Sunday, May 9, 2010

Old habits die hard for Tila

Remember when Tila thought she was taking Perez Hilton's spot with Tila'sHotSpot? Well, just to refresh your memory - it didn't happen. Just like her new gossip blog isn't "dethroning" him either.

We get that you don't like Perez, Tila. But find someone new to "dethrone." It obviously isn't working with him, and you've been attacking him for months. Now that he isn't mentioning you at all I think it's time to move on from your weird obsession with him. You just keep going on and on saying you are taking over his spot. If you didn't do it then, you aren't going to do it now.

Something I found funny in her post was that she said she didn't have to lie and make up stories like other celebrity gossip blogs. That obviously isn't true, because we have already seen her made up stories on her blog.

Anyways, the point is, enough with the Perez Hilton crap. The whole feud is stale now. Maybe you can focus on "dethroning" Jane. She seems to be taking all your publicity.


DIsTheName said...

That Toilet Paper Troll aka Toilet Head Tila looks like a bafooon with her lies!

Anonymous said...

well, it's true. She doesn't have to lie and make up stories. 'cause she just STEALS them from everyone else's sites! What a frikkin' loser.

Anonymous said...

And if she's going to insult him, she should at least come up with something new. One, he's not fat. He's gotten in pretty good shape. That pic of him with the black eye is old as fuck. Calling him "Piggy Perez" is not only not funny, but it's like listening to elementary kids insult eachother. It's not hurtful to him, he knew he was fat, that is why he changed his lifestyle and the way he looked.

The fact that she's so delusional about how successful she thinks she is is the saddest part of all. Anyone who insists that they're the shit over and over again are trying to convince you of something, and the truth is, real successful people don't have to convince you of anything. The success speaks for itself.

Anonymous said...

LOL..I think deep down Tila knows she's not successful which is why she keeps blowing herself up so hard but no one is buying it except that bunch of morons who call themselves Tila's Army. This is a sad, sad woman/child.

She keeps slamming Perez and the Kardashians because she thinks this will give her more attention from the public. She hasn't caught on yet that it only makes her look more desperate and pathetic.

Anonymous said...

You guys have FAILED to see when TT posted that comment. Spiked had highlighted it. Interestingly, it was posted back in Sept of '09. Long before the ubiquitous blog release threats.