Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Tila met Jamie Fox when?

I have to thank @bentrb4 for finding this blog about Tila.

So Tila blogged about the first time she met Jamie Fox. According to her it was outside of a club, where he was in his Escalade.

Well, this blogger did some readin' up and found the facts just didn't add up. Like he points out - In Living Color ran from 1990 - 1994. She was born in October 1981 which means she would have met him in front of a club at 9-13 years old. Also Escalade came out in 1999. Which means, he wasn't doing Living Color when he was in said Escalade. Now he may have misinterpreted what she said. She doesn't exactly say she met him during Living Color, just that he's changed since then.

Go HERE for the full blog it's actually quite entertaining.

I just found that whole thing funny. Did Tila even really meet Jamie Fox? Probably not. If she really was trying to say she met him during Living Color, then she's an idiot.

What lies will she come up with next?


Anonymous said...

Caught in lie #1,319. She needs 1 of her 20 staff to fact check her lies before she hits enter.
It's like that Seinfeild episode where Krama sold his story's. I wonder who told her this story, and she just said she was there too. She has to be a compulsive liar.

Anonymous said...

oh, and well spotted @bentrb4 , and thanks for getting this out there Spike. Wonder how she will try spin this.

Ben said...

She's down to 17 of her staff members as she's claimed to have fired 3 people already.

Someone else pointed out that link, I just forwarded it to the right people. But I'll take credit :)

ladyarcana55 said...

Oh wow! Found this review of her EP in the Washington Post. It's actually kind of funny. I tried to put the link on Rotspot but it wasn't letting me.

deluwiel said...

yeah, I didn't read it like she said she met him during In Living Color days... but she's talking about meeting some guy named Jamie Fox. She couldn't possibly mean Jamie Foxx, the actor/musician, could she? The idiot couldn't spell a name right if her life depended on it. I think that's why she changed her own name. Typing all the letters in "Tequila" in the right order just took too much work.