Thursday, May 6, 2010

Tila needs a dictionary

For someone who sure seems to know a lot about alter ego's, they can't even get the definition right.

Tila is now claiming that Michelle Mcgee (the woman Jesse James cheated on Sandra Bullock with) is Sandra's alter ego. I know she isn't REALLY claiming that, but she's so stupid she uses it in two different ways. Unless Tila seems to think Sandra somehow gets all these tattoo's at night, changed her hair, and everything and goes out on the town. In that case Jesse wouldn't have cheated on Sandra.

Tila you like to throw around the "alter ego" term a lot with yourself. Remember Jane? I thought you knew the definition of at least THAT term, but I guess I learn more everyday how stupid you really are.

Looks like Jane almost came out the other day too. Maybe "Jane" and "Michelle" can go play together.


Anonymous said...

Alright where do I start on this Queen of Crabs aka TT....let me just say u and jane are losers like ur fans/followers/supporters. Enough said!

Anonymous said...

Not only does Tila need a dictionary, but will someone please buy her a clock so she can learn to tell time and a calendar so she knows the days of the week and the month of the year! She always need help with all 3, Spelling, Dates, and Times! You know, all the stuff we learned in the first grade! DUH!

Anonymous said...

Look at the name of Tila's avatar picture on twitter.