Friday, February 12, 2010

Tila is so confident in herself she doesnt need to bash people.

Thanks to @rottenagave for the screenshots taken on her phone. Screenshots are at the bottom.

Tila hit a new low today, bashing Angelina Jolie. Now anyone with a brain can see that Angelina Jolie has talent where as Tila has nothing except for a lot of friends on myspace. Tila started rambling about Angelina Jolie adopting kids from Haiti, basically saying Angelina was copying her. I'm surprised Tila would say that (not really) considering Tila is trying to do a lot of things Angelina has already done. Angelina is already the UNHCR Goodwill ambassador and she has already adopted children from different countries. Tila has said before she wanted to adopt a child from Haiti, but right now the US wasn't allowing anymore adoptions. Tila goes on twitter today to rant about Angie adopting children from Haiti saying she already has enough kids she neglects. But Angie never said she wanted to adopt children from Haiti right now, she's simply there to help. Tila is way to selfish to help countries in need she didn't even donate to Haiti, but now says her garage sale's profit this week will goto Haiti. I honestly doubt that, Tila is broke she is selling Everything for that reason alone. Tila never should have mentioned Angelina at all these are two people who are in two different type of humans. Angelina is talented and successful where Tila is just a Myspace slut.

Now besides this E! Online posted that they thought Lindsay Lohan and Tila would make a good couple. Of course Tila went crazy off of this. She went from insulting Lindsay saying she was jobless to telling her to get with her because she could fix her image. if Lilo got with Tila I'm afraid shed end up just like Casey Johnson. Lindsay obviously needs help being with someone who only cares about themself is not a good idea. Another person I don't think Tila should have mentioned is Lindsay she does have some problems, but she is known because of her talent unlike Tila. Besides id hope Lilo would pick someone more attractive than Tila. Just look at Tila's pic from her most recent photoshoot on she looks like a drag queen.

And last night Tila had a twitter rant about her haters who obviously are getting to her. She then said she wasn't pregnant, many haters and fans tweeted her questioning this. I personally thought this was where her miscarriage story would begin. But she soon tweeted being sarcastic about it. Either way it doesn't matter she isn't pregnant and her baby bump always seems to disappear and reappear.

And now Tila is getting ready for her tour in Austrailia which consists of 3 states each with one "show" from her. Which is actually her hosting 3 different nightclubs one she is cohosting. Not to mention I was told one of the clubs has a bad reputation it even has metal detectors. What a tour Tila has for all her fans!

Tila get over yourself already you're 15 minutes of fame was over a long time ago.

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