Thursday, February 4, 2010

Tila begs fans for followers

As I blogged about earlier Tila made a new twitter. But as soon as she got it she was literally begging the #tilaarmy to retweet so she would get more followers.
She eventually complained about not getting 1000 in the time she wanted them too. (I see that the complaining tweets are no longer on her page, I will assume she deleted them.) She then asked everyone to get her 15k followers (some very uneducated tilaarmy members thought that meant 1500) when she didn't get 15k either she restored her regular @officialtila page.
I think she was getting mad that she wasn't getting hardly any followers, and she couldn't stand it so she went back to her old one.
I guess this is a sign that Tila really is losing her "fame."

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Renesmee56 said...

Omg this is why I follow yu on Twitter YOU my friend has a point.