Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Kris explains the situation with TT

I'm sure everyone remembers Kris from the Bodyguard Group, and the allegations Tila made. Because the story was so confusing and everyone wanted to give Kris the chance to explain the truth @rPulse got in cotact with him and here is what he had to say for himself. (Video is at bottom)

Kris called @rPulse and she asked him many questions; one question she wanted answered was how the relationship with Tila began. Here's what @rpulse had to say and her interview with Kris.

"I wanted to know how the relationship began; Kris explained that over a year ago, he and a few of his men had been working in LA with a client. They were in a store and heard a commotion and a women screaming for help close by. He saw paparazzi surrounding someone and her her screaming.

He and a few men made sure their client was secure and went to help the woman in need, he had no idea at the time that it was Tila Tequila, he and his men had never seen or met her before. She had been surrounded by photographers and they helped her get to her car.

I emailed Kris the link to the July 2008 video below as well as a copy of the picture of him lounging on Tila's couch next to Tila's dog, Onyx.

I just spoke with Kris. When I asked him to explain the video, he said, "that was the second time I had met Tila. "

Liz - It looks like Kris knows Tila when he meets her in the video. It even looks like this is the first time he actually meets her and hands her a business card.

Kris - "The first time I met her was exactly as I said, I had been with a client and my guys and I did rush across the street to help Tila and her assistant get their cars. I t was probably closer to 2007, and she was surrounded by paparazzi. I am really terrible at remembering all the dates and even all the celebrities. My guys have told me I have to be more outgoing and introduce myself and our services more. That is why I approach Tila in the video the way I do."

As you guys may or may not remember, Tila's TV show was in full swing and she was huge with the media. Being swarmed by paparazzi was the norm for her at that time.

Liz- I sent Kris the picture below of him on a couch in Tila's home, holding a book with her pictures on it, and asked him to explain.

Kris - "Yes, I remember when Tila posted that on twitter. It was the first night that my guys and I were at her house. She was supposed to be packing and we were going to take her to the airport. My guys are actually behind Tila when she is taking the picture. As I said, non of us were ever alone with her.

"So the guys are on these bar stools behind her because all of the couches were covered with dog hair. I really didn't care because I have German shepherds and have hair on me anyway. I parked myself on this low couch and Tila came into the room and pointed a camera at me, I grabbed one of the many books of Tila that were scattered on a table next me and tried to cover my face."

Liz- I asked Kris about the photo Tila posted of her dog Onyx with his' Security badge and gun.

Kris - "Tila asked if would let her put the badge and and gun next to Onyx, I didn't see any harm in and clearly didn't think Tila would use the picture to harm me in any way."

Kris wishes this would all just go away but he is still getting emails and messages regarding Tila. he also told me that he s he had taken some time to research Tila when she called, in truth he had to take her word that she had been threatened. His natural reaction was to pack her up and put her on a plane, he would do that again for someone who was truly frightened and thought they were in danger.

That one night turned into a week and now has dragged on even long after."


Anonymous said...

Nice job! Your research and dedication to seeking the truth is very admirable. And it has to be exhausting sludging through all the crap that is spewed from her side. :) I feel bad for Kris and the damage he's suffering to his own (and his company's) reputation in just a few short days from this nut. Keep up the good work and know that many appreciate your efforts! :)

TilaTequrazy said...

Thank you so much for posting this!!!

evildicktracey said...

Actually, I "broke" this story to RPulse and somehow it is being taken out of context.

Kris lied about how he met Tila and the video and photos I pointed out are to prove it.

I am not a Tila fan but a fan of truth. I feel that to take Tila down the truth needs to be told. And the truth is Kris is not a source that can be trusted. IMO the truth about all things Tila must be told so that sites that report her behavior have some credibility.

I told Liz I didn't want credit and I still don't, that is why I am using a nickname. I just don't want lies being posted to muddle the real truths.

ThrAntiTequila said...

His remark about him trying to over up his face withany book of tilas that was next to him is a little off. He doesn't look like he's trying to cover up his face at all. C'mon, he has a 2 page spread of her photos up and his fingers would y be in that position if he was trying to cover up his face. Why even bother to open the book at all? I think anyone associated with Tila is a blaintant liar, and Kris is a exageratting bullshitter. He has contradicted himself not only in the photo but also the video. He said he and his group rushed to a women screaming, yet in the video she seemed calm and Kris came out of no where, handing her a buisness card for potential buisness from Tila. This all just seems like lies, both on Tila and kris's part.

evildicktracey said...

ThrAntiTequila THANK YOU!

You are looking at this the same way that I am looking at this.

I also believe that Kris is lying and that the truth is in the middle.

Theantitequila said...

Sorry, didn't pay attetion to him saying it was his second encounter with her. But what I don't get is why didn't he give her a buisness card the first time they met each other. Why now?

evildicktracey said...

Theantitequila I agree.

And why does Tila appear to not even know who he is? Why he is telling her he has tasers etc and why is he telling her his name if they had met before? It just doesn't make sense.

A closer look at his site will show videos where he appears to do this with other celebs IMO.

I don't blame him for being aggressive in finding clients, but I don't care for the lies.

TheAntiTequila said...

Disregard the horrible grammatical errors, I suck typing on the iPhone. I definately feel that if we are going to prove the truth behind tila, we can't back it up with false information. It benefits her and makes our facts look invalid. Someone should really call Kris out on his bullshit and let him know we don't fall for his shit. When he wants to actually tell the truth ad not stoop down to Tilas mentality, then maybe we wouldn't look at him an his buisness as highly unprofessional and believe what he says. For now, he's just another exagerrating liar.

Anonymous said...

Oh-good catch there. Is all this just a tune-up to get Tila on Dr. Drew by popular demand?
Something very stinky.
I heard that certain reality-show-producers make a habit of reading online and then giving people what they want.
(producers @ TLC admitted that they did that to Jon & Kate when they noticed that everyone hated Kate).
What would be the next logical step?
Actually tell people what they want.
Create an online DEMAND to see TT in rehab, (on tv of course).
Personally, I don't think she should be supported.
I don't want to see her die, but it is pretty clear that she had something to do with that poor (rich) woman's death.
Is that story still up on Radar where they are called-out for a bogus headline?
The one where it is noted that Tila is recorded as saying that Casey took "too many prescription drugs", and that Tila herself convinced Casey not to take so many.
Then the autopsy reported that Casey died because she was NOT TAKING HER MEDS???
Also-that Tila was seen bragging/hinting about having the drugs that Casey needed in her (Tila's-not Casey's), refrigerator?????
What is really up with the insane messages?

evildicktracey said...

I would like to clarify that the article written here and at RPulse is reported correctly. I don't want that to be misconstrued. RPulse contacted Kris and reported exactly what he said.

My comments above are to clarify that Kris is lying to RPulse and to bringfocus on *that* point and he is not to be treated as a credible hero who outed Tilas lies.

Anonymous said...

I think Kris was using Tila for publicity as well (just like she claims). I bet he didn't expect it to blow up like this. He clearly met her for the FIRST time when he gave her his business card. That was not the second time at all.

A gal that I talk to on twitter, also mentioned she met him in LA, and he offered her a job AND gave her a ride to club.. She said he was genuinely nice, but "it was very awkward".

Anyway, like I said - I think he probably DID go to her house that day, but I am suspicious why "the other 2 guys were on the side of the person taking the picture" when if there was more than one, we ALL know that Tila would have set up a shoot with all 4 of them, the more bodyguards the better!!

Additionally, I believe he probably did witness her self medicating, and believe it or not, I believe he did try to give her a mini intervention and I think he probably bailed when he knew how bad she was and when he witnessed all the things being said on twitter.

Another thing, he said he didn't know about all the things that she was saying until the day before the FIRST press release. I know that's bs, because I know a few people who commented to them once she started blowing up the stories.

I don't like Tila in anyway, and I don't think he tried to molest her, but bottom line: I think he's as shady as she is, and what he expected would help out his company, blew up in his face.

ALSO- one final note. The "funny" timeline that got sent out about their interactions with tila was probably made up when they were spoofing their records to show what happened during the time when they were with her. Someone probably made it as a joke, it was internal and he admitted it was FUNNY but didn't expect it to get out. What reputable company does that?

Anyway, that's my couple of cents. My opinion only.


Anonymous said...

Of course he's shady. It's Hollyweird and he works with nothing but celebs. I used to live in West Hollywood and partied in North Hollywood all the time. Trust me, anyone who deals or works in Hollywood is crooked. Everyone. It's the nature of the beast.

Anonymous said...

i call BS on this guys story!!NO professional security detail would leave a client they were protecting alone to run and assist someone else.that scream could be a diversion to attck/harm the original client!!plus he looks too comfortable sitting there posted up relaxing.he comes off all high and mighty but in truth hes just another wanna be cop that couldnt be a real policeman

evildicktracey said...

Go have a look at the videos on his Bodyguard site. In every single one of them he is approaching celebs, mostly in front of the Ivy. Most of them you can actually see him introducing himself and handing out cards and in some videos he is accepting tips. Why are celebs paying him on the street if he is a hired bodyguard? Another common theme in all of his videos is that he is always left standing on the street while the celeb drives off. Yeah, I had some time and viewed every single page at his site lol

If he gets all of this work for vets where are they in the photos? The Bodyguard group page and his Myspace page mostly consists of Kris in fan photos. Maybe he is trying to become a celeb bodyguard but there is little to no proof at his site that he already is.

IMO he hangs out at celeb haunts and sees a celeb and walks them to their car then claims on his site that these are his client. I base my opinion on the videos I see at his site.