Sunday, February 28, 2010

Preview of Tila's blog

Thanks to @foxybug76 for screencaps!

Here's a little preview of Tila's new blog coming up..funny how she said she wouldn't be bashing people on it yet there she is bashing Samantha Ronson. I love that she thinks she's a reliable source as well.

Tila quits Twitter......again.

I want to start this blog off with Tila's default picture on Facebook. A few people have pointed this out to me in the last couple of days and today I finally decided to look at it. There is obviously a huge bump on her butt. It looks like it could be a mole or a big zit. Whatever it is, you'd think they would have tried to photoshop it out. GROSS!!!

And here we are again. Where Tila has what sounds like a meth induced rant, and deletes her twitter. She went from saying 90% of people have "killed" their babies. Which I find funny that she's saying she's so great that she isn't getting an abortion, but she DID throw that word around a lot which doesn't make her any better. Then she complained how hard it was for her since the love of her life died, and blah blah blah. You can read it for yourself. There was WAY too many tweets from her last night so I just screencapped a few. If you want to see them all they are still on

Tila sneaks on twitter to spew a whole lot of crazy

Thanks to @hoehaveaseat for screencaps (couple need to be fixed haha)

About 5 am eastern time Tila decided she would sneak on twitter and try to get out a whole lot of crazy she's been having to hold in because of her PR team. Apparently she wanted to do it so late, because she didn't want the media to see what she was saying. As you can see from the screencaps below, Tila has decided not to marry her imaginary baby daddy. Apparently he was using her for money. Funny how everyone is using Tila in some way according to her.

Tila was acting like her house was a historical monument. Saying how we could see the famous chair that made her get sent to the hospital, or her blood stains that she NEVER cleaned. How disgusting is that? She will leave a diary of love notes between her and Benji apparently. I don't believe they dated, but who knows.

What really made me laugh is how she's supposedly going to become a substitute teacher. Teacher of what?! Teaching kids how to become attention craving druggie sluts? NO one should ever make this woman a teacher.

Tila did ramble on a lot more after this and now says she's deleting her twitter again. When I am on an actual computer I will add all that here.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Tila Tequila moving to Texas?

Earlier today Radar Online posted another article and video with Tila. Tila apparently has given up her twitter account to her PR, so she wont be tweeting as much. I'm sure everyone is happy about that, it's about time she shutup. She also went on to say she is having a garage sale in the next couple of weeks. EVERYTHING will be up for grabs including panties, bed sheets, and old clothes. Who in their right mind would buy her panties? First off most of Tila's fans are under the age of 18, and probably dont have jobs to buy this stuff.

Other then little kids and weird pedophiles who else is their to buy her things? I dont see much of her stuff being sold at all. Since Tila rents her house she cant just leave all her crappy stuff there for them to deal with. I wonder if she will leave it there for them to sell to make up for the rent she owes them.

Why would she randomly go to Texas? Someone who is that into themselves and thinks they are a huge celebrity would stay in California. She most likely is going to live with her parents in Texas since she has no where else to go. Hopefully they can help her see all the mistakes she's making.

What's funny to me about all this is that Tila thinks the house is a monument. Like it has history in it and it will be kept up for tourists to view her "beautiful" home. Nothing historical went on in her house. If you call doing drugs, stripping on cam, and decorating a piano history, then that's sad that later generations have that to learn about in school.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Kris explains the situation with TT

I'm sure everyone remembers Kris from the Bodyguard Group, and the allegations Tila made. Because the story was so confusing and everyone wanted to give Kris the chance to explain the truth @rPulse got in cotact with him and here is what he had to say for himself. (Video is at bottom)

Kris called @rPulse and she asked him many questions; one question she wanted answered was how the relationship with Tila began. Here's what @rpulse had to say and her interview with Kris.

"I wanted to know how the relationship began; Kris explained that over a year ago, he and a few of his men had been working in LA with a client. They were in a store and heard a commotion and a women screaming for help close by. He saw paparazzi surrounding someone and her her screaming.

He and a few men made sure their client was secure and went to help the woman in need, he had no idea at the time that it was Tila Tequila, he and his men had never seen or met her before. She had been surrounded by photographers and they helped her get to her car.

I emailed Kris the link to the July 2008 video below as well as a copy of the picture of him lounging on Tila's couch next to Tila's dog, Onyx.

I just spoke with Kris. When I asked him to explain the video, he said, "that was the second time I had met Tila. "

Liz - It looks like Kris knows Tila when he meets her in the video. It even looks like this is the first time he actually meets her and hands her a business card.

Kris - "The first time I met her was exactly as I said, I had been with a client and my guys and I did rush across the street to help Tila and her assistant get their cars. I t was probably closer to 2007, and she was surrounded by paparazzi. I am really terrible at remembering all the dates and even all the celebrities. My guys have told me I have to be more outgoing and introduce myself and our services more. That is why I approach Tila in the video the way I do."

As you guys may or may not remember, Tila's TV show was in full swing and she was huge with the media. Being swarmed by paparazzi was the norm for her at that time.

Liz- I sent Kris the picture below of him on a couch in Tila's home, holding a book with her pictures on it, and asked him to explain.

Kris - "Yes, I remember when Tila posted that on twitter. It was the first night that my guys and I were at her house. She was supposed to be packing and we were going to take her to the airport. My guys are actually behind Tila when she is taking the picture. As I said, non of us were ever alone with her.

"So the guys are on these bar stools behind her because all of the couches were covered with dog hair. I really didn't care because I have German shepherds and have hair on me anyway. I parked myself on this low couch and Tila came into the room and pointed a camera at me, I grabbed one of the many books of Tila that were scattered on a table next me and tried to cover my face."

Liz- I asked Kris about the photo Tila posted of her dog Onyx with his' Security badge and gun.

Kris - "Tila asked if would let her put the badge and and gun next to Onyx, I didn't see any harm in and clearly didn't think Tila would use the picture to harm me in any way."

Kris wishes this would all just go away but he is still getting emails and messages regarding Tila. he also told me that he s he had taken some time to research Tila when she called, in truth he had to take her word that she had been threatened. His natural reaction was to pack her up and put her on a plane, he would do that again for someone who was truly frightened and thought they were in danger.

That one night turned into a week and now has dragged on even long after."

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Tila Tequila: Creator or Robber

Thanks to @LRM_ENT for finding the Rose Royce song.

UPDATE: Blackheart Records has been taking care of the "Pop Rox" issue. If you scroll down to the video I had of Pop Rox it says it was removed because of Blackheart Records.

Tila Tequila is known lately for stealing songs of other respected artists and NOT crediting them. Yes it is alright to use other's lyrics/music but you need permission and to credit them. Tila doesn't do this...ever, and its not okay or fair to the artist who does own this song. Here is a list of a few of the songs Tila has "stolen" and not given credit to the artist. If anyone finds more please let me know and I will post them on here. Pretty sad that all the songs Tila has that are actually her own suck and the ones that are okay are "stolen." This shows though, what kind of artist Tila is; a crappy one.

Tila Tequila singing Do Your Dance, note the similarities to the song below this

Rose Royce - Do Your Dance

Tila Tequila - Stripper Friends

Aimee Allen - Stripper Friends (Kevin Michael also covered it but rewrote the lyrics)

Tila Tequila - Pop Rox

Joan Jett - I Love Rock and Roll

Tila Tequila - Blue Dress (notice how it was uploaded in April, 2009. Funny I thought she was singing it because it was Casey's favorite song.)

Depeche Mode - Blue Dress

Tila's celebrity status is disappearing..

No this picture isnt of a small apartment it's Tila's new VERY celebrity like new home!

Due to Tila's address being posted online and the stalker who didn't actually turn out to be a stalker, she has decided to move into this house. It apparently has two bedrooms. One for her and one for her "fake" baby, and none for her adopted child she claims to be getting. Regardless of all that drama, does this look like a celebrities house?

No. It looks like a very small apartment. This is not the type of home a rich celebrity would be getting. Tila's days of being in the "spotlight" are obviously coming to an end....but I'm sure when it's over she'll show up on Celebrity Rehab as an attempt to get more attention, not to actually get help.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Was Tila Ever A Virgin?

Apparently after her show in Melbourne, Tila decided to sing Madonna's "Like A Virgin". I'm surprised she actually gave credit to Madonna since she hasn't with anybody else. Oh well it's just as crappy as her other songs she has stolen. Does anybody wonder why there's always so many people on "stage" with her? Maybe they are there to protect her from all there to protect her from 20,000 fans who may show up and poke her fake pregnant belly.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Tila Tequila is SO unoriginal

Thanks to @RottenAgave for finding the cover video

Tila Tequila sure has been talking about her song "Blue Dress" a lot. Problem is it's not hers it's Depeche Mode's song and she hasn't credited them at all. Recently, she sang it at her club hosting even in Sydney. Where she again, did not credit Depeche Mode. Tila likes to steal people's songs/ideas a lot, but is her Cover of "Blue Dress" even her cover?? This cover shown below sounds VERY similar to Tila's granted, it's got a different bit of twists, but as for the tempo it is very alike. If you took out maybe the background music and the weird voice in the song it would sound identical almost. Not only does Tila steal Depeche Mode's song she steals someone else's cover of it.

Find some originality Tila.

Top Video is the cover and the Bottom is Tila's cover at her club appearance

Tila Tequila: symbol of personality of the digital age

I got news of a facebook invitation that was getting sent around to people about Tila's appearance at Tank, in Sydney. So i searched for it and did find it. I just found this to be extremely funny. So it's posted for a good laugh!! Again, this was being sent to people as an event invitation on Facebook. Remember to try clicking, and right clicking on the photo to view it.

It's pretty funny that Tila's appearance is the most anticipated event of the decade, but hey maybe for Sydney it is? I don't know how Tila basically being an extra in a movie is her breaking out in that field, but whatever floats their boat.

Here's the website:

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Tila Tequila "honored" with a CEO under 30 interview

Thanks to @liarfacetequila and @likereally

As you can see a few weeks ago Tila "tweeted" that she was going to be having a CEO under 30 interview. Hard to believe, but that did happen. The interview of course made Tila sound like an awesome person. The whole interview we already know is false. Just more people kissing ass to Tila. Here's the website:

But how honorable is this interview? If you look down below ANYONE can have an interview with CEO under 30, and anyone can write for it. However, they did confirm they persued her for the interview, but how does that make it any better? So according to CEOunder30 all behaviors are acceptable in the business? Even the hysterical, suicidal, attention craving ones that Tila has? Sad that that's how are big CEO's should act now a days...

The website still allows anyone to write for them and allows people to submit themselves. It can't be that credible of a place to read interviews from. What an "honor".

is OZ really hooking T up?

Tila always brags about how rich and famous she is and all the nice things she gets, most of the time it turns out not to be true. Like these tweets that show her tweeting about having a hummer yet in the video she posted they were taking a jeep as you clearly can see. Funny Tila that picture shows you in a Jeep. OZ must REALLY be hooking you up. I can only imagine what VIP is like at the club you are playing at

And I thought Tila's spelling was bad before this..

Thank you to @scott_ack for the screencap

Right click photo goto open in new window or view

Apparently, not only can Tila NOT spell easy regular words, she can't even spell Nguyen (her last name.) She may be trying to empower all of us, but she sure can't spell good enough to get her message across.

Here's Tila's version of how to make dreams come true and my advice on how not to

Where's Waldo?

Or in this case, where's AR (Tilas fake baby daddy)? I wouldn't be surprised if Tila named one of these not so lucky Asian tourists to be her next baby daddy! That would deffinately stir things up a bit. I wonder if they know what they are getting into by even coming in contact with her, or if they even know who she really is? I wouldn't be surprised if she hired these people or asked them to take a picture with her.

By the way! Where's that famous baby bump we saw on Ustream? Seems to have magically disappeared! Funny how it always seemed to disappear at the oppurtune moment! Wow Tila you got SKILLZ at sucking in your baby bump. But wait!

Didnt she have a miscarriage? No wonder her (fake) baby bump is gone! I heard from a *reliable source* that she even told the papz in Australia that she DID have one.

Maybe that's what the whole hospital incident was really about. Tila wanted to hurt herself get sent to the hospital and then tell the Australian's she had a miscarriage so they wouldnt question her flat tummy.

Get ready guys! I could see Tila saying AR was a typo and she meant AT (asian tourist.)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Don't click Tila's links!

Tila is getting paid for her stories that are on Radar Online. Instead of helping her get paid, wait for a blog to post it and then read the story from there!!

In other news Tila has had enough of the mean paps!! All she does is sit at home and tweet why is everyone so mean to her?

And now Tila has a message to all us bloggers! We are killing orphan babies! YEP! You heard it from Tila first. Where do the things she says come from? Here's her post about it:

If Tila think's we are the one's stopping her from adopting she really is stupid. Honey, it's not us that won't allow you to adopt...IT'S YOU!!! You dug your own grave, and made it seem like you are not fit to be a mother. Blame no one but yourself!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Tila Tequila Exclusive Emails (UPDATED)

I would like to say BEFORE you read these. THESE EMAILS WERE VERIFIED. @rPulse made sure they were before she posted them on her blog. If you don't believe me ask @rPulse yourself :)

Read this for more information from @rPulse:
>> go here >>
I don't have much to say because the humor of these emails speaks for itself.
For emails smallness (still not sure why it turns out that way) RIGHT click on the photo and click open in new window, or view.

BEWARE there are 25 people stupid enough to be on Tila Tequila's staff!! As you can see above, I emailed Tila asking her if the email posted on was real. But as always with Tila, I didn't get a straight yes or no answer, just a headache from all her emails. She sure had a lot of wacky ideas as to where the email from her to one of the resistance members came from. Was it photoshopped? Was her email hacked? Could it be an ex staff member? Everything with Tila seems to be a guessing game. From her baby daddy, to her emails. But I highly doubt it was "hacked" or an ex staff member or photoshopped. Tila was quick to put up her defensive act as well. Trying to act all big and bad, because she has a lawyer. Well I'm not really sure who she's gonna sue. All the emails that have been uncovered the past few months have been REAL. Maybe Tila will photoshop herself an email from us, and tell her lawyer we sent it! Wouldn't surprise me since she tried to sue Shawne Merriman for beating her, which he clearly did not. Whatever the case with the email posted on the above link is, apparently she is getting it sorted out with her lawyer. Which I'm sure will turn into nothing as most of Tila's accusations do. If you guys take a 28 year old woman who writes emails like a 12 year old, seriously, that's your problem. I can assure you this woman will never be taken seriously by me.

Tila Tequila: First Class or No Class

Thanks to @tilassayso for international flight information and @miahatestila

Let me start off with which airline Tila is taking. She is taking Phillippine Airlines to Guam and then to Australia. This airline does not seem like a normal choice for "celebrities" Phillippine Airlines also does not have a First class seating plan.

So Tila did manage to tell us all the truth for once, she is going to Australia. But as we all know the lies don't stay out of Tila's mouth, or in this case her twitter for very long.

Tila took two pictures (above) of where she was sitting on her plane. She claimed to be sitting in first class. However, if you look at the seat Tila is sitting in it is DEFINATELY NOT first class. Many flights internationally will have the First Class seating on the second level of the plane, to help celebrities from being seen. So she wouldn't have even seen first class from the picture.

Now she could be in business class, which on Phillippine Airlines seems to have on the second level. The seats do seem to fit the description for business class, but obviously I am not sure.

Of course she could be in coach as well. I cannot tell between Business class and Coach, but regardless she isn't in First Class. I thought real celebrities were in first class Tila? Guess this proves you really don't have any class, even on a plane.

You can decide for yourself if it's coach or business.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Tila's Fake Adoption from Russia

Tila tweeted today(screencapped tweets below) that she is being approved for adoption from Russia. Funny thing is you have to be heterosexual to adopt from Russia. Obviously, Tila is NOT heterosexual and she can't lie and say she is, after being in a relationship with Casey Johnson who she claims to have been engaged to. To be approved for adoption there's many tests and paperwork that makes it a long process. Tila went from wanting to adopt from Kazakhstan to Russia in a day, there's no way she's already approved. Also, I highly doubt she would pass a psychological test.

Of course Tila felt the need to show us "proof" that she is adopting a child from Russia, so she put a twitpic up of an email she got sent from Denise Hubbard. This email that was "proof" got deleted soon after everyone started blasting her on who Denise really is. The email was proven to be photoshopped in some way as well as @tilasrotspot proved on her blog.

Here is an article about Denise that shows her to not be a reliable person.

Tila's fake miscarriage seems to be VERY close now as well. She tweeted last night that she had sharp pains and she suspected a miscarriage, but was going to try to sleep it off. Yet she's tweeting about how happy she is.

Where will Tila adopt from next?

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Tila's photo mistake

Thanks @ktpinki for noticing the picture on myspace

Today Tila posted a photo from her "photoshoot" this past week which according to her was another Valentines day gift to her fans. Funny thing is? A picture of Tila that looks exactly the same was found on her myspace, first comment from April of 2009. Tila Tequila did NOT have that photo taken this week obviously, and she must have forgot it was on her myspace. What does this mean? Either Tila didn't really have a photoshoot and she's using old photo's or she is just ripping her fans off by showing a picture from last year. Tila it's pretty easy to expose your lies when you are a horrible liar! What a great Valentines Day gift to her fans, a crappy ripped off song to go with a picture a year old you can find just like the on on her myspace.

I have emailed Kristin Burns asking about the photo, when and if I get a reply I will update this blog.

Top photo is from "photoshoot"
Bottom from myspace.

Tila's ripped off Valentine's Day gift

Thank you too @scott_ack for screencapping these and sending them to me!

Tila announced a few weeks ago that she would be giving her song "Pop Rox" for free as a Valentines day gift to her fans.
Before today she has let everyone hear previews of it, most recently as the music you hear on hold on her SayNow. So as soon as it was heard we all realized the music was from Joan Jett's song "I love rock n roll" which led us all to question if Tila even had the rights to this song. As if Tila's singing wasn't bad enough (her voice sounds absolutely horrific on this song) we have to learn that she is ripping off a very talented musician. I saw different links with people saying Joan Jett's manager did say she didn't know about this and that they were displeased, yet today Tila released the song on a file sharing site called ZShare. Her Valentine gift only lasted about an hour, then she deleted it. As you can see from the tweets she seemed frantic about downloading it asap and then deleting it. One person even asked if she could put the link up later, and Tila clearly said no. Its obvious that Tila is trying to hide that she shared that song. Even if she had permission, giving a song out to preteems/teens at 6 am Pacific Time on a Sunday is pretty sad, she sure cares about her fans doesn't she. So obviously most of her fans will NOT get the song, though her fan population doesn't consist of much. I'm not really sure who would want to listen to it in the first place, it was bad enough having to listen to it while I sat on saynow waiting to publicly humiliate her.

After going on about people downloading her song, she then continued on to talking bad about Kim Kardashian. This is ironic considering a little over an hour ago she raved on about how her new blog won't be about bashing celebrities. Tila openly shows to those of us who have brains that she is very jealous of the celebrities that are more successful than her. This is turning into who HASN'T Tila bashed (she has quite a big list of people she has said negative things about.)

I would like anyone who knows Joan Jett's management info to please email them and make them aware of this.