Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Tila Tequila Exclusive Emails (UPDATED)

I would like to say BEFORE you read these. THESE EMAILS WERE VERIFIED. @rPulse made sure they were before she posted them on her blog. If you don't believe me ask @rPulse yourself :)

Read this for more information from @rPulse:
>> go here >> http://bit.ly/c7eWAE
I don't have much to say because the humor of these emails speaks for itself.
For emails smallness (still not sure why it turns out that way) RIGHT click on the photo and click open in new window, or view.

BEWARE there are 25 people stupid enough to be on Tila Tequila's staff!! As you can see above, I emailed Tila asking her if the email posted on http://www.tilaresistance.com/ was real. But as always with Tila, I didn't get a straight yes or no answer, just a headache from all her emails. She sure had a lot of wacky ideas as to where the email from her to one of the resistance members came from. Was it photoshopped? Was her email hacked? Could it be an ex staff member? Everything with Tila seems to be a guessing game. From her baby daddy, to her emails. But I highly doubt it was "hacked" or an ex staff member or photoshopped. Tila was quick to put up her defensive act as well. Trying to act all big and bad, because she has a lawyer. Well I'm not really sure who she's gonna sue. All the emails that have been uncovered the past few months have been REAL. Maybe Tila will photoshop herself an email from us, and tell her lawyer we sent it! Wouldn't surprise me since she tried to sue Shawne Merriman for beating her, which he clearly did not. Whatever the case with the email posted on the above link is, apparently she is getting it sorted out with her lawyer. Which I'm sure will turn into nothing as most of Tila's accusations do. If you guys take a 28 year old woman who writes emails like a 12 year old, seriously, that's your problem. I can assure you this woman will never be taken seriously by me.


Anonymous said...

according to tmz her attorney is Cyrus Nownejad ...who the hell is Alan Gutman? lol

Anonymous said...

your email pics arent clickable for enlarging.

Anonymous said...

Can't click your pics to read them.

Anonymous said...

Something I noticed between the emails she sent (i mean the ones hacked) to the fake magazine is that she uses "you" sometimes and uses "u" sometimes. In the letters to you and the fake magazine. Hmm. Someone does a good job of typing like her interesting!

Spiked Tequila said...

Um...my emails were verified sweetie :) call em fake all you want. contact @rPulse :)

Anonymous said...

I wasn't saying they weren't. I was saying if you read the emails she sent to YOU and the ones she sent to the FAKE MAGAZINE, they are written by the SAME PERSON (HER) and therefore CONFIRMS that they have been HER(TILA) all along and she was never hacked. I was using sarcasm saying the hacker did a good job of typing like her. SIGH @ Sarcasm not being taken well on the internet.

Anonymous said...

Agree w/ Anonymous. Sarcasm doesn't work so well via Internet opposed to face-to-face.

Either Spiked Tequila has an incredible gift for impersonation and should be on SNL or these are unfortunately the documented crack-tweets of TT.