Monday, May 10, 2010

A letter to ME lol

Wow someone sent me a letter today just like Tila! Uh oh tila for that one fan you gained, you lost one as well!


I used to be one of those people who liked Tila. I went along with all the others and praised her and tweeted nice things to her. I say I used to because well, I realized a few things and I really need to say them, even if you or the TilaArmy never see this letter. (though I do wish the TilaARmy would see it as I think they really need to hear what I have to say).

I deleted my twitter a few days ago….I got sick of logging on and seeing my timeline cluttered with loving things that should never be said to ANYONE regardless of who they are or what they do. I started thinking about how I would feel as a person if this was happening to me….and the longer I thought about it, the more awesome I felt. I don’t think I am way stronger than Tila, she doesn't push through all the hate and still make it out to the other side. That takes a really shitty individual which, clearly Tila is. In a way, I think a lot of us were jealous of the haters. strong minded and beautiful haters can be incredibly intimidating….but, the qualities do tend to make people feel envious. I can admit that…as hard as it is, it needs to be said.

I am no longer a TilaArmy. I am a reformed hater. I wish you only the very very best in everything you do. I am so very sorry for my part in not hurting Tila. You may have never seen the great things I said to Tila, and I really hope that is the case but, in any case, please accept my deepest apologies. I am no longer participating in the love that was inflicted upon Tila. Instead, I am staying behind you, eager to see you succeed in everything you do. I am sure your blog is going to be a huge success. Again, I am so very sorry, and I hope that you can forgive me. Please realize that the people who say and perpetuate the nice that have been slung at Tila…they’ll receive karmic retribution.

Thank you for listening. I hope that you will consider publishing this letter. It is my hope that some of these fans and the "TilaArmy” will read it and perhaps, it will restart the conscience that some of them still have. As for the others, nothing short of being struck by lightning would change their ignorant nature….if it only gets through to one person, it will have served it’s purpose.”

Keep your head up.

A reformed fan"


theredjawa said...

Spikey, you are awesome!

Anonymous said...

baaahhh na na na.. another one bites the dust! And you know what, reformed #TilaArmy good for you for seeing the true! You don't need to apologize to anyone. I'm sure we've all supported people at one time or another who did not deserve it.

Like the title of Tila's new epicfail CD --- Welcome to the darkside! We have cookies here.

-The one, the only - LiarFace Tequila (A.K.A. @therealliarface)

Krys said...

Is Mittiee next?

Spiked Tequila said...

Oh I sure hope that Mittenz is next haha.

Anonymous said...

Spikey...either someone is pulling your chain and sent you and Tila the same letter with different wording(one as a "hater" and one as a "fan" of Tila) or Tila stole this letter from your site and re-copied it.

Tila has this same letter on her gossip site saying they no longer hate her.

Spiked Tequila said...

LOL I KNOW! I made this letter up haha <33

Anonymous said...

Oh okay. Thought Tila tried to pull a fast one again.

Anonymous said...

@Spiked Tequila OMG you fail at lies . Your not meant to tell people you lied :) You should have made it a ex ambien & redbull drinking pregnant midget haha

Diana said...

If I wasn't enjoying London so much, I probably would have been angry at the implication that I wrote that letter....but, at this point I just find it quite funny. Anyone who knows me knows that I would never in a million fucking years right that bitch a letter.

And to the cock juggling thunder cunt sperm dumpster who is trying to make it seem like I did...well, my favorite suggestion goes out to you. Go grab a bottle of lube and fuck yourself.

Anonymous said...

*write* that should have said...I hate typos...anyway check out @akaRavenBlack on twitter...she's in disguise...shhhh...*whispers* it's me guys...8)

saramb25 said...

LOL this gave me a good laugh:)

Leyla said...

Muahahahahahahahahahahahaha, that was funny :-)
Not as funny as the original "ex hater" letter, but funny.