Monday, May 17, 2010

The many faces of Tila

Tila has had a million different looks throughout her career (some worse than others.) My question is: did she have any work done besides a boob job? It seems to me she got maybe a little something done with her nose. I don't know for sure, but it seems to be a little different now then it was when she was younger. I could be wrong, so don't take my word for it. I just want to know what you guys think. It really looks like something changed, maybe it was just her getting older.

It's amazing to me how she went from being this cute little girl, to this really ugly woman. Yes, I do think she is ugly now. ESPECIALLY with that hair she has, it doesn't compliment her at all. It's obvious something changed -- whether it be drugs or plastic surgery.

She looks more natural here.

Even this is kind of cute. She looks very natural.

I don't like this pic really, but look how she looks more Asian here.

Here she is breaking out which you can tell from her forehead.

Look at her hair it's a complete disaster. It looks soooo greasy.

This is what she has turned in to. Pretty sad. It does seem to me like she is trying to stay away from her Asian looks. She has blue contacts now, and blonde hair. Denies her REAL name (Thien Thanh Thi Nguyen) is real. Or maybe she just forgot her name, meth is a hell-of-a drug.


Anonymous said...

I so agree, I honeslty think she looked cute, pretty and fresh faced to begin with (tho that pic with the lip liner makes her look like she has a tache!)
I know everyone gets older but she has ravaged her looks through whatever she is doing. Her nose looks thinner now too, but that could be from losing weight.

BKiddo said...

I'm leaning towards a possible nose job somewhere in the recent past. Hard to tell.
I have to say that the pic. of her sitting down with the greasy hair is pretty bad. I almost didn't recognize her.

Dee said...

I can't tell if its a nose job or what. She was way prettier back in the day. She just looks terrible now. That greasy hair pic is possibly the worst pic I've seen! Nasty! Last night I read an interview with her from 2003 on it was like they interviewed a totally different person. Wtf happened?

Anonymous said...

It's weird, I can't place it. The tip of her nose looks narrower, but not really enough to say she had a nose job for definite. I've heard something about cheek and chin implants regarding the embodiment of subtle elegance that is Tila Tequila *snigger*. They would change the overall shape of everything though, not just her nose, wouldn't they?

Anonymous said...

she goes on about Lindsay Lohan being a mess, but I've seen LL's interviews on hollywood TV etc and she talks quite normally, well, there is no apparant intoxication. If you look at videos from when Tila was younger / earlier in her career, they are totally different to the Tila we see now. Now she slurs her words, gets confused, babbles on, doesn't answer the question asked, repeats herself etc. SOMETHING has changed.
Look on youtube, 'faces of meth' lol Tila could join the gallery!

Anonymous said...

I think her nose was messed with just a little they just changed the tip a little bit and made it less wide. As for her nasty face, I think it's just from her losing so much weight that she looks all cracked out. Someone brought up (not sure if it was on FB or Twitter) that she looks like she might have dentures. I'm not sure though, she does have that weird sunken in look with her mouth.

IHateThereforIAm said...

Imoutofit I was going to say the exact same thing about her nose. In contrast to the shitty boob job her nose looks really good.
I agree with the denture thing. Many time your teeth can rot and die with certain drugs (especially those ones your rub on your gums) Asians are genetically pre-disposed to teeth issues. Its weird and sounds totally raciest, but its scientific fact. Most addicts have poor hygiene plus the effects of grinding, clenching, and dry mouth break down the enamel. I think given what we know, dentures are not far-fetched for Miss Tila.

Anonymous said...

There is a video on tilastruth blog site of Tila saying her teeth fell out LOL. Its a weird video but worth watching. She claims she almost died like 6 times. She is a strange one..

Anonymous said...

Be careful, Spikey, google is cooperating in helping her.

(How cooperative, google).

(ok, they're also cooperating with her "powerful attornies to which I have".

ooooooooh dear, *snif* haha

Mystie said...

I have said it a few times myself.
She WAS cute when she first started.
Everyone ages, grows, changes, etc...but she has the very typical look of someone on drugs.
(I still don't buy she's under 30, but I don't know what to believe from her...LOL)

She has ruined her looks on her own. if it's from drugs, 'rode hard/put up wet' too many times, or just bad hygiene...I hope she sees it someday.

I definately don't think she's had plastic surgery on her face. Just those horrid boobs. They look hard as a fucking rock. And wonky. (I love the word wonky)

Her teeth either being replaced by implants or dentures could change the shape/appearance of her nose.

Sad for her because she WAS cute. We all get older, but you change with it and embrace your age, you accept the changes and enhance them.

That picture of her sitting at that desk is just absolutely scary and it should be for her too.

Y'all ever see those "Faces of Meth" pictures they put up in the schools?? Tilas picture up there could be one of those.

Good post Spikey!! Love ya girl!!

Jennifer said...

I think she definitely had the tip of her nose worked on, so it doesn't seem as wide and rounded. If you look at her first few photos in quarter profile, her nose has a rounded end (I've got a similar nose myself). In her later shots in quarter profile her nose has a sharper and higher profile (most noticeable in her 'mourning monkey' photo.

Tyranny4U said...

Dentures? Teeth implants? I'm having visions of Grammy's removable dentures distilling overnight in a glass of Stain Away. I think y'all meant veneers or caps. But I digress.

Dunno about the nose job but in pic 3, she has definitely gotten her lips plumped. I see she's also tweaked those eyelids of hers as well.

Where I grew up, we call them "scotch taped eyes". Very typical of Asian girls undergoing that sort of cosmetic eye procedure to make their flat eyelids more "Haole-fied" (Caucasian-y) by reshaping and adding a fold/crease on the eyelids.

Lastly, if you notice a receding hairline coupled with the lack of fine baby hairs around the forehead and temples, that is a tell-tale sign of a face lift.

Just sayin'.

Seagal said...

Her nose does look a bit different but that can happen with even a different hairstyle and most of those pics are different angles.But then her nose seems to have lost the roundness it once had.

I agree with everyone else as she really was a cute girl when she first started out. But like with ,many ,HWood kids she has abused her body with no sleep, bad nutrition, drugs and you name it I am sure she's done it. She has done a lot of damage to her looks. And that hair color, on her, is so harsh. It seems to have added 15 years to her face.. She looks awful now. Can you imagine, if she keeps going the way she is what she'll look like in 5 years? It's not a pretty picture.

Eduardo Retardo said...

Oh my god, Spiked. I just read this post and OMFG that picture? The one with the greasy hair? THAT IS THE WORST PICTURE EVER.

I am almost speechless at how much that is...just...wretched.

Ben said...

If you just scroll through the pictures it's totally a "drugs are bad" ad.

Aside from having her breasts done (twice I'm pretty sure) I don't know if she's had much work done. Drugs can cause the thinning of the facial features, prolonged cocaine abuse can really mess up your nose essentially causing it to collapse into itself. So my bet is mainly just drugs.

That picture with the coffee cup is the scariest thing I've ever seen. I'm putting it up as a Halloween decoration this year. I'm sure my neighbors will try and make me sell my house. I'm not mogul enough to afford a condo.

Anonymous said...

The first couple of pics is her natural state, granted she already had her first boob job, the ones in the middle, you can she she had her tip refined, removed some cartillage on the tip of her nose, the last pics looks like she had another rhinolasty adding a bridge to make it more defined and her boobs also got replaced with overfilled water balloons that looks like its going to pop anytime soon.

Mystie said...

If your teeth fall out (from med use/abuse/poor nutrition/genetics) she would need dental implant surgery or dentures. If you have no teeth left you can't get veneers. I'm betting she has had the former for at least some of her teeth.

That breast job is just absolutely horrid.
What hell is that doctor from that did that? And she shows them off like they are fabulous.
They actually look painful!!

Did y'all see she's using the Onion as a source on her blog? *does her stupidity know no bounds??*

Ben said...

The onion post killed me. I'm waiting for her "I was just kidding" addendum to it. For a mogul she's sure dumber than shit.

Spiked Tequila said...

LOL I know I cant believe she did that..I can't wait for her to make up some excuse about it..

Don't worry guys I'm not worried about getting sued. LMAO I've been waiting forever for this lawsuit haha.

Yeah I DO really think her nose has somethin different to it lol

Anonymous said...

What the hell is ur problem? Why are you so obsessed with her? I'm sure u have something better to do then follow an judge her every move, it's so sad an pathetic that you feel so insecure about urself, that u feel the constant need to bash an bad mouth someone u don't even know. This whole hating persona is getting old, it's time to grow up an find a new hobby. Stop acting like ur a caddy highschool bitch. If u don't like her ignore her, ur obsession of hating on her isn't healthy, an immature. Start acting like an adult an maybe more people would respect you, because what ur doing is wrong an u need to look at ur own life be4 judging someone elses. Thanks!!

@Seola1 said...

/\/\/\ --- says the anony who is too stupid to spell out you and your, separate high school, type out before, leave out all sorts of proper punctuation, end sentences with prepositions, and never heard of the word AND. Considering "an" is merely used only with vowels and the run on sentence structure along with poor vocalization necessitating a need to feel superior with words the writer is actually uncomfortable or unfamiliar with - shows how stupid anon really is.

On to the dentures: Never thought about it, but my grandmother does it when she doesn't attach her dentures - she has a smacking/cheek sucking habit when they aren't firm. I always just thought it was sorta like having those fake wax juice bottle thingy's and you suck on them.

Spiked Tequila said...

OMG Seola thats so true!!! How she's always smacking her lips or whatever that annoying name is...that could be why!! I didn't think of it that way.

To Anonymous: No need to thank me. I'm not gonna stop just because you told me to.

Spiked Tequila said...

*annoying SOUND* idk why I said name.

Really Tila? said...

There is absolutely NO DOUBT she's had a nose job.... Check out these two pics from the same angle for the telltale signs. There's another picture that I recall seeing that showed her nose even wider, but my husband is demanding I come to bed NOW, so I'm unable to find it right now under pressure! ;-)

Anonymous said...

I had no idea that this blog was such high class, when you're typing from a cell phone, short-hand is usually easier! It just goes to show that you are just as narrow-minded as the owner of the blog, trying to make fun of me as well. I thought that people had some type of heart and compassion, boy was i wrong! What you do with your time is pathetic, and you seriously need help. Your constant bashing of Tila, is going way to far, there must be many issues that you have in your life that you're not happy with, and making fun of someone else's makes you feel satisfied! As an adult, you should have more respect for people. I'm sure your friends and family would be ashamed that you do such things in your spare time. There's much more to life then to constantly bash someone else. You really should get a new hobby and grow up!

Spiked Tequila said...

aww boohoo Seola hurt your feelings. Stop coming to my blog and bitching about it. Don't come here then! Kay thanks.

Chicka Boom said...

She used to be really pretty. Sort of like the girl next door. Now she looks like the girl who buys meth from the loser next door. It's sad really when you think about it. When she first started out she had potential, and she probably could have been a success but, all the drugs and sex have really taken a toll not only on her looks but on her mind as well. Now she's just a psychotic nutcase. I feel terrible for her parents. They must feel shamefully humiliated on a daily basis. How sad.

Anonymous said...

rotspot grb/posted her latest video and i realized now why the whore likes putting her mouth upclose to the cam. who had a lip injection! her old photos here show her flat lips.