess Deco said...

Haha! Obviously her version of "Like A Virgin" was too skank for YouTube! Lucky it was past her t'ween fan's bedtime so they were spared. AvanteRose's Tweets seem to hint that he threw Tila under the bus to TMZ! She just can't seem to get any of those Compton boys to play her baby daddy! Poor Tila!

jess said...

lol did anyone notice her youtube ch. got suspended. youtube even tired of her.