Friday, February 12, 2010

More proof that Tila Tequila is NOT pregnant

Thank you too @RottenAgave for the screenshots and @Fannatic_Mag for the email

So today @fannatic_mag posted this email Tila Tequila's assistant @leomadrid sent them. How is this relevant you ask? Well Tila was supposed to be on the cover of their magazine, but FM(fannatic_mag) changed their minds and had a vote on who should be the cover. Tila went on to tweeting them saying she wasn't upset and she didn't realize the magazine was for video ho's and that she was doing more Vogue like things. But obviously she was upset because she had her assistant email FM in private. Clearly saying Tila DID want to be on the cover.

As soon as this email went public, Tila started tweeting (below) about how it was photoshopped and that the email was not true at all. She stated that she was going to have her lawyer/twitter delete all these pics and contact the people posting them. Not to mention the email proves that Tila is NOT pregnant. Leo said it himself on the email. Now Tila is going to have a hard time faking a miscarriage after this email proves she isn't pregnant.

If you believe Tila you must ask yourself why they would bother posting this and how they got Leo's information on the email. As for all us smart people we know this is real and Tila is embarassed that she has been rejected. It was obvious when she tweeted them yesterday about it, but the email and her new tweets make it even more obvious. Oh and Tila where are your shoots that are like Vogue? Doubt we'll be seein those anytime soon.

Poor Tila can't even get a cover shoot on a magazine. Guess she really is a nobody, and that's a fact!


Anonymous said...

hmmm. interesting, just waitin on the miscarriage any day now

Anonymous said...

LOL she is so caught out

Anonymous said...

How is this proof? Anyone can just make this up. The only proof we can get is if we go to the doctors office with her.

youarereported said...

Proof is quite simple actually. Tila claims she got what she calls photoshopped pics of emails deleted, yet mine are still there.

As for the dr crap, that is also simple. Tila claims to be "heavily sedated", but common sense tells us that if she hit her head that bad, she wouldn't have been released so quickly from the hospital. That doesn't even take into account the effects being heavily sedated would have on her "maybe-baby"