Monday, February 1, 2010

Tila's Epic Papparazzi Video/Radar ONLINE

Everyone remembers Tila's epic paparazzi video where she went shopping and the paparazzi were dissing her. Not to mention did you guys notice how her assistant is a Kanye wannabe? Anyways Tila has been claiming she has balls because she told off a papparazzi right to his face...well hun...your bodyguard was standing RIGHT there..I'm sure I would have told someone off with my bodyguard there too. YOU FAIL.

I just got wind of something hillarious...I'd like to show you guys..TILA TEQUILA is NOW 17 years old! Yep your heard from ME first..well from Radar Online actually! I guess Radar online really is as stupid as Tila is.


Lauren! said...

lmao!!!!!!! that's awesome! I wonder if next they'll say she's a 48 year old woman named Joda?

angii said...

LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!! that would even be better!

JB said...

I find it funny that the last few links she posted to x-17 and some other blog were actually making fun of her. She is so blinded by seeing her name on the internet that she cant see that all this publicity shes getting is very unflattering.