Sunday, February 14, 2010

Tila's photo mistake

Thanks @ktpinki for noticing the picture on myspace

Today Tila posted a photo from her "photoshoot" this past week which according to her was another Valentines day gift to her fans. Funny thing is? A picture of Tila that looks exactly the same was found on her myspace, first comment from April of 2009. Tila Tequila did NOT have that photo taken this week obviously, and she must have forgot it was on her myspace. What does this mean? Either Tila didn't really have a photoshoot and she's using old photo's or she is just ripping her fans off by showing a picture from last year. Tila it's pretty easy to expose your lies when you are a horrible liar! What a great Valentines Day gift to her fans, a crappy ripped off song to go with a picture a year old you can find just like the on on her myspace.

I have emailed Kristin Burns asking about the photo, when and if I get a reply I will update this blog.

Top photo is from "photoshoot"
Bottom from myspace.


Jennifer said...

Haha... she's got the Chinese character for chicken tattooed on her wrist. In Chinese chicken is slang for "prostitute". How appropriate.

Brandy said...

Flights from LA to Austrailia are anywhere from 14-20 hours long, somehow she got herself a special 22 hour long flight. So she obviously doesnt even have the tickets.

I was just saying the other day that she would have he fake miscarriage on valentines day, but yesterday she seemed to forget she was pregnant and instead stayed home and did meth all day and twittered.

Not one woman who was having a real miscarriage would go straight to twitter and announce it, we would go to emergency as fast as we could. She is so insane that she thinks there would be some sort of media mayhem if she called 911, even while having a fake miscarriage she goes on about how famous she is. She needs to be committed.

Oh and Im in my first trimester and it is pretty much impossible to stay up for a normal day let alone for days on end and forget getting up out of bed!

Also shes writing posts for her gossip blog that doesnt launch for another month? Way to have hot current gossip.

I cant wait to see her finally fizzle out, its been waaay too long.

Anonymous said...

The bottom picture - you can see in the window reflection that she is taking that photo of herself. She is such a loser.

♔Teღ C.☆ said...

yap,lying biatch TT