Friday, February 26, 2010

Tila Tequila moving to Texas?

Earlier today Radar Online posted another article and video with Tila. Tila apparently has given up her twitter account to her PR, so she wont be tweeting as much. I'm sure everyone is happy about that, it's about time she shutup. She also went on to say she is having a garage sale in the next couple of weeks. EVERYTHING will be up for grabs including panties, bed sheets, and old clothes. Who in their right mind would buy her panties? First off most of Tila's fans are under the age of 18, and probably dont have jobs to buy this stuff.

Other then little kids and weird pedophiles who else is their to buy her things? I dont see much of her stuff being sold at all. Since Tila rents her house she cant just leave all her crappy stuff there for them to deal with. I wonder if she will leave it there for them to sell to make up for the rent she owes them.

Why would she randomly go to Texas? Someone who is that into themselves and thinks they are a huge celebrity would stay in California. She most likely is going to live with her parents in Texas since she has no where else to go. Hopefully they can help her see all the mistakes she's making.

What's funny to me about all this is that Tila thinks the house is a monument. Like it has history in it and it will be kept up for tourists to view her "beautiful" home. Nothing historical went on in her house. If you call doing drugs, stripping on cam, and decorating a piano history, then that's sad that later generations have that to learn about in school.


Anonymous said...

I don't know if you guys saw this post on Tila's website from "Anonymous Journalist." I hope this means the Rot Spot efforts really are paying off.

The Truth About Where Tila Is:
-Tila is being evicted from her home.
-Tila is not in rehab or a psych ward.
-Tila's power and/or phone have not been shut off.
-Tila is not "retiring" forever. She is restructuring all of her "businesses" with the assistance of new staff. The staff is attempting to do some legal and PR damage control by controlling her tweets etc. She, and her businesses will re-emerge after the bankruptcy.
-Tila was posting on this thread the past few days using pseudonyms, but her staff has convinced her to stop doing this too.
-Tila can still read posts on all of her various sites, and she does.
-The "NEW SAGA" that she is referring to in this post is not actually her move or the bankruptcy. She is being investigated by several different government organizations, (as well as by some private web-based companies for violations of terms of service etc.) because of this site, Tila's HotSpot Dating, her Ustream account, and others.

Anonymous said...

There aren't a lot of places to comment on Tila these days, unless I want to sign up on her site, which I really don't wanna do. So here's my random thoughts.

If "anonymous journalist" really knew these things, if they were verifiable, it would be published online somewhere. Why should we believe this person?

IF Tila does have a staff, then at least somebody might be watching out for her. If only to protect their own financial interests. This would be good. As entertaining as she is, I do worry for her.

About the Rot Spot. They were obviously very aware of the Tilatruth blog as they've mentioned it more than once. As such, they obviously knew what kinds of things went on at Tilas dating site before their Feb 21st blog. It was all written about at Tilatruth on Dec 11. So, yeah, they knew about it, but for some reason only recently thought it was a big enough deal to investigate. Weird. I'm glad they did, but it was disingenious to say that they just figured it out.

Why does anyone think that she is filing for bankruptcy? If it's because it was blogged at Rotspot, that's utter b.s. The site that they screen capped for that blog is a hoax site. Seriously. Maybe there's other evidence of her filing, but that aint it.

I think the Rot Spot is looking like they have been intimidated into silence. Somewhat unfortunate, but not surprising. We know Tila has at least one lawyer and I bet shutting down (or shutting up) the RotSpot would probably be pretty high on their to-do list. But the thing is, as mean as that site really was (and I hated that it got that bad), perhaps it served a purpose in getting someone to pay attention and get her some help. I can hope, anyway.

Oh... I just saw that TilaTruth is back and blogging. SWEET. I like their style. Like this blog they aren't quite so gratuitously mean.

I'm really wondering what the heck Tila is planning with her gossip blog. I mean, if she's blogging already, the news would be totally stale by the time the site is supposed to be up and running in a few weeks. Gossip blogs have to run in real-time. Her blogging now, in secret, makes as much sense as anything else she does. Zero sense.

Lastly, I'd love to hear from someone who goes to her garage sale. Yeah, she'll probably sell some clothes and shoes, but I doubt she'll even be there.

My misc ramblings for the day

Anonymous said...

Intimidated into silence? ROFL!!! That's by far the best thing I've heard all fucking year....
I love how just because something else becomes more relevant than pure searing hatred for the dirty troll, everyone assumes we've banished into you douchebags i say suck a dick :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, anger issues.

So, you can't do 2 things at once? You can't blog about her regular insanity because there's another issue?

Yeah. Riiiiiiight. You almost had me on that one.

But I will take you up on your offer. Good thing I like sucking a dick almost as much as my husband appreciates his dick being sucked.

Anonymous said...

I didn't even have interest in reading any of this entire mess. From a LEGAL standpoint, since I DO OWN the rotspot aka I WILL tell you that NO LEGAL team of TT or ANYONE for that matter has contacted me. The only contacting that has been done is phone calls/emails to proper authorities and media. What is going on behind the scenes right now is under privacy and unfortunately everything cannot be for public view when there are investigations. So, I do hope that clears up any of your "assumptions" that you want to throw around. Email me next time you want to ASSUME something, alright?

Anonymous said...

i call the crusty panties

Anonymous said...

I've always enjoyed Rot Spot's biting sarcasm & wicked humor. I commend them, however, for moving that to the back burner in order to help in putting a stop to child exploitation. As for the Rot Spot being intimidated into silence - you're joking, right?

Anonymous said...

"Yeah. Riiiiiiight. You almost had me on that one.

But I will take you up on your offer. Good thing I like sucking a dick almost as much as my husband appreciates his dick being sucked."


Anonymous said...

TRS: Nah. I like taking things to the blogosphere with people who blog. Just makes more sense to me. Clear things up publicly.

So, anyway, it's *great* that you two got on this so fast and cleared up the misunderstanding!! It's interesting to know that no one has received any "ceast and desist" letters. But, honestly, your explanation that things are going on behind the scenes, just doesn't explain the lack of blogging about anything else Tila-related. It *is* possible to do more than one thing at a time. Really, I can assure you, it is quite possible. No one's saying you have to blog. Obviously. But I think (yes, I ASSUME because I don't take your word for it - I don't KNOW you) that there is more to your silence. Either you got bored with her antics, or you realized it was taking a heck of a lot of time, or you got a little worried that maybe you would get a letter. And, truthfully, in your shoes, I wouldn't want to put myself in that situation. It's just not worth it to me to have to defend myself legally over some dumb internet whore. I'd do what I had to behind the scenes, but publicly, I'd back away. That's the sense I make of your blog going silent - because I don't know you and my explanations make more sense to me than yours do.

I'm still not sure why you guys are pretending that you suddenly, just recently came across the damning info that minors use her site where there's nudity and all that.

Anyway, I like a lot of stuff about your blog. I check back frequently to see if you've come back because there's often some interesting things you've dug up (not the fake bankruptcy thing). You were a good fill-in while TilaTruth was on vacay. I didn't like the tone of a lot of your stuff, but hey, I take what I want and leave the rest.

I do hope your campaign to have her face the music legally over her site is everything you want it to be. I think the best outcome would be jail time. Maybe she'd get sober and also get some mental help.

Anonymous said...

Nope, not Tila! Yikes!! Some women really do like doing that "nasty thing" with their husbands!! :) Besides I thought it was a fun comeback done in the spirit of the insult!

You've got me curious, though. Why would that comment make you think I was Tila? Do you not know any women who like going down on their partner? If so, that's kind of sad to me. I can't imagine a world where my partner wouldn't love to go down on me. I think it's pretty healthy and normal.

Regardless, I think it's fairly easy to tell I'm not Tila. If you notice I can spell!!

Anonymous said...

LOL Tila Rotspot hurried and posted a disclaimer afer the last threat of Tila's C&D. Why bother if you aren't worried LOL!

I posted comments at Rotspot a couple of times and I was tagged teamed by the "owners" because I disagreed with a blog that was posted. I actually think it is one person writing there but posting as two, as above ^, to be able to do the tag team arguements on those who don't agree with what is written there. At the top of RotSpot they have the nerve to address "freedom of speech".

Funny stuff LOL!

Anonymous said...

It's just me again.

I should get some kind of google account because with all of these anonymous posts, it's really hard to know who said what.

I wrote 5:28, 6:08, 6:45 and 6:49. Not 7:06.

And I've never posted at Rotspot. Seemed like too much bickering. I hadn't intended to get that started here. But it does seem like the Rotspot folks are pretty sensitive to criticism, even on other people's blogs!!

Anyway, SpikedTequila, I apologize if you feel this has taken away from what you'd like to see on your blog. If you'd like us to take the argument somewhere else (preferably public - so much more fun), let us know and maybe we can find something.

I doubt the Rotspot folks will open up their comments section again. They're too sensitive to the criticism!!

Gotta run. Quality time with the hubby coming up!!

Anonymous said...

helloo.. need smwhere to post my thoughts.

did u guys notice she said she wont take checks for garage sale? its because of the fact that shes filled for bankruptcy and doesnt have an account

Anonymous said...

also she said the proceeds are going to jaydens angels. which doesn't have an account either since it doesn't exist...

Jennifer said...

Ditto to 8:26 - What's up with Jayden's Angels?!? I actually tried to do a search today (on to off off chance it takes a while for a charity to be 'official') and still nothing! Sad, I loved the name Jayden but now TT has ruined it for me. :(
If (I'm guessing) she needs the money for rehab, so be it! I then a lot of people would love to chip in to send her away.

As for RotSpot - I did think towards the end it was getting a little malicious (people emailing her instigating craziness is not the same as her self-generated craziness), but overall it was decent in finding her Twitter lies (and a great sub for TilaTruth!!) It was sad they went offline, so to speak. They were bringing up a valid issue over kids on NSFW sites, and everyone was caught in the fight over whether the site itself was valid because of the hate towards TT. As I said before, when there is an issue, does it really matter who rings the alarm? I do hope they come back!

Anonymous said...

It's just me again. Need a moniker!!

While I still take issue with some of the Rotspot stuff... definitely the alarm needed to be rung. And I think some good has likely come from it. I'm sure the proper authorities are now FULLY aware of the illegal activities. That's gotta translate into some action being taken. Rotspot was great in providing a how-to guide on contacting authorities. Kudos and serious gratitude to them on that front!

But I still have some beefs with them.

Anonymous said...

we can spot your comments Thien. you are poisened and obscessed with your reign of terror. do you have to leave town to hide from the "brutha's" in the hood that don't want your nasty..they women especially ain't gonna take to a scared midget std! ya'int no hot mamma hahahahahahahaha

Anonymous said...

Me again.

Which ones do you think are Thien? I think I can spot them at her site. They're really simplistic ones that basically tell the "hatred" to get a life and leave Tila alone. That she's hot and has an amazing voice. Blah blah blah. Chris Crocker would be proud!

Anonymous said...


1. Rehab

2. Surgery

Maybe both?

Anonymous said...

hatred = haters. LOL. Hard to post from an iPod.

Anonymous said...

Great now she is trying to invade facebook with her lies. That will be an easier medium for her to control because she can set it to where you have to be a fan to post. Someone should start up a fansite like that did with that pickle and nickelback where they got the pickle more fans than nickelback.

Anonymous said...

Oh my God, Anonymous, that's a fantastic idea!

Can this tampon get more fans than Tila Tequila?



Anonymous said...

I take EVERYTHING Tila posts as a lie until I see proof positive to the contrary. She is tweeting again but it is very little and today she tweeted "Russia here I come". What happen to Texas?

I am hoping with all my heart she gets shut down or put on some type of lockdown for exploiting children on her dating site.

I firmly believe she is in big legal trouble, hence, her limited presence on her twitter. Someone needs to put a gag on her idiotic tweets permanently.

If TRS is working behind the scenes to silence this sick woman, then more power to them and I will send them anything I find to help move the process along at a faster rate.

I have never signed up for her dating site and don't intend to which is why I had no idea she was exploiting children this way.

I see she's moving to another online venue, Facebook. Trust me, she will have her Facebook filled with lies and God knows what else just like she did with her Hotspot site and her dating site. If she ever gets the OMG blog site off the ground it too will be a hot mess.

IMO, Tila is one pathetic, sick, sick person.

Jess said...

if tila really wanted to get away she wouldnt tell everyone where she moving too.

Anonymous said...

Hey everybody,
If you'd like to read her crazy ramblings that she THINKS she deleted, go here:

It's all about how she's not marrying her baby daddy anymore because he was just using her, how she's looking at "other agencies" for more adoption options, becoming a substitute teacher (good lord, that made me choke on my OJ), and more ridiculous bullshit about her garage sale. I love that she's too stupid to realize you can't delete tweets off of pages like this.


Anonymous said...

Quoted for Posterity. Read from the bottom up:

So while I'm laying low, U wont know where I will be. Maybe in Russia for 21 days, Texas, NYC, Sometimes secretly in LA..but I'll be around

PS-ONE LAST THING: Since adoption is a long process I looked up a few agencies. I may adopt a child right here from the USA! An Ethnic baby

lemme know if ur done reading everything so I can delete it ok? Im telling u cuz I love my fans & always want to keep u updated xoxox

That is sooooooooo sad but at least I found out cuz I was going to marry him in a courthouse this week! But GOD let me find out the truth!

and I paid him a lot of money!!!!!!!! so go on witcha self, USING ME to spend MY MONEY that I was using to raise my baby for his other kids!

So since an NDA was signed. The world will NEVER KNOW who the baby daddy is. Sperm donors sign NDAs alot of the time. Specially when u pay

In my heart I was always a good girl. I wanted to marry him for the sake of the baby to have a father! But now I rather be a single mommy.

I never knew he was still with his other baby mama & wanted 2 marry me to take MY MONEY to give to her to go shopping and shit...SO GROSS! that's about it....FOR NOW!! NO MORE MARRYING THE "K-FED" baby daddy! How disgusting of him to USE ME! Thank u god 4 telling me

I have been working 247 no sleep sometimes just to get it all running so that I have enough $$ for the rest of my life to take care of baby!

Sometimes it's hard because when ur sick, your alone & it's scary, but I'm a strong woman and so is my baby. & I pray every night so its ok


30) That is all for now! Did you get to read all that?? Let me know so I can delete the tweets. I will announce day of my Garage sale soon!


28) So much crazy stuff in my life right now! I wish I could tell you all of it, but now is not the right time. I will tell you why later!

27) Im still goig to be in LA for another few weeks 2 finish up some work stuff, but then taking off immediately to texas after that!

26) Then after a LONGG time of being away from Hollywood, I'll return with even BIGGER NEWS to share with U alll! Thats why I need 2 lay low

25) I was thinking about giving birth to my baby in Texas or somewhere unknown so that there wont be media frenzy & nobody will know..

24) However the adoption process requires me to go to the country for at least 21 days!! So I will be gone all that time 2 be with my son!

23) Yes, Im still in the middle of my adoption process to adopt my son from Russia. But Im looking at other agencies as well 4 more options

22) Although I look young & hot, I am still qualified to teach highschool students!!! Im gonna see if they'll let me, Im sure they will!

21) I will definitely go back to Hastings High where I went to see if I can become a substitute teacher there for Art classes and music!

20) While Im there I want to sign up to college so I can become a substitute teacher and teach highschool students!!! That will be HOT!!!

19) I'm only moving back to Texas to lay low for a while to stay away from all this media frenzy. Its been nothing but stressful on me...

18) Now that I have moved into my NEW HOUSE, in LA somewhere, I LOVE IT HERE! However I still plan on moving back to texas for a few months

17) You will also see the broken steel chair that caused me to smash my head & caused me to go to the hospital. Its still there, broken....

Anonymous said...

16) The last time Her & I took a bubble bathe 2gether, U can still see the leftover candles & love letters between us, but thats not 4 sale!

15) All the stains on the floors shows when I came home, cried, and broke everything, bleeding, staining the floors. I never cleaned it.

14) Since its open house, & I left everything as it is, you can see traces of when I was breaking things when I found out she died. U see it

13) So the Tila & Benji secret love diary will be for sale as well. It's quite sweet & whomever wants 2 know whats in it, its for sale too!

12) That diary will be for sale as well! Lots of sweet love letters from him and I! I dont want it cuz what's the point? Juicy stuff there!

11) WHile I was moving I also found a diary full of LOVE NOTES from BENJI! That's right! Benji & I dated before either of us became famous!!

10) That means TONS of dresses, clothes, shoes, Gucci purses, Burberry, Dolce & Gabanna dresses, MY BED, Furniture, EVERYTHING FOR SALE!!!

9) I left EVERYTHING behind at my old house cuz it's all bad memories for me. I want to start FRESH now! So GARAGE SALE WILL BE NEXT WEEK!!!


7) He didn't want to sign a pre-nump!!!! I aint giving my hard earned money to raise my baby so he can have his other baby mama spend MY $$$

6) I found out that he only wanted to marry me, to use me for my money, so that he could pay his OTHER CHILD SUPPORT & BABY MAMAS! HELL NO!

5) My baby will have enough love just from me to not need no dead beat daddy anyway!! SO ITS ALL GOOD! NEXT!!! Thank GOD I found out!

4) I already paid him for his sperm donation, signed the NDA so it's all good. Moving on...NEXT!!! My baby dont need no FAKE DADDY USING MOM

3) But that's ok cuz he was only a sperm donor anyway, cuz my original plan was to be a single Mommy anyway and I can still do this myself!

2) I was only going to marry him because I thought it was the right thing to do for my baby, but not anymore since I found out he used me

1) I decided NOT to marry my baby daddy cuz unfortunately I found out the he was just another "K-FED" like how he played Britney! BOOO!

Anonymous said...


20) While Im there I want to sign up to college so I can become a substitute teacher and teach highschool students!!! That will be HOT!!!

O RLY? How hot, Tila? Mary Kay Letourneau hot? Freak.