Sunday, February 21, 2010

Tila Tequila: Creator or Robber

Thanks to @LRM_ENT for finding the Rose Royce song.

UPDATE: Blackheart Records has been taking care of the "Pop Rox" issue. If you scroll down to the video I had of Pop Rox it says it was removed because of Blackheart Records.

Tila Tequila is known lately for stealing songs of other respected artists and NOT crediting them. Yes it is alright to use other's lyrics/music but you need permission and to credit them. Tila doesn't do this...ever, and its not okay or fair to the artist who does own this song. Here is a list of a few of the songs Tila has "stolen" and not given credit to the artist. If anyone finds more please let me know and I will post them on here. Pretty sad that all the songs Tila has that are actually her own suck and the ones that are okay are "stolen." This shows though, what kind of artist Tila is; a crappy one.

Tila Tequila singing Do Your Dance, note the similarities to the song below this

Rose Royce - Do Your Dance

Tila Tequila - Stripper Friends

Aimee Allen - Stripper Friends (Kevin Michael also covered it but rewrote the lyrics)

Tila Tequila - Pop Rox

Joan Jett - I Love Rock and Roll

Tila Tequila - Blue Dress (notice how it was uploaded in April, 2009. Funny I thought she was singing it because it was Casey's favorite song.)

Depeche Mode - Blue Dress


Anonymous said...

not only did she not credit them, she told the few people at the club that she wrote it for Casey. check out tilasrotspot blog. they have links to all of her pitiful shows.

Anonymous said...

She's so crazy.. Her next move is to sue Depeche mode for stealing her song..hahahahahah
Lawyer's response; Tila this song was written over 20 years ago.
Don't worry tila you still got your cracked out Tila Army.. I really don't understand how anyone could support such a Psychopath.

Anonymous said...

Man someone needs to do something about her not crediting any of the original artists she's a fake ass liar

aliceintwitrlnd said...

She needs to STOP this bs with not giving credit! She's burying herself everytime

Anonymous said...

It is so obvious she was lip sync'in that dress song in her bathroom. Even my little girl .(who could hear but NOT SEE IT) COULD TELL. THAT VIDEO WAS disturbing I wanna spray bleach in my eyes. I suspect she really only lip syncs. Just sayin


Anonymous said...

This bitch steals music....then has the audacity to sing it at “Karaoke Night” on her Australia "Tour" then sell it on Itunes as her own. What a way to fuck up good music. Dont bring that shit over here to the US bitch, YOU WILL GET CALLED OUT! I hope they sue her ass. I pray for it.


Anonymous said...

Nice Post. This bitch makes my blood boil to the core. I would love to knock her ass out. One punch! She needs her ass kicked. I'll take a night in jail for it.


Teresa said...

Now I know why this bitch likes this song... I read up on "meanings of the song blue dress"... you probably already knew, but yeah, I had NO idea they had a struggling heroin addiction. I guess this is what the song is supposed to be about. It could be also though, about how beautiful a woman looks in a certain dress.

I like my first assumption better though :D

Teresa said...

I'm still livid about this. Oh well... gives me even more ideas for my story... muhahaha

Spiked Tequila said...

oh wow no I did not know it was about Heroin that's crazy

Anonymous said...

Seriously though, is she even important enough to warrant the attention, let alone legal action, from the acts she's ripping off? I sincerely doubt Madonna is feeling anxious about some nobody ruining her song to an audience 12 drunk Australians.

Anonymous said...

Massive Tila boycott MIDNIGHT tonight. Whichever time zone you live in, begin unfollowing Tila from Twitter, delete her as your friend on myspace and delete your account at the HotSpot.

The boycott will come in waves due to time differences, which we believe will make it less obvious, but more effective in the end! Spread the WORD!!!!!

No attention=No Tila!!!

Tyranny4U said...

I've been a fan of DM since 1984. Martin Gore is a bril song writer and Dave Gahan has a very unique voice. I haven't heard this song, Blue Dress in years but I was confusing it with their previous song, New Dress (I have that chorus lyrics, "Princess Di is wearing a new dress" looping in my brain) off their 1985 Black Celebration LP.