Thursday, February 18, 2010

And I thought Tila's spelling was bad before this..

Thank you to @scott_ack for the screencap

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Apparently, not only can Tila NOT spell easy regular words, she can't even spell Nguyen (her last name.) She may be trying to empower all of us, but she sure can't spell good enough to get her message across.

Here's Tila's version of how to make dreams come true and my advice on how not to


Tyranny4U said...
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Tyranny4U said...

Dear Miss Pot:
I just wanted to call you out (think of this as constructive criticism) on your hypocrisy about goofing on Tila's improper spellings. You should not put on your Grammar Nazi hat when you, too, have misspelt (yes, this is a proper word) words and in fact, your entire blog is peppered with misspellings. Such as this little nugget from your CEO Under 30 interview post.
"...they persued her..." There is only one E in the word pursued. A few lines later, you wrote, "...that's how are big CEO's..." Are? I think the word you were looking for was "our".
Sincerely yours,
Miss Kettle.

Keep plugging away as you are. I'm rather amused by all the vapid fuckery that makes up TT's life. Like a bad rubber necker, this is one shadenfreude I can't tear myself away from. =)

P.S. I had to delete my previous post because I, too, FAILED! Even though I proof read thrice prior to posting, I still missed a word. lol !!

Veritas Ignis said...

On her facebook page, she wrote how she was getting a new show because she was so "oftenly" talked about. WTF???? So not only is she responsible for the murder of the careers of anyone she signs to her "record label" AKA "possible baby dadda's" but she has also murdered spelling AND grammer. Way to go ho!!LOL