Monday, February 1, 2010

Tila's "fame"

Tila Tequila is a self proclaimed respected and successful celebrity. How did this girl get famous do you ask and who is she? Well Tila Tequila got famous on myspace. She didn't have any real talent except for she knows how to take her clothes off. I remember Tila before she got famous. She actually SENT me a friend request, I was not sure who she was so I denied it because of her default picture. Her picture was of her half naked. I can honestly say I thought this person was someone in porn trying to add me. I'm assuming that's partly why she got so many friends, she just started adding everybody.

She started singing songs and posting them on her myspace, all of which were sexual and sucked. And she soon got her tv show A shot at love. Where she brought both men and women on to fight for her love.

After that Tila fell out of the spotlight in my opinion. I hadn't heard of anything from her again until Casey died.

So basically, Casey dying caused Tila to come back to being noticed again. YET she acts like she's this huge star that has always had a lot of publicity. It's funny because Tila has said that The Game was off the radar until her. were out of the radar until Casey, sweetie. You aren't ALLLLL that. Tila is so full of herself she wouldn't even name where she got her food one day because she didn't want to give them free promotion. Um again sweetie, NO ONE would want to eat from wherever you got your food from if they knew. You wouldn't GIVE them business you'd make them LOSE business.

Tila, you aren't famous for anything except for being a myspace slut. Your singing is horrible, and your tv show sucked. You aren't even invited to celebrity events, but the people you bash are. Hahah At the Grammy's last night where were you Tila? Oh yeah sitting on twitter talking to your fans. But Rihanna, who won a grammy, and Perez Hilton were there. I guess they are more popular sweetie. Don't consider yourself famous until you are actually invited to these places.

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