Thursday, February 18, 2010

Tila Tequila "honored" with a CEO under 30 interview

Thanks to @liarfacetequila and @likereally

As you can see a few weeks ago Tila "tweeted" that she was going to be having a CEO under 30 interview. Hard to believe, but that did happen. The interview of course made Tila sound like an awesome person. The whole interview we already know is false. Just more people kissing ass to Tila. Here's the website:

But how honorable is this interview? If you look down below ANYONE can have an interview with CEO under 30, and anyone can write for it. However, they did confirm they persued her for the interview, but how does that make it any better? So according to CEOunder30 all behaviors are acceptable in the business? Even the hysterical, suicidal, attention craving ones that Tila has? Sad that that's how are big CEO's should act now a days...

The website still allows anyone to write for them and allows people to submit themselves. It can't be that credible of a place to read interviews from. What an "honor".

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Anonymous said...

What people are failing to realize is that she is the
chief executive officer of her own company, she just started. It means nothing. The owner of this site is a chief executive officer. She did not get to be a ceo because she was appointed due to skill or experience. She appointed herself to the position. And on top of that look at exactly she is the ceo of..

On to the next... I'm not impressed ms. Tequila.