Thursday, April 29, 2010

Tila gets an honorable mention

Tila finally gets an "honor" for her hard work in being a mogul in the year 2010. I think I couldn't have said it better myself. Notice how they put what each person's profession is - Tila's states "I have no idea" Guess we aren't the only ones who have no idea why Tila is "famous". Hat's off to Tila for being one of the least influential people of 2010!!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Tila's gossip blog REVEALED

UPDATE: Carlton Jordan was on when this was all "revealed" and now the posts have been taken off her feed. Here's what he had to say about the posts on her feed.

Thank you to @stfutilaomg for finding out how to view the blog :)

Looks like Tila's awesome gossip blog, isn't so awesome. What you see here, screencapped, is what is supposed to "dethrone" Perez Hilton. 10 "stories" and most of them copied from OTHER sources, is supposed to put him out of business? Hahaha That's a good one Tila. You're blog not only looks exactly like his, BUT it's not even half as good.

For a gossip blog that was supposed to launch on April 1st - this blog has hardly been worked on at all. 10 stories in over a month? What has she been doing this whole time? Sitting there staring at the screen? No wonder she keeps pushing back the launch date. It's PATHETIC! Seriously, anyone who looks at this will think it's a fucking joke.

As for Tila's blog NOT bashing people, well you can already guess thats untrue. How do you bash Sandra Bullock after what she has been through recently? So classy, Tila. She of course thinks anyone adopting a baby is now copying her. LMAO. Tila you haven't even adopted. Then she has to insult Ali Lohan. Wow Tila, now you stoop to insulting a 16 year old? That's really sad. Of course she is very jealous that Lindsay got a milkshake at Millions of Milkshakes. Remember how that didn't work out for you, Tila? Ha I do.

Oh and Wikipedia, Tila? Didn't you learn in school that Wikipedia isn't a reliable source? I guess you are the queen of unreliable though, so do what you will!

The rest of her crap is pretty boring. Copied and pasted from other sources, blah blah. Nothing EXCLUSIVE and new. Everything on her blog I think we all already knew.

Well Tila what can you produce that isn't a complete FAIL? Oh I can't forget Carlton either! He's supposed to be an actual blogger, and this is how he helps Tila? Nice one.

To see the actual feed go here

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Report this to Blackheart Records

Just another post telling people to report a new Pop Rox video to Blackheart records.

I just hate seeing this on Youtube. I think if we report it, SOME of the fans will realize it is a song that Tila has no right to.
theres the url

and email it to

Friday, April 23, 2010

Tila's New Artist (not so new)

UPDATE: The people I emailed from his official website just emailed me back. Apparently he is signed with Tila Tequila Records. We will see how that goes...

Apparently it has been very hard for Tila to keep her mouth shut about her "new artist" and has been a secret for so long. She must have forgot that she has mentioned this guy only about a billion times. For example, she mentioned it about a month ago in her Global Grind blog here. I guess Tila must have some sort of memory loss. I can't wait to see the artist NOT be signed - just like the rest of them. Say, whatever happened to Texaz Twins?

But the thing that REALLY gets me going is that Tila said this guy got second place on New Zealand Idol. According to IMBD, he got 7th place. Nice try, Tila. What's the point in lying about something like that?


Click HERE to go to the website

Tila's blog post talking about RJ

Here's a screencap of Tila's blog on Global Grind from my previous blog about it

Thursday, April 22, 2010

RUMOR: Miss Tila To Do XXX Porn?

Thanks to RockConfidential, we have groundbreaking gossip to feed you! It appears that Miss Tila has (allegedly) signed on to do a hardcore porn film!

"Rock Confidential has confirmed through an industry insider that Tila Tequila Nguyen has brokered a deal to shoot a XXX hardcore movie. Nguyen will perform in three explicit sex scenes for the as-yet-unnamed movie: boy/girl, girl/girl and boy/girl/girl. Deals of the agreement are under wraps, as is the name of the studio that will release the movie."

It was our understanding that Miss Tila was trying to distance herself from things like her previous Playboy spreads and her raunchy television show, A Shot At Love. However, she has been talking about building her "empire" and being a mogul and a businesswoman. Perhaps this is what she had in mind? It's been 8 years since she was Playboy's Cyber Girl of the Week. After that, she did several more shoots for Playboy. Will Tila Tequila's naked body be available to us for a fee in the future (we're not counting the numerous live nudie shows she has done on Ustream)? Who knows. Miss Tila has yet to respond to these rumors.

With Love,
Twitter Button from


I get more attention then Tila

from Perez and I don't try as hard...
Today Lindsay Lohan was tweeting about the struggle she had with her father today. I figured I'd give her a couple tweets and try to wish her well. To my surprise though, she responded. I have been a fan of Lilo's since "The Parent Trap" came out I was around 9 years old at that time, and I watched it all the time. I do realize Lilo has some issues, but hopefully she can overcome them. She really is a great actress.

So I get home from the beach, and get on twitter - and the lovely @TilaTruth shows me that I made it on Perez Hilton's blog. He put some of her tweets to other twitter users on his blog, and the tweet she sent me made it!
Now you're probably like, who the hell cares? What does this have to do with Tila? Well the reason I decided to blog about this is because Tila tries so hard to get Perez' attention. All I had to do was tweet Lindsay. Not only did I get attention from Perez. I got a reply back from Lindsay - Tila hasn't managed to that either. She has tried many times to get Lilo's attention. Us Tila haters are soon going to be getting more publicity than Tila. I wonder how she feels about having a "hater" on her enemies blog. Come on guys lets party! We are making our way up in the world.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Tila looks for attention

Tila hasn't gotten attention from Perez in a very long time. Well, when she deleted her @officialtila account for the first time she did get a little recognition. After Perez found out Tila had deleted he tweeted her saying "good riddance." I'm sure that made Tila jump with joy. That's why she decided to get her account restored, and delete it once again. Only the second time she deleted, she didn't get anything from Perez. Which is why she made another new account and just stuck to it. Now we all know Tila has some weird sort of obsession with Perez. Hell, she is making a celebrity gossip blog, just to "dethrone perez." Funny how he calls himself the "Queen of all media" and Tila decided she is now the "Omg of all media." You can't get more original then that Tila? Even with all her harassing/insults to Perez, he still hasn't blogged about her or tweeted her once. This must truly drive her insane.

Today Perez and Spencer Pratt got in to a fight via twitter. It was pretty entertaining actually.

Of course Tila stalks Perez' tweets so she knew he was fighting with someone, and her feelings of abandonment from Perez kicked in. She started tweeting him again, trying to fight with him. To Tila's dismay, he still won't aknowledge her - that's gotta hurt.

I think you will have to find somebody else to obsess over Tila. You give us haters more attention then Perez gives you. I guess it's because he REALLY doesn't give a crap about you, and you REALLY give a crap about us haters.

"Hurricane Tila" in NYC: A Synopsis.


During her press tour in NYC, she talked about her new blog in almost every single interview, all while continuing to take horrific photographs dressed in Mr. Bradshaw's "stylish" ensembles. Let's take a look at some of those interview snippets and blinding pictures.

On her website (, she raved about all of the interviews she was "invited" to:
That's right, only ya bosslady, MISS TILA gets to do so many different types of shows. I don't see Lindsay Lohan, or Kim Kardashian, Or Paris Hilton, doing fun Pop Culture interviews, as well as SERIOUS interviews on FOX, CBS, and CNN type shows that I was invited on!"
I hate to break it to you, Tila, but I might know the reason these powerful women aren't being "invited" onto these shows. It may be because they are too busy filming their own TV shows (what's your new "contract" for anyway?), filming movies, or promoting the products that bear their name. In all honesty, the things that you did in New York City last week are proof that you are desperate for attention and screen time. You seem to be rushing to promote everything and anything you can, for fear that your 15 minutes (or 8 way-too-long years) are finally up. Do you think Angelina Jolie (a favorite of yours) needs to conduct 20 photo shoots and interviews in the span of five days to promote her new movie? Or does she need to run through Times Square, hit on female cops, try to get arrested, or flash her panties to the Paparazzi? No, she doesn't... because people actually like her.

Also, there was the disaster interview Miss Tila did with Howard Stern. I do not like Howard Stern, but I must say I was impressed by the way he handled the furious calls and lashback after the interview . My favorite highlights of the interview: Tila confirmed her miscarriage (again?) and claimed that the "dent" in her head is what caused it. She stated that Casey Johnson's dogs were euthanized after being taken from Tila's house (Guess what! They weren't). She also said she will now refer to herself as "Hurricane Tila". She spouted the lie that Casey Johnson's dying wish was for Tila to be pregnant (Now, how could she know what Casey's dying wish was? Especially after Tila hadn't spoken with her in the days leading up to her death.) And the worst thing to come out of her mouth? She started masturbating at age FIVE. Impressive.

My favorite interview was done by, entitled "Miss Tila (Formerly Tila Tequila) Speaks Her Mind and Holds Nothing Back". Thank you for this interview, Allison Kugel, as I appreciate anything that will make me laugh hysterically. Here are just a few of my favorite words that came out of "THE BOSSLADY"'s mouth:

--- "Just like all my tattoos and everything else spontaneous I do in my life; I get bored and I like dramatic changes." I guess claiming to be pregnant (way) more than twice and then claiming you had a miscarriage after falling off of a chair is... well, spontaneous. And definitely dramatic.
--- "I’m really smart. I’m so smart that I think I’m an alien sometimes." I think someone with an IQ above 5 would do research on in-virtro fertilization or maybe how long one would be AWOL after experiencing a traumatic miscarriage. Google it, Bing, ANYTHING?
--- "A lot of people always write me and say, 'I want to be famous too.' And I’m like, 'For what? What’s your purpose? Why do you want to be famous? Because you want to feel fabulous?' I didn’t want that." So what are you famous for, Miss Tila? For posing nude in Playboy? For your two seasons of A Shot At Love (which you say you want to distance yourself from)? For your "Tila's Advices Hotline"? For what, exactly?
--- "Facebook deleted the video and girls get so jealous. I felt like, 'Ok, I know for a fact, and no offense to anybody, but if it was, like, that girl from Precious or some woman who is really overweight and had on lingerie and was like, I don’t care. I’m still sexy, people would be like, You go girl.' But because I look like what I do, people don’t want to see a woman that is intelligent and pretty and smart at the same time. They make you out to be this train wreck, and they push me in this category with Lindsay [Lohan], Paris [Hilton] and Kim Kardashian, but I am way smarter than those girls." So if an overweight woman posted a video of herself in lingerie making seductive poses, we'd be like, "You go girl!"? Whoever reported that video (be it the folks running Facebook or a so-called "JEALOUS" fan) found it to be a little too "sexy" for the younger kids that have accounts on the website. Let me explain: The Facebook Terms of Service state this specifically: "You will not post content that is hateful, threatening, pornographic, or that contains nudity or graphic or gratuitous violence." Miss Tila, Pornography is anything considered to be explicit. There does not have to be nudity, which may serve as an explanation of why Victoria's Secret commercials don't run in the afternoon on Nickelodeon. Your video was not taken down because you "look like what you do." It was taken down because you broke the rules.
--- "I think it’s really hot to be a MILF." So if I follow your logic, one of the reasons you want to be a mother is because... because you want to be a MILF?!

Now onto Tila's (not so) flattering photos and shoots. It seems even the UK has taken notice to Tila Tequila's antics. NOW Magazine's latest collection of "Celebrity Fashion Disasters" features Miss Tila... at #1. She's wearing the dress (seen below) from her "Blog Launch Party" at the Greenhouse. The same dress her stylist Mr. Bradshaw said made Tila "the best dressed at the party". Obviously, our neighbors across the pond didn't agree.

And thanks to CELEBSLAM, we have wonderful photos of Tila at her "Blog Launch Party". This confuses me, as anytime someone has a "launch party" for a film, there has always been a preview screening OR the movie is already out....right? Too bad she planned a screening party weeks after her blog was originally supposed to launch. Here are some real gems:

Now listen, I really think this dress (MAYBE) could have been nice. However, maybe Mr. Bradshaw should have put a pastie or tape over her left nipple-- not just her right. And maybe the length should have been altered so she wasn't flashing the crowd her panties every time she moved. It really might have been a pretty dress if it hadn't got all tangled up at the dry cleaners... know whaddi'mean?

Again, I must say that she seems rather comfortable knowing she's flashing her tighty whities to the entire crowd. Hasn't she been saying something about being "classy"? Maybe it's just me, but I don't consider flashing your ta-tas and panties to be "classy". It reminds me more of an "unabashed and oversexed has-been". But it certainly doesn't fall into the category of "class".

& THAT one is for those of you who might have assumed the previous picture was an "accident"...

Then there's the photos from her "STEAMY PHOTO SHOOT", thanks to SURPRISE! More nipple slips! Let's hear her say this one was a mistake!

I'll be the first to admit that this picture could have been beautiful. But she couldn't just let the photo be-- THERE MUST BE A NIPPLE SLIP! THERE MUST!

And who could possibly forget about Tila's "performance" at Crazy Horse? Seems she picked the perfect venue to promote her new song, "I Fucked The DJ". (Thanks to DListed for the photos!)
Well, she did tell Howard Stern she used to be a stripper...

Tila's Blog Launches... When?


Tila posted this last night-- 4/20/2010. She claims it will launch at 12AM in "ONE WEEK", which would make the launch date next Wednesday, 4/28 at Midnight. We'll see, TT, we'll see.
I've taken it upon myself to create a Countdown Timer... so we can keep up. Keep in mind, the date may change today, and tomorrow, and the next day. Also, Miss TT lives in Los Angeles, so don't be confused if the Time Zone is different.

So Miss Tila" has finally picked (another) launch date for her celebrity gossip blog, She originally stated that the launch would be on April 1st... 20 days ago! She has filled us in on what it will contain: a "Dear Diary" section where she will spill her darkest secrets (doesn't she already do that on Twitter, UStream, and SAYNOW?), and a gossip section where she will "GO INNN" on various celebrities because she has ALL the hearsay from her friends in the music industry.

The countdown begins... and we are just SO excited!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Getting to know a liar

Tila says she doesn't care what anyone says about her, and this guy eats it all up. Maybe he hasn't seen how much Tila addresses her haters, and really does seem to get upset about it. And apparently all us haters are just "internet thugs" well Tila, actually MOST of us aren't going to fly to L.A. to talk shit to you. Believe me, if I had a chance
to meet you I would say something to your face. I'm sure all of us would, BUT none of us have really gotten the chance. When someone doesn't care about something they don't constantly check up on it either. Tila we all know you read the hater blogs,so you obviously care about what's being said.

Aren't you an "internet thug" yourself? You couldn't call out the girl who insulted you on SayNow. You had to go on twitter and talk shit about it. You really aren't that tough Tila, sorry. I'm sure if Tila met the people she has talked shit about on the internet she wouldn't do anything either. Most of the people she has talked shit about would probably kick her ass too.

I really hate these ignorant"journalists" who don't understand why she has haters. He said it himself he never payed attention to her until he was asked to interview her.So that means you really don't know anything about her, other then what she has told you. Yet you are gonna say all the haters are pathetic. Educate yourself before you start saying how pathetic we are.

Tila's honesty is refreshing? He must not know many honest people.

EQ Interview With Tila Tequila Part 1byelectroqueer

That's a wrap!! for NYC

Tila managed to ruin her reputation even more last week in New York. She was there to promote her single "I Fucked the DJ" and she didn't do all that well. She isn't even on the top 500 on Itunes. Guess your so called "publicity stunts" don't work in your favor do they?

Someone call the exorcist!

Someday hopefully Tila will get shoes that fit

Tila caught Casa by making that move in LA.
She figured she'd try again in NYC to see if
it would work again.

I dare someone to tell me she doesn't look like shes in her late 30's or early 40s in this picture.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Tila on the Paul & Young Ron Show

I got this information from Tila'sRotSpot and thought it was TO funny NOT to post on my blog. Especially since Tila did not publicize this interview I want EVERYONE to hear it. I also have a lot of respect for ThePaul&YoungRonShow for doing this!

Tila's business "suite"

I guess Tila has a suite at the IRS..or does she mean "suit" who knows...

Tila says that apparently Perez Hilton talked shit about Casey(in the below video interview) after her death...I mean I guess you can take this blog post of his your own way, but I don't think it was mean spirited.
She ALSO said that she called him and told him off for talking shit about Casey. Funny, Tila couldn't even tell off the girl who asked her on SayNow if she popped pills, yet somehow she told off Perez? Sure, Tila. Whatever you say...

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Styling gone bad

Tila's fashion in New York has left much to be desired. From shoes that don't fit to clothes that don't match. She really needs to find a new stylist. Mr bradshaw you just aren't cuttin it.

Tila can't even do prom right..
The bodice on this dress doesn't fit her correctly.

Lookie here the trash has arrived in NYC.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Tila the mogul, strips

What was supposed to be a party to promote her new song, turned in to strippers galore. Well, maybe this is what was intended to happen in the first place. Who performs their music at a strip club? Wait, better yet, who performs their music at a strip club and actually strip as well? Only the mogul, Tila would do such a thing. Pure class there, ladies and gentlemen.

Not only is Tila stripping, but of course she's gettin money thrown at her as well. So she's gettin paid to do all this. The other strippers must be pissed that she's stealing all their money. Or maybe they realize she needs it more then them. Whatever.

JustinTV had Tila on their live show, yesterday. The interview did not look like it was setup, they were just going to ask questions from the chat. The interview was the worst one I have ever seen, but it was funny to see some of the questions asked. I forgot which rapper it was, but she said this rapper was her favorite. They ask her what's her favorite song by him, and she goes quiet then says "ALL OF EM, ya know?" Which anyone watching could tell she didn't even know any of the songs off the top of her head.

She was asked about "Pop Rox" and where people could get it from. She just said "it's out there, go look for it." Because she knows she's not allowed to sell it. Blue Dress is going to apparently be on her EP. Maybe she does have rights to do a cover??

Tila then went on to do her makeup in the middle of the interview. How respectful.

Oh well, nothing changes with this broad.

Tila's interview with Howard Stern. (AUDIO)

Here is Tila's interview with Howard Stern. I had to split it into 8 parts, but believe me it's hillarious its worth listening too. Hearing his fans call and complain is the most funny part to me.


Monday, April 12, 2010

Tila's Stylish Day with FOX

Nice belt you got there, Tila! Too bad our very
own @TilaTruth has the SAME ONE.
Apparently it's $8.50 from Charlotte Russe.
Not that that's a problem, but for a self proclaimed
rich mogul to be wearing, yeah it is.

Mr. Bradshaw is such a good stylist he can't
even get his boss the right fitting shoes.

What the hell happend to Mr. Bradshaw's

I find it insanely pathetic that FOX would want to help promote this woman's new song "I fucked the DJ." This is the only song I've heard of hers so far, that's new, that she hasn't stolen. Or so we think.....Seriously I'm disgusted with FOX, again.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Tila copies EVERYONE

Tila has copied prety much everyone now, but when I saw her copying me I knew there was something wrong. Who has Tila coppied you ask? Well Angelina Jolie, with the adoption stories, Depeche Mode and Joan Jett, with their songs, Beyonce, with the alter ego, Winona Ryder, with the shoplifting, and me, with the big glasses. Of course Tila's plans of copying other people have not worked in her favor. She has not adopted, she doesn't have the rights to be selling her songs that she stole, she doesn't really have an alter ego, she didn't really shoplift, and her face is so ugly she had to get half nude with her glasses to be considered at all attractive.

So obviously Tila wishes she was or did these things, but she hasn't. (Don't get all mad saying I'm egotistical because I'm saying Tila copied my glasses, I'm obviously just kidding.)

Tila is in SUCH need for attention that she had to fake a shoplifting story. She said she was apparently going to CVS to get food and decided she would steal it. What Tila doesn't know is that I had brought my Tila Voodoo doll to CVS and payed for her food so it looked like she really shoplifted, but really it was me and my voodoo doll. But of course Tila being the role model that she is, said it was only okay to shoplift when you have no money. Wow, I guess we will be having a lot of 15 year old shoplifters soon. If you are a parent of a kid who likes Tila and still think she is a good person there is SERIOUSLY something wrong with you.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Tila loses ANOTHER fan

SCREW SPIDERS!!! This is what I call scary!!

Tila has upset her fans, again. Tila promised all her fans last night that at midnight Paciific time she would tell everybody her new surprise. Come 3 am. she's still not online and her fans on facebook are going wild.

As 4 am approaches Tila tweets that she forgot the time, and is playing poker. She told everyone she would tell them later because she was winning a $10,000 pot. Most of her normal fans were really upset by this. Many of them being in high school or middle school, stayed up very late just to hear what her surprise was. YES, that was their choice NO Tila did not make them do it, but she once again manipulated her fans to stay up all night for no reason. There were fans trying to stick up for Tila and say how if people didn't want to stay up that late they shouldn't have. Well, these people like Tila so much they wanted to know what it is. Tila has NO respect whatsoever for her fans. Because of this, she has lost a fan on twitter by the name of @tilafanomg. TilaFan has been questioning Tila for awhile, I noticed because her and I had spoke a couple weeks ago. She said she always knew Tila was crazy, but the way she treats her fans is what upset her. I am so lucky I am not a fan of Tila's. The constant disappointment would get to me after awhile. I don't know why she still has people defending her.

After @TilafanOMG started questioning her, Tila snapped on her. This just goes to show that if you question anything Tila does, you are automatically not a fan. Only Tila's REAL fans would believe everything she does.

Keep it up Tila you are losing more fans as the days go by. Your little advice hotline won't keep them in the palms of your hands for very long.

Finally, Tila has posted her new surprise it is a crappy version of her song "I Fucked the DJ" the sound quality sucks.

Below is Tilafanomg talking to Tila

This is Tila below

and this is an upset fan on Facebook