Monday, February 8, 2010

Tila's baby bump?

Last night Tila posted a picture of her "baby bump" Since this picture a lot of us have been asking is it a google image, a boob, her actual stomach pushed out, or someone elses pic?

It's obvious that is NOT Tila's baby bump. Tila should be 14-15 weeks pregnant by now, and her bump would not be above the navel. So that rules that out, but what is it then? Here's some pics that show different stories. There ARE people who can stick out their stomach and make themselves look pregnant, I have seen it done. The "rod" could be used for her pushing her stomach UP. Also I realized that in her original photo I can see what looks like the leg as as well. All of these pictures I edited myself.

This would be the picture Tila uploaded and showed us all.

This is a picture brightened and rotated.
The yellow shows a random rod right under the tummy/boob.
The bluish purple shows some thing that DOES look like a belly button, some say it's a scar.
And the pink shows what could be the end of the rod, or her piercing.

Here the pic is brightened and rotated again.

The yellow circle shows what is obviously part of her skin, it has the same tone. Some people think it is another boob, while others think it is a leg.

The green circle I'm showing what looks to be the belly button again, except there is clearling something in it, a bump which could be a nipple.

This is a pic I made gold metallic just to try it out, but i discovered something..The circle shows what look to be a leg. Though I did not see this in any other form of the picture, I see now that it does very much look like a leg, and on some other pictures it does too. There is that space so it clearly isn't a boob. In the above pic you see a black triangle that in this picture shapes out the leg.


Brandi said...

Doesn't that look like an ass to you? I thought the black triangle looked like part of her thong, and the looks like it goes up her butt crack. Great job enhancing the photos. That is clearly NOT a stomach.

Anyway, you blocked me on Twitter, so I thought I'd check out your blog.

Anonymous said...

LOL...this could be a picture of anybody's stomach. Why didn't Tila post a full picture of herself holding up her blouse showing us the bump? Why this close up of a stomach with no face to go with it.
I think we all know the answer to this. It's not Tila because she's not pregnant.

Seagal said...

I was thinking the same thing. Why didn't she take a full body shot? Lord knows she is NOT camera shy. We all know the answer to that one tho. At least those of us that have a brain.

Anonymous said...

Somebody brought this up in the comments to her Nicole Richie post, and I thought it was an incredibly valid point. How many pregnant women do you know who take JUST a picture of their belly? I don't think I've ever seen that, ever. It's not how it works. They'll take a picture in a mirror, or have someone take it for them (she's always hanging out with RazB apparently, couldn't he take it?) to show their face and how happy they are. Taking a picture of JUST a belly is very, very odd. I don't think it's a belly though, aside from this post lightening the picture, just because I don't think I've ever seen stretch marks like that on a belly. I think it's her ass.