Sunday, February 28, 2010

Preview of Tila's blog

Thanks to @foxybug76 for screencaps!

Here's a little preview of Tila's new blog coming up..funny how she said she wouldn't be bashing people on it yet there she is bashing Samantha Ronson. I love that she thinks she's a reliable source as well.


Renesmee56 said...

Omg that is so f-ing true!! Why the heck would ppl want to see tila on tv again?? IT WOULD MAKE THEM BLIND!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Tila moved to I made a special facebook group:

Can this tampon get more fans than Tila Tequila?
Join today!!


RockitQueen said...

The name of this blog cracks me up. What the eff does "OMG of all media" mean? "Oh my god of all media"? And then LOL LOL? Why?

All questions that I really don't care about the answers to.