Monday, May 24, 2010

Tila exposes what we already knew

How many times have all us haters said that Tila was abusing prescription pills? A lot. How many times has Tila denied these accusations and her fans have defended that? A lot. So I find it insanely humorous that Tila has decided to admit her addiction to pills. Tila tells her "army" to keep fighting us haters off, but why should they bother? This whole thing just proves we were right once again.

I wonder if when they drug test her if any other drugs will show up in her system? Like, oh..I don't know....METH?


Tila says that if she stays sober after Celebrity Rehab, she might get her own spin-off show about her life being sober. Hmmm I wonder why Tila is doing Celebrity Rehab then? Is it really to get "sober" or is it just to get her own show.

I'm still waiting for the TV show deal she closed with 3ball Productions. I wonder when that's coming to TV, or was that just another lie?

Whatever happened to "Little Miss Trendsetter LLC"? I thought that was Tila's management firm, where she was going to be managing the Ford model. Why does she need to close a deal to finish up her management firm when she already "has" one?

Anyways if Tila is REALLY going to learn something from this rehab experience, and stay off the drugs then she will earn a lot more respect from everyone. So hopefully something comes out of this, if not then I still think she's a piece of shit.

Oh, and since this was also in that blog Tila wrote I figured I'd remind you of your fake charity story.



Joann said...

Tila can go to hell with that bullshit "confession" she wrote. This skank has been using pills, alcohol and any other drug she could find to get high for years.

I guess she forgot about all those meth rants she did on twitter last year, long before she was dealing with her mythical empire.

Now she wants to blame it on the pressure of her mythical empire, the haters and who knows what else.

This bitch is using Lindsay Lohan's press to keep herself relevant. If Lindsay was not in the headlines now, Tila would never came forth with this "confession".

She could care less about rehabilitation, all she wants to do is get press coverage and she is using Dr. Drew's show to do it.

She can can get over on her moronic Army with this crap because they will believe anything she says.

deluwiel said...

sooooo disgustng - just as I thought. She's gonna try to cash in on ADDICTION now. My god. She can't really believe anyone is buying into this "admitting that I have a problem" "asking for help" bullshit. Can she? Are they? And then to use her shiny new self-awareness and desire to get clean and sober to point a finger and challenge the "haters" to get help?!? And if Celebrity Rehab does get canceled, I'm sure she's still going to fight the good fight and get the help she needs to continue managing her "empires". pshhhhh yeah, right. This is a new low. I didn't think it was even possible, but yet again Tila has outdone herself.

jayden said...

Every time I think she can't get more pathetic, she proves me wrong. Is there no situation she doesn't think of as an opportunity for self promotion?

Her ex-pal Carlton Jordan is already all over this bullshit in his blog.

allen said...

Good Evening,
I would like to thank the people who run this blog that give us a forum because we will NEVER visit any web site associated with Thien Thanh Thi Nguyen.
There are many things WRONG with her statement. She should not be concerned about anything (especially tv shows or blogs) only getting SOBER.I don't know too much about celeb rehab or Dr Drew. I am in the medical field but drug rehab is not my speciality. I do not think it is GOOD idea to do rehab in front of cameras.
Part of rehab is you should try to correct the wrongs you have done while under the influence.Thien never mentions this at all. She also states that we are "hiding" behind our computers and are bullies. WE TRIED TO COMMUNICATE WITH YOU.You and Buzznett laughed at us.Some of the other parents wanted to drive out to your YARD SALE and meet you face to face .We only wanted you to say that "your act was for adults" and we would have left it at that.

Maybe if you become a parent you will understand this or maybe when Marco turns 14 a pathological lying 30 year old woman will send him inapproriate photos,videos and become phone bone buddies.Wouldn't you do anything to protect your child?

Instead of thinking about a possible show you should start thinking about STAYING SOBER and leading a good life.Also how you are going to make things right with the people you have LIED TO AND BURNED.

I will be on the phone tomorrow and will cancel all VH1 channels and there are about 60 families that are with us.

We had NO IDEA who you were until the incident with our son. My space, facebook ,twitter are ALL FALSE POPULARITY AND FRIENDSHIPS.

The best thing you can do is reconcile with your family,quit hollywood,disconnect the internet and get a real job.

We know the truth and all your companies are fake. You have deceived the very few fans you have left.

You call us "haters" when in actuality we don't hate you.You spew hate with your tweets and blog everyday. Our lives will be the same whether you are a millonaire or in a strait jacket .


Anonymous said...

Jayden, please dont buy into anything Carlton jordan says or prints. He has done this exact same song and dance before and as it turned out he was still buddy buddy with Tila. He is no better than Tila and is only talking shit to get more press for him and her. his only mission is to drive traffic to his and her blog anyway he can. Dont be fooled by the snake in the grass that is cj.

Anonymous said...

Wow! I know she uses drugs, alcohol, etc. but with this bullshit confession it makes me wonder if she is really addicted to anything besides fame. Why call out Lindsay Lohan & try to promote a spin-off show? This reminds me of all the things she says she goes through but they are all lies (domestic abuse, miscarriages, losing the love of your life, etc.). Fuck off Tila

Cathy said...

She pisses me off ( no need to say that I guess). Someone who is in serious need of help would not be pitching a new reality show before she can even say she can be sober. My guess is that this is all a clever rouse to get Vh1 to give her another show proving that she can stay "sober"

Give it up Tila you are no longer relevant not that you ever were. Reality TV is on the out Tila.

Anonymous said...

In admitting her "problem," she claims she feels like she's "stripped naked and standing in front of millions of people?" How can she (with a straight face) draw any allusion to feeling naked and exposed when she's purposely been exposing every inch of herself and masturbating on the web for years?

I think the pictures showing the prescription drug bottles sitting on her bathroom counter were staged. I thought it then, and I really believe it now with the Celeb Rehab thing. I hope the show is cancelled.

Anonymous said...

I just noticed she's taken down the "Got Milf?" section of her "blog"

Anonymous said...

You are correct. A person who is heading to rehab would not be pitching a new show. What if it is determined that the stress of a television show is a trigger to her addiction.
I also hope Cathy is correct and this "Reality TV" is gone for good.

Anonymous said...

Tila is a pathological liar and I hope she gets the help she clearly needs.I am also disappointed in the media especially FOX NEWS who had her on she basically made a fool out of herself and them.If Fox News had done a little research they would have discovered what many people already know.
On the Howard Stern Show I did not believe a word she said. The whole incident on the plane, her father hitting her and her first orgasm at 7.
I hope the youth learn from this and realize the difference between famous and infamous.

Anonymous said...

I left a comment under her rant, inbetween doing uni assignmentsvia twitter. To my suprise they have been deleted now automatically blocked. I used no language, made a comment about how hard getting clean is. Also a link to, this is your mogule, they had a funny story on her. Can you tell me why she would block me, yet allow vile languagea and really negative comments. Maybe mine were subtle, not crass as hers. Love your work

Anonymous said...

I worked out why comments are automatically deleted. When I mention Dlisted, comments are automatically rejected. Funny that.