Friday, June 4, 2010

Tila looks for sympathy

Hey guys! I know I haven't blogged in ages. I have been at my mother's for the past 9 days, and I just haven't been in the mood to pay attention to Tila. It's kind of nice to just ignore her crap for awhile. Especially, when she was honestly getting boring to me.

Anyways, I just saw this post on her blog and this makes me mad so I figured I would start back up with this subject.

I'm sure everyone knows now about the whole Celebrity Rehab thing going on with Tila. One minute she's doing it the next she's not. Then there's the rumors of Celebrity Rehab not having enough people sign up to do the show. According to Tila, the show will go on. It will just be a month late, and keep your shirts on Tila will still be on it.

What pisses me off is how she talks about her drug usage. Apparently, since she won't be in rehab until July she feels the need to announce that she will still be using her Opiates(I love how she has to let everyone know it's another form of Heroin just so we know how SERIOUS this really is.) She goes on to talk about how hard it is for her, and how we should all feel sorry for her. I can't EVER feel sorry for someone who acts like their drug addiction is so hard, but they aren't REALLY trying to get help. She could go in to a private rehab facility until Celebrity Rehab started. Of course Tila can't do that though. Apparently, with the way the economy is these days she can't afford to spend $30,000 on rehab in L.A. Funny I seem to remember a certain shopping spree that she went on a few months ago stating she spent $18,000. I guess we should all feel sorry for a druggie who can waste her money on pointless things, but not help for herself. Yes Tila, we are all so empathetic. Tila is broke. That's probably the real reason, but come on what's the point in acting like she can't spend that money on rehab - but can shopping.

She then goes on to basically mock others who have died of drug abuse. She says she could die and that would be "tragic." Wow, Tila. If you really were WORRIED about dying you would use that mogul money of yours and go to a private rehab. Instead you have to go to rehab where you get payed for being on the show.

You're fucking pathetic. Stop whining and go get help for your drug and mental issues.

Does anyone think this picture was kind of a publicity stunt?


Anonymous said...

Pe,I think she spent $18,00 O.o like,thats already too much for her.Poor bitch

Ben said...

btw, in her "jane attack" picture she's holding a baggie of yellow pills in her hand. Those are 10mg vicodin, nothing near as strong as what killed DJ AM or Heath.

saramb25 said...

Tila has really hit a new low. She is just disgusting!