Sunday, May 23, 2010

Tila finally admits she has a problem

You know that awesome new reality show about Tila's life that she is filming right now? Well, TMZ has confirmed that Tila will be joining Celebrity Rehab next season. I cannot stop laughing right now. We all knew her attention whoring ways would lead her to rehab, and not for the right reasons at all I am sure.

I love how Tila acts like her reality show is ABOUT her. Honey, you aren't the center of attention on celebrity rehab. This definitely won't be about your awesome life either. Now we get to see you admit to what we have been saying all along.

At least her stupid fans can see that she admits to having a problem.


Anonymous said...

LOL. Dont they want to have to get clean for it to work? this hogul is only doing it for publicity.
We dont get that show here, do they live togeather in a rehab house with camera 24/7? she will be 1st out.

Anonymous said...

Oh almost forgot... but she doesnt do drugs :) she said so herself, just like everything else she said, it must have been a lie.
POW bitch, hope you O.D

josephgein said...

So they probably filmed her out scoring meth in Hollywood tonight, right? What a stupid bitch. Her big TV comeback. POW! This show will shine a big, bright light on her. There is no way this can go well for her. I can't wait!

Anonymous said...

vh1: "You interested in doing the next season of celeb rehab"?
Z grade celeb: "Sure, who do you have so far"?
vh1: "Tila"
Z grade celeb: "I'm a desperate drug addicted nobody but even i have standards" hangs up.

The show will be cancelled.

Ray said...

I just seen on TMZ that it may not even happen and the show could be killed,they cant get any celebrities to do it, sooo I'm guessing thats how the hogul got in.

I hope it gets canceled ands shes outed as an addict. haha

Spiked Tequila said...

this is sooo great like this makes me lulz for days hahahaha.

IHateThereforIAm said...


She will probably say she was just faking. And how she is SUCH a good actress she fooled Dr Drew and all the haters. Then she will go on how she is getting movie rolls and directors are begging her to be in the movies. SMH...She is so fail.

josephgein said...

I don't know, Hate. I really can't see her being able to spin this in any direction beneficial to her. She wouldn't be able to "outsmart" Dr. Drew, who has an ego even bigger that her own. The show probably won't happen anyway. Oh well.

Anonymous said...

hello all
I have never seen Celebrity Rehab so I don't know too much about it.I don't think it is a good idea to combine cameras and treatment. I am not sure about Dr Drew's credentials. My brother-in-law was saying on another site that the wedding trip to Texas was an intervention.The irony of this is we have a woman who is the MOST popular woman on "my space" and "facebook" but does not have a friend that cares about her enough to try and help her.
Regardless of her "addictions" I think it is adderall or ritalin not crystal meth then she comes down with ambien Tila is still responsible for her actions.
She should apologize to all she has wronged because of her actions.

peace out

Miguelita said...

"I hope it gets canceled ands shes outed as an addict. haha"

I don't. I hope it airs and it works better than Tila expects and she does get somewhat better. Outed or not, she needs help, and though I doubt this is the best way, if it helps her and those around her, it'd be great.

I'm not laughing.

jayden said...

Well, I called it but I was only halfway joking when I said her new show was Celebrity Rehab. I really wish I could believe this is an honest attempt by Tila at rehab but am pretty convinced it's just a last desperate attempt at getting in front of the public for cash before she finally has to drift into porn to support her habit.

The good part of me hopes it works. The rest of me looks forward to Dr. Drew calling her on her shit and her possibly admitting all the things she lied about. One thing's for sure, unless the season is a no-go, there's no way she can really spin this to anyone anymore. I don't even think retarded Mitty would believe she'd agree to go on CR if she was faking.

Sandy said...

I called it. Celeb Rehab and for attention ONLY, not because she wants to get well. If that were the case, she'd check in somewhere privately and fight her demons. What a sick famewhore.

Miguelita said...

Oh, I'm pretty sure she's just clutching at anything she can grab to stay in the spotlight.

But I do hope it works some.

Cathy said...

I too think its a desperate attempt. I wish it was Intervention on A&E that show could help her. I am sure she will tell all of her twitter followers that it is all due to her multiple personalities and being such a mogul that the stress just got to her. This is a way to plug her records and "label".

luclil said...

LOL! I am just super speechless! I hope that it doesnt get cancelled! I would live just to see this trainwreck everyweek!

Anonymous said...

Ehh, I don't really give too much credit to Dr. Drew since I think he's a celebrity first then a physician, but I do want to see him make Thien cry and call her out on her BS.

If Tila wanted help, she could have done this in a private facility. I doubt the hogul could even afford to pay the "tuition" in one of those rehab facilities let alone make a dollar out of fifteen cents. She's just probably doing this just to stay relevant. She's the epitome of pathetic.

Ben said...

Rehab doesn't work if you don't want to get better. Talking shit about people is part of that. Her entire life is negative, Thien feeds of haters just as much as she does from the idiot fans of hers that love every ridiculous thing she says.

I doubt she'll admit to drugs, and even if she does it'll be some elaborate story like "I take ambien to sleep because people hate on me so much I'm afraid to sleep for fear of them coming after me."

This was the only thing she could do to get on TV so she jumped at it. Nice of her to fuck over Diane Neal after Diane was nice enough to not run when Tila came by.

And her new "British" personality is apparently for when she lies about being in London she can blame that person.

Joann said...

If this show airs, Tila will only be on it for publicity. That's it..end of story.

Having Tila on a Dr. Drew rehab show for pathological liars and sociopaths would be more fitting and believable.

jayden said...

According to Dr. Drew's twitter back on May 17th, the cancellation was just a rumor and production is right on track:

I am not involved at all with the casting but checked with VH1and apparently production for CR4 is on track... rumors inaccurate. 2:02 PM May 17th via Twitter for iPhone

saramb25 said...

I think this is a complete publicity stunt for her!! Again she insults people with "real issues" There is no way she is going to admit to a drug problem. She is doing this just to get on tv. She is a vile person..

Anonymous said...

of course, it's just another pub stunt!! that show is about to be canceled anyway, so they're just as desperate as she is!!

Spiked Tequila said...

I agree I believe it is all for publicity too. Tila probably won't get anything from this except the attention she wants.