Thursday, May 6, 2010

Tila doesn't even get her info right

Today Tila posted a blog about The Millionaires, a girl pop band. What made me laugh was that she said the song that she posted was their first single. I have been a fan of TheMillionaires for awhile now, and that isn't true. They've been around for years and that most definitely isn't their first single.

Tila if you are going to write a gossip blog, at least get all your information right. I know I know, most of Tila's blogs have been hearsay and what not already - so we can't expect much out of her posts. Just to make some things clear, hun. Ke$ha does sound A LOT like them. When I first heard "Tik Tok" I honestly thought it was The Millionaires, turned out it wasn't. She seems to be copying from their style. That, however, is just my opinion.

Moving on....
Tila took some pictures she swears she didn't pose for last night. It's quite obvious she did. In this picture you can see her cocktail ingredients. (Thank you @Likereally for noticing this)

1. Ambien
2. Benadryl
3. Red Bull

What does that make? Probably about 90% of Tila's blogs, tweets, Say Now messages, and overall attitude.

What's that Tila? You don't do drugs? Whatever you say dear.

Please read RotSpot's post which tells what all three combined can do to a person.


theredjawa said...

I've noticed other minor factual mistakes. I don't think she checks anything. Good find on the drugs picture.

Isis said...

Anonymous said...

lmfao...did we all not tell this Queen of Crabs, Toilet Paper Troll 2 do her research 1st!!! WE ALL KNOW SHE READS OUR BLOGS....**waves HI 2 d Queen of Cooties** - once again TT is a junkie who can't run her team or her crapsite. = D

Spiked Tequila said...

I love how stupid her site is. Honestly it isn't professional in any way shape or form.

Anonymous said...

Really this doesnt surprise me. Tila has always been a "Make it up as you go" kind of Alien! She gives all Aliens a bad name! lmao

Anonymous said...

IMO, Tila don't care about writing a good blog that people will enjoy, she wants a blog so she can get more attention. She's ignorant to the fact that stringing a bunch of titles after her name does not make her a mogul, especially when those businesses are not bringing in huge profits.

What I found so sad and pathetic was when she wrote this on her "Miss Tila Is On Everybody's Lips" article under the Exclusives link..... "all my hard work and my staff’s hard work has paid off! Halleluuujah!!! and yes as time passes you will notice tons of grammatical errors but I don’t care cuz that’s just the way I type. This isn’t school… it’s COOL! buahahaha! Wonk! Wonk!". SMH.

Rachel said...

She has Creme de La Mer? Then why does she still look greasy and wretched when she goes out? That stuff works wonders so I would wonder why she looks so bad *coughmethcough*

Anonymous said...

1. It's "hearsay," not "heresay."
2. There is a difference in "their," "they're," and "there."
3. Learn how to use spell check, please. The use of grammar check is also highly recommended.