Saturday, May 1, 2010

Tila VS. Kat Stacks

Looks like Tila has a new rival now on twitter, Kat Stacks. Who is the real queen of the media? Well, neither of them really - but it is fun to see someone take over Tila's spot. Kat already has more followers than Tila, and has been a trending topic a few times. Don't get me wrong I don't like either of them. Both of them are attention whores and just straight up whores. I do think it is funny though that Kat is taking Tila's shine now. Not only that, but she hangs out with Tila's "baby daddy" crew. Wow these guys sure set their standards high - Tila Tequila now Kat? Maybe they are looking for the most trashy wannabe celebrity?

Now, for some reason, Kat deleted her tweets insulting Tila. Luckily, I capped 'em just in time. Cause you know with her tweets you can't get them off of celebrity tweet, yet.

Come on girl, don't be shy! You aren't brave enough to keep your tweets up? I wonder who will come out in the end as the "winner."

If anyone has screencaps of what Tila said to Kat, let me know please. I missed her tweet session.


Anonymous said...

Tila Vs Kat LOL!
Sad but true, I pick Kat Stacks over Tila.
Z-List Celebrity Boxing, Kat will knock Tila out
in 15 seconds flat!

Anonymous said...

Just what the world needs, A wannabe Tila, isnt one already one too many.

Anonymous said...

Theyre both gross whores,oh sweet irony tila is popped off her unstable number 1 "media " ho spot by another unstable crazy .The parallels are between them both are amazing ! All makes for highly amusing & entertaining twitter lulz

siideways said...

lol.. tila will probably blog some bullsh1t about her o.O

Anonymous said...

Who is Kat? Never heard of her.