Monday, May 10, 2010

Tila has all kinds of things for you

Thank you Uncle Eddie for a few of the screencaps!! Visit Eddie at the Rotspot!

So Tila Army remember all of Tila's promises of contests on her site and letting YOU guys be the real bloggers and not her? I haven't seen any of that.

Yes we knew her blog was going to be about bashing people the whole time I just love how she tries to justify herself acting like she only bashes people who have hurt her in someway. And what's THAT? The best commentator of a blog wins a prize? I haven't seen that at all going on. I wonder who she would pick to be the best commentator - the people who threaten the haters lives or the people who insult the haters.

Where's the LIVE celebrity intervies Tila?

I haven't seen any contest for a trip to LA to interview live with you Tila..when does the Tila Army get this lovely prize?

Again, I haven't seen any contests for XBOX's trips to LA, or phone calls...
You guys aren't gonna get anything that she promised, as usual. Just like when she went shopping and got you guys gifts. That was a good joke.

This one really makes me laugh. A contest to be on her reality show with her. Yeah, like that'll ever happen.

*sigh* Tila when will the lies stop?


Anna said...

I'm still waiting on my damn porsche that bitch promised me!!! lol

DIsTheName said...

Sorry but Toilet Paper Tila is a majour retard crackhead whore!

Anonymous said...

I can just see the hogul going threw all the entries for a trip to LA to find the one that lived in LA. Save on airfares. And the xbox's, probaly are cardboard box with a x in biro written on it haha.

Jess said...

remember when she said she was going back to Texas to shut up, only if that was true =(

Anonymous said...

I dont live in USA, but i watched king of the hill, hank and bobby will keep her out " i tell you what " :)

Spiked Tequila said...

LOL i want a porsche!!!

yes i remember about the texas thing..why must she tease us lol

Anonymous said...

Oh, that damn Porsche Nazi!!
No Porsche for you!!


Sara said...

and what happened to the contest she was going to have when her blog launched to spend the day with her and go shopping and have all the "paparazzis" following? and the fashion line contest for designers? are people really dumb enough to spend time working on designs to submit to her?? i hope not