Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Tila goes on RazB's Twitter

So last night the #tilaresistance and #tilaarmy had an appearance from Tila on Raz B's twitter account. She once again hinted that she probably is going to make a new twitter, but she asked all her fans to ask Raz B to make her make a new twitter. What a lame attempt at publicity for Raz B. I understand Tila is trying to get his name out there, but she does it in the most stupid of ways. I'm also very upset, because the first day I made my BoycottTila twitter account I got a tweet FROM Tila, but I also got a follow from Raz B, and he talked to me too but all I care about is the follow. So obviously when Tila was on Raz B's account last night she blocked me. She is so immature obviously Raz B was following me for a reason! Maybe he wanted to know the TRUTH about his crappy manager. Either that or Raz B just doesn't know what Boycott means, and thinks I am a fan. I did insult Raz B and Tila while talking to him though so he should have known.

Now Tila's making little hints about Raz B being the baby daddy. She posts a bulletin on myspace and then deletes it soon after. Or a blog on her website ( and deletes it. Soon Tila will be claiming Raz B is a deadbeat dad, and firing him as her client.

Also to Tila about this Raz B incident all I have to say is

I aint tryna fuck ya man, errybody knows he my number one fan, I done been there done that bitch and you wanna get mad bitch I don't give a damn.

I aint tryna fuck ya man, lookin at my twitter lotion in his hand when he look at you he be thinkin bout me.

If i was you I would hate me too.

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Rudy said...

first off u fucking RULE!

secondly is it true that Tila monkey face is paying some of her fans as much as $100 a day to post " #TilaArmy " comments on her blogs? if it is that's pretty sad even for her! lmao