Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Can Tila really be more stupid than we thought?

Thanks to @antifakebitch for pointing out the Steve Nash story

Tila never fails to amaze us all. If it wasn't bad enough that the hogul was copy and pasting stories to her blog - now she's sourcing The Onion for one her posts.

Although I just found out today, most people know that The Onion is all parody. None of their news is REAL. The only person stupid enough to source them would be Tila.
Now I'm just waiting to see what she does about it. Will she delete her post, or say that she knew it was a joke the whole time.
She really is the worst gossip blogger around.

Did she really think this was real? LOL


Anonymous said...

Not to mention no blogger spends so much talking about themselves like Tila does. I believe her blog was just as way for her to promote herself because she knows no one else will LOL.

Spiked Tequila said...

LOL I think you are right actually.

Mystie said...

I love the 'What age group is she marketing to?"


The Onion, Oh. My. God. Tila.

Anonymous said...

She even believes the other book from Lindsay was real. She was probably planning her own version of one.

Ben said...

Her posting that onion article of Drew and believing it really made my day. It's been a long day at work but whenever I think about her going "are kids who color really going to get her message" I cheer up. Oh that mogul. She sure knows how to entertain.

Anonymous said...

In addition to being the guy that sets trends Mr. Bradshaw has also been pressed into service as a blogger/fact checker/Tila's stylist. It's not his fault really. With that big forehead and wearing those trendy glasses he is really unable to read information accurately and we can all see how it has impaired his ability to dress Tila.

Joann said...

See, this is what I mean when I said Tila doesn't know what she's doing and if she has a staff it's only made of a couple of people who don't know what they're doing either.

I have never heard of the Onion either and if Tila or her "staff" had their shit together and checked it out first, they would have known the articles on their site were not real and wouldn't have posted it on her site.

Instead, I'm pretty sure Tila/staff saw the article, did a C&P and ran with it.

Bystander said...

looks like they've been taken down from her page now

BKiddo said...

Oh, it's going to get better.
You can tell when one of her three staff members,(Pow Jr., Glitter, and Duh) are writing. They like the C&P technique.
When wonko posts something, it's hateful made- up shit.
@anon 1:26, that's some funny stuff! I can totally picture it.

Anonymous said...

What a tool copying and pasting. Wow impressive shit Tila LMAO..

Veronica said...

Does tila even write her own blogs? Most of them are by TILASTAFF
didn't she say she was going to write everything herself?

Seagal said...

That staff of twenty minus the three she fired is really working out for her. lmao The girl is an idiot, does absolutely NO fact checking, and has no clue whatsoever of what she's doing. Just copy & paste, write about herself, copy & paste. Didn't she say she had a lot of people who had inside info and tons of celebs were going to be interviewed on her blog? And that there would be very little about her on her blog? How's that working for you Tila? Not so good? BOO-HOO

Anna, you are absolutely right. If Tila doesn't write about herself no one else will. She's just making herself look more rediculous every day.

Ben said...

Tila writes 90% of the blogs that aren't copied from other websites. Unless her sister is a functioning special ed slut too.

I'm guessing her site will some day get shut down by the fact that she tries to sexualize every post, including one of the Jonas brothers where the title was "boys and girls cream for the Jonas brothers" and the few pictures it showed of the crowd the only people over legal age were the ones with their 12 year old kids.

Anonymous said...

The Onion has been around now for a few decades--first in print, then later online. It's all satire and parody and anyone with half a brain knows that. When people create and live in a narrow little bubble world, they miss 99% of the rest of the world as it is and end up looking stupid as fuck whenever they move outside that bubble world. What does Tila know, besides slutting and famewhoring?

Spiked Tequila said...

That's disgusting about the Jonas Brothers post. Seriously, why does she have to relate EVERYTHING to sex. At least be sexy if you are always going to talk about it. haha.