Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Tila Tequila: First Class or No Class

Thanks to @tilassayso for international flight information and @miahatestila

Let me start off with which airline Tila is taking. She is taking Phillippine Airlines to Guam and then to Australia. This airline does not seem like a normal choice for "celebrities" Phillippine Airlines also does not have a First class seating plan.

So Tila did manage to tell us all the truth for once, she is going to Australia. But as we all know the lies don't stay out of Tila's mouth, or in this case her twitter for very long.

Tila took two pictures (above) of where she was sitting on her plane. She claimed to be sitting in first class. However, if you look at the seat Tila is sitting in it is DEFINATELY NOT first class. Many flights internationally will have the First Class seating on the second level of the plane, to help celebrities from being seen. So she wouldn't have even seen first class from the picture.

Now she could be in business class, which on Phillippine Airlines seems to have on the second level. The seats do seem to fit the description for business class, but obviously I am not sure.

Of course she could be in coach as well. I cannot tell between Business class and Coach, but regardless she isn't in First Class. I thought real celebrities were in first class Tila? Guess this proves you really don't have any class, even on a plane.

You can decide for yourself if it's coach or business.


Anonymous said...

She's definately not in first class. The seats are leather and much wider in first class. Looks more like business class. What an idiotic thing to lie about. I notice that the people flying w/her don't appear to be sitting with her either so they must be in coach. Next thing we'll hear is that they put her up in a luxury hotel. Since she is only hosting at 3 bars that's definately unlikely. It's not even a tour. And now she has had the inevitable miscarriage. When is it going to stop?

GLAMMAX said...

Tila would be flying on a Philippine Airlines Boeing 747-400.

They DO NOT have a first class option on this plane.

There are 2 options:
1)"Fiesta" aka Coach Class
2)"Mabuhay" aka Business Class

In Business Class you either sit at the front of the plane, or on the upper deck.

Seat plan here:

PeteBeat said...

Wow she looks like such a tweaker. I guess I could give her the benefit of the doubt since she is on a long international flight. But I'm not gonna. Tweaker!!

Anonymous said...

it is indeed true that there is no first class on philippine airlines. the seat she has IS on the upper deck for sure.. mabuhay class is usually pretty full, so that would explain why u see other people with her.