Sunday, May 9, 2010

Tila disrespects her new hero

Tila finally got to interview a celebrity, and she's just so excited. Funny, I remember her saying one of the reasons her blog was so late was because she was interviewing celebrities. She also said she had a big interview with someone from Twilight. I haven't seen any of that, but that's not the point. The point is how Tila fails at her whole blog.

Now Tila says this new boxer is her "new hero" and just praises him all over the place, but she didn't even spell his name right. The CORRECT way to spell his name is Ruslan Provodnikov. She spelled his name wrong twice, and both those times were spelled differently as well. If you ask me, that's disrespectful. If I was Ruslan I'd be pissed that she spelled my name incorrectly two times.

Tila, at least learn how to spell the person you are trying to praise's name right.

You already fucked up Lindsay Lohan's name and Heidi Montag.
ex. Linsday, Heidi Montage


Terri said...

AND justin 'beiber's name. HAHA

Anonymous said...

This guy is only ranked 36th in his wgt. class and hes only been fighting 2 yrs. In the boxing world this guy is less of a celebrity than Tila is. And he doesn't even speak english so this must be one riveting interview. Him speaking through an interpreter and her misspelling everything that is said.

Anonymous said...

What's she going on about it being syndicated worldwide? I guess it's just like her latest single being "released worldwide"...hey guess what, midget mogul. Anything you put on the internet is available worldwide, dumbass. Put a video of you interviewing somebody no one's heard of, OR put a video of yourself jerking off for minors...same thing. We can all see it. Just like releasing a song on iTunes is available's not OMG EXCLUSIVE WORLDWIDE RELEASE. It's just on the net. It's the motherfucking WORLD WIDE WEB. You're not new to the internets, they're not that fancy, and anyone with any smidge of common sense can see how stupidly you dress up everything like it's holy crap so special.

Anonymous said...

I dont even think she could get a interview with Michel Lohan. And he seems as media whorish as the hogul

Anonymous said...

Mmmmmm.....could this be the next fake baby daddy?

Anonymous said...

@anon 8:35,
Ohh, maybe that's what she's been reaching for, she sure want's to "save" LiLo lately. Kinda like she bragged about saving Casey.
You just might be on to something there.
I have to say it again, Thanks to Spiked, RotSpot, and Truth for all the updates.