Monday, February 1, 2010

The Beginning

Alright you all know me on twitter as @boycotttila. A few of the people I talk to on there said I should make a this is what I did. I am in no way shape or form trying to steal from or copy that blog owns. My blog will be about tila, yes, but i will have a more comical way of talking about her. I will credit anyone if I get info from them. SO lets start.

Earlier this morning Tila Tequila deleted her twitter account. No one is really sure why, but before hand she called out a member of the #tilaresistance @karBASHian telling her #tilaarmy to report bash for spam. This is an all time low for Tila. For a 28 year old woman she sure doesn't act like it. What celebrity or adult would ask her fans, which in Tila's case consist of about 20 people who are all under 17 or lonely old woman who are over 40, to report someone for something as stupid as spam. I guess this just proves to us all how immature this woman really is. I was honestly surprised Tila didn't accuse karBASHian of using her for publicity. Anyone Tila seems to bash is somehow using her for publicity.

Take The Game for example. He never said Tila's name until she mentioned it. He never claimed to be the baby daddy of Tila yet somehow in her small little mind she assumed he was using her for publicity. Sadly for Tila, The Game denied even knowing Tila.

To add to all this Tila bashed TMZ last week saying how they are not a reliable source and how they make up stories. The day The Game denied being the baby daddy he was on TMZ. After Tila saw this she told everyone she would make an appearance on TMZ today to tell us the "real" story. Before TMZ live some #tilaresistance members commented TMZ asking her about this and they denied it and even said they called security on her. Then on her most recent blog she said she was working with TMZ to start her new gossip blog, that turned out to be a lie too. All TMZ had to say was "you're kidding right?" #tilaarmy needs to think about this before they go defending this sad sick woman, and Tila you need to learn how to lie better. Making up lies when there are people who will deny it right away is stupid.

Another one of Tila's epic lies would be that she is going to be an ambassador for Vietnam. Tila's "friend" and "ambassadors" name is Reggie Martin. I've googled him many times in different ways. I do not see anything about Reggie Martin anywhere. Another lie Tila has made up in her mind.

Besides Tila, why would Obama agree to make you an ambassador? You'll be claiming he's your baby daddy next.


MissMary said...

The Reggie Martin she speaks of is a PR agent for celebs and executives, living in China at this moment. I've named the two REAL ambassadors to Haiti.

Less than an hour ago of this posting, I was even telling the "army of ants" about how Haitian adoptions are halted altogether until full numbers are revealed and everyone is gathered for records. A so called leader posted a blog that had nothing to do with it, I posted a news story confirming my account of adoptions.

Even celebs who might want to adopt (the sane ones with steady homes) are being denied because the children just don't have paperwork or identification. The ones that do, have no way of obtaining visas. The Haitian government themselves made the statement of "thanks but no thanks" to avoid child trafficking.

Which is just what I would call what Tila is doing if she tries to adopt a Haitian child for publicity when she didn't even know the earthquake had happened.

TallyAnna said...

So Tila is going to replace the current US Ambassador to Vietnam?
Oh sure, she's got better credentials!

Michael W. Michalak U.S. Ambassador to the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.

"Michael W. Michalak, a career Foreign Service Officer with extensive knowledge and experience in Asia, was sworn in as the United States Ambassador to Vietnam on August 10, 2007. Prior to this position, Ambassador Michalak served as the U.S. Senior Official to APEC, Bureau of East Asia Pacific Affairs.

In his over 30 years of service with the U.S. Department of State, Mr. Michalak has worked in Tokyo, Japan; Sydney, Australia; Islamabad, Pakistan; Beijing, China; as well as Washington, D.C., where he was assigned to the Bureau of East Asian and Pacific Affairs, the Office for Japan and the Office of Chinese and Mongolian Affairs. He received a group award for valor for his actions in time of crisis when the U.S. Embassy in Islamabad was burned down.

Born in Detroit, Michigan, Mr. Michalak received his Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degrees in Physics from Oakland University in Rochester, Michigan, and Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C., respectively. He received a second Master's degree in Public Administration from the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts. He speaks Chinese and Japanese."

TallyAnna said...

Embassy of the United States
Hanoi * Vietnam

angii said...

haha yeah thats his name Michalak. I even emailed him asking him about this. She's so stupid. She won't be an ambassador in this lifetime.