Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Trouble in paradise for Tila?

Looking at Leo Madrid's recent tweets, it seems as if he is not working for Tila anymore. I could be misinterpreting this wrong - he may just be looking for a second job. I'm sure Tila doesn't pay him much so that's completely understandable. Not only did his tweets incinuate that he was no longer working with her, he changed his background from a picture of him with Tila to a generic twitter background.

I really hope he did open his eyes and see that she is not offering him anything, but a bad reputation. Remember when her and Mr. Bradshaw seemed to have a falling out? I don't think their parternership will last very long either.

I wish Leo would tell us why he quit if he really did. I doubt it though, none of these people speak out about what has gone on.


Ben said...

What's funny is people sing the NDAs at Thien throws out there, yet she constantly breaks them or tries to weasel around them. All we have to say is "a former acquaintance" and he'll be free to spill the beans. I'd love to see him do it.

I didn't think she could get any more bitter an jealous than she is but then I read her post on Megan Fox. You'd think Megan was the cause for her 14 mischairages.

Spiked Tequila said...

Yeah I don't get her problem with Megan, but she seems to be PISSED at her. I find it quite funny how she says shes not jealous of these people. YET she is hating on them, and when we hate on her we are jealous.

TessDeco said...

In the same time frame as Leo's tweets, @Tilaomg tweeted..

"My friend just really pissed me off so I put out a lit cigarette on my leg! Yes. Im a Crazy bitch when I'm mad!"

HaHa! Dumb bitch!

RazB, Casa, now Leo! She can't seem to keep anyone in her life for long. I hope Leo got smart and got the hell away from Tila!

Jennifer said...

And he also started following Somaya Reece around that time... Hmmmm....

Joann said...

Tila is jealous of every A-list or near A-list celeb. Next week it will be someone else. IMO, she is a jealous, vile, trifling, lying, low budget skank with a vindictive spirit.

I happen to read on her twitter from May 5 where she told Mr. Bradshaw, IN PART, that he got the pink slip because she wants him to be in longevity not short term.

This sap replies he learned his lesson completely and he would be sending her a gift basket this week.

Tila replies to him that, if so, she will give him another chance to be "FAB" in London, German and all over the world(I guess she was talking about her upcoming tour).

She then replied again, so have you learned your pink slip lesson dahling?

Tila's said...

Everyone leaves Tila's pathetic life. You would think with all the "haters" and the amount of fans she is losing, she would wake up and get help. Tila is getting crazy with each passing day.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone else been blocked from Tila's blog? I posted a comment, hoping she would respond, and it was immediately removed. I made another comment with a new email address, and as soon I tried to post it, it was again removed. My comment was: Perez was offered a $20 million buy out for his site. Your site is worth less than $12,000. So how exactly have you dethroned him?
Oh, and one of the artists he signed to his label is performing on American Idol tonight. What have the alleged artists you've allegedly signed to your alleged label done lately?

Anonymous said...

@anonymous 9:30pm

midget blocked me too coz i mentioned "rrroooooootttttspooooot"....yup just like tht and i was instantly banned hahaaa.. it was my first and last comment there

Mystie said...

Tila displays classic bipolar/borderline personality disorder/plus other mental disorders.
My sister is severe bipolar/borderline personality and does much of the same things Tila does.
Meet someone new, they are instant lovers or bff's. Any attention is good attention.
All problems are everyone elses fault.
There is no one long term in their life at all. It's destructive behavior at its finest.
If someone shows concern or tries to correct or point out the behavior....the bpd/bipolar is MAJORLY OFFENDED and will never speak to them again. Usually while being down right vicious to themselves and the person who 'wronged' them.

Flighty behavior. (Over sexual, sees themselves as much more important/dramatic than they are, drug use, alcohol use, babies...sure!!! )(my sister adopted a baby and I fought tooth and nail for it NOT to happen...she thought it was like a puppy) speaking of animals... my sister can't keep a pet, they wind up back at the shelter within days...too much responsibility.
Same with Tila it appears with Onyx and "Halo"?

Mimicking behavior is common too. My sister was put into a mental hospital for awhile and while there, she calls me to bitch about a fellow patient that had self harming issues.
"Isn't that the dumbest thing you've ever heard??" she says.
Fast forward a month later...sister starts self harming herself.

All her friends are lesbian/gay....sister becomes 'lesbian'...much like Tila did.
And any negative statements from the family/friends were just haters.
Of course, now...sister is NOT gay. A man showed her attention again, I guess.

I could go on and on...but I won't. I get myself depressed over it.

I wish Leo would come out and talk about Tila. I bet he's got horror stories. And Mr. B should have told Tila to suck it when she announced his "pink slip lesson" on twitter. Good god..what does she have that keeps those people attached to her????

Great Blog spikey!!!!! xoxoxoxo

Anonymous said...

dont know if its for publicity this time or not, but carlton is not on tilas blog roll anymore and this is wht he blogged about her



Ima said...

Ha Ha - he called Tila a Nobody.

“No Tila” looks good on her!! Damn she’s a banger!!! Being with no one is a way better choice than being with a nobody!

But how long until they, too, kiss and make up?

Joann said...

For now, I'm not believing Carlton is on the outs with Tila.

Remember a few months back he was going to out Tila on his next blog and give us all the details. We never saw that blog and the next thing you know he was all up in Tila's ass again. Carlton has no credibility in my book.

I'm thinking Carlton and Tila thought up this fake beef strictly for attention.

Anonymous said...

ok its confirmed..carltons fb page says and that hes "dropped her like a bad habit".. hes calling her "psycho" and "bat shit crazy" .. lol

Spiked Tequila said...

I can't believe Carlton after what he did last time...

allen said...

hello all,
This could be another publicity stunt just like Carlton Jordan and Razorblades. Maybe they are hoping for a payday to expose Tila but I doubt they will get any offers because nobody cares.
We would be interested in how Tila is paying them. There is no Tila Tequila Records and no Little Miss Trendsetter companies according to the IRS. If they are independent contractors that is a different story but if Tila has as many employees as she claims she needs an EIN..
Tila if you are READING this when you send inapproriate photos,video and links to 14 year olds. THE PARENTS TEND TO GET ANGRY and will stop at NOTHING to protect their kids. DO YOU UNDERSTAND THIS?

Isis said...

Mark Salling does have a girlfriend, his name is Naya, she was with him at the Maxim party.


allen said...

one more thing we hope that people stay away from TIla's Gossip blog because she could make money. I know you want to go on and laugh at her but we are just letting the tila truth seeker blogs capture the insanity.

Spiked Tequila said...

Yeah I wouldn't be surprised if it was another publicity stunt.