Friday, May 14, 2010

Tila forgot where she performed

Tila is now trying to say she performed at the Staples Center, and it was huge. She must forget this is the internet, and you really can't lie about that kind of stuff.

Nice try though!

Sadly for Tila, we already have all the proof we need:

Oh by the way Tila, I see Rihanna is playing at the Staples Center soon. That must kill you.


Anonymous said...

Tila should try COMEDY because I can't stop laughing..@stellastewart on twitter was there..
caw caw caw caw caw

Anonymous said...

making it more hilarious is the fact that she TRIED to invite some true celebs then no one she tried to invite her fans and only 25 people showed.. and then she tries to tell people she performed at the Staples Center...I can't STOP LAUGHING...caw caw caw caw caw POW POW POW
Lady CAW CAW.............TOO FUNNY .....Thanks

Joann said...

The part of the letter that is really hysterical and sad is when she said...only her or Lady GaGa can pull off that look(referring to that hideous black outfit she had on)and she knows she's not prettier than Lady GaGa but she thinks the reason she gets criticized more is because of the fact she is a "sex icon" and when you're sexy and wear cutting edge outfits, sing, dance, act, intelligent, pretty much does it all, a lot of people find that intimidating".

Tila is so out of touch with reality it's literally frightening.

Ben said...

I just caught this part, but I found it funny:

"Ok then after I performed about 6 or 7 songs"

How do you not know how many songs you performed? Especially at that number. And given the fact that her EP is only 3 songs no wonder she was tired, she performed 2 whole albums worth of songs.

Fatty McFatterson said...

Hi SpikedTequila!!! Hey, I posted this comment over at TRS, but thought y'all might want to hear it too. I called the Conga Room. They are in NO way affiliated with the Staples Center except by proximity (they are down the street about a block away). Also, only 95 people showed up in a venue with capacity for 1000. And, I quote from the Conga Room, it was a DISASTER.

I think at this point the Conga Room is happy that Tila is denying their establishment credit. It only goes to show what a classy joint they are. I feel for the Staples Center.

Funny, Rihanna will actually play there, must be eating Tila up that her nemesis is in the big venue.

Anonymous said...

Everything was such a fail, but the part I found funny was that she had to hoof it to the "red carpet".
Great job as usual Spiked, and Fatty, I saw your post at the Rotspot, keep kickin' it Dolly!


Anonymous said...

This was a really funny article!

Anonymous said...

Hey SpikedTequila,

As of now Tila's blog no longer allows the use of SpikedTequila, Rotspot or TilaTruth in comments. The last part I found hilarious because even Tila agrees the words Tila and Truth should never be used together!!!

Thanks for the truth.

Anonymous said...

this interview is hysterical and so are the comments.I hope the guy posts the full interview audio...

Anonymous said...

Today her tweets are cracking me up. I don't think anyone is responding to her.
She keeps plugging her jucy gossip on Lady GaGa, two A-list guys who are gay, (which I don't think anybody cares who's gay or not, no biggie), and that she went to 2 clubs and asualted patrons with her shreiking. No mention about her buddie's wedding.
Just found it funny that she's begging for some kind of response, and getting nothing.