Sunday, February 14, 2010

Tila's ripped off Valentine's Day gift

Thank you too @scott_ack for screencapping these and sending them to me!

Tila announced a few weeks ago that she would be giving her song "Pop Rox" for free as a Valentines day gift to her fans.
Before today she has let everyone hear previews of it, most recently as the music you hear on hold on her SayNow. So as soon as it was heard we all realized the music was from Joan Jett's song "I love rock n roll" which led us all to question if Tila even had the rights to this song. As if Tila's singing wasn't bad enough (her voice sounds absolutely horrific on this song) we have to learn that she is ripping off a very talented musician. I saw different links with people saying Joan Jett's manager did say she didn't know about this and that they were displeased, yet today Tila released the song on a file sharing site called ZShare. Her Valentine gift only lasted about an hour, then she deleted it. As you can see from the tweets she seemed frantic about downloading it asap and then deleting it. One person even asked if she could put the link up later, and Tila clearly said no. Its obvious that Tila is trying to hide that she shared that song. Even if she had permission, giving a song out to preteems/teens at 6 am Pacific Time on a Sunday is pretty sad, she sure cares about her fans doesn't she. So obviously most of her fans will NOT get the song, though her fan population doesn't consist of much. I'm not really sure who would want to listen to it in the first place, it was bad enough having to listen to it while I sat on saynow waiting to publicly humiliate her.

After going on about people downloading her song, she then continued on to talking bad about Kim Kardashian. This is ironic considering a little over an hour ago she raved on about how her new blog won't be about bashing celebrities. Tila openly shows to those of us who have brains that she is very jealous of the celebrities that are more successful than her. This is turning into who HASN'T Tila bashed (she has quite a big list of people she has said negative things about.)

I would like anyone who knows Joan Jett's management info to please email them and make them aware of this.


Anonymous said...

its still there


Anonymous said...

it's not that big a deal. TT's people most likely got licensing rights to record/cover all or parts of the original Joan Jett song. it's done in the music industry all the time.

prozacnation said...

Update - song was pulled from youtube because of copyright infringement. So no she didn't get permission.