Monday, May 3, 2010

Tila's Theme/Sitemap

Thanks Steven Clarke :)

From Tila's sitemap we can see that all of the posts I put in my blog from last night actually come from March. Because Tila hasn't updated her sitemap since March her most recent posts will not show up on google. So that means she might still have her "test" blogs that we found on the feed. Or she just hasn't blogged since March ;)

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Now when you go to look at the page source of Tila's blog you find which theme she has on her blog. She is using "Pressplay" Which is a free theme. This gives us a little idea of what Tila's blog will look like.

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Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

when will tila's blog be up?? wasnt it april then end of april.

Anonymous said...

Now it's supposed to be on Midnight, tonight. I'm pretty sure some type of "emergency" will happen, and Tila will take to Twitter to let us know that it won't be up tonight due to the "haters" posting pictures of it or something. Wash, rinse, repeat

RNB007 said...

Your blog has had more breaking news in the last week than Tila Suckila's invisible blog will EVER have!

Kick a$$ work!

<3 Ryan

Ben said...

Her 4 fans are begging her to release the blog now and she hasn't, she has however, fired 2 non-existent employees. If there were really 3 people working to get a wordpress blog up it makes this all the more pathetic, especially since posts were listed as they were written by Tila's staff yet contained "should I sign them to my label?" lines which means Tila herself wrote it.

Can you imagine the writing classes her staff had to take to get Tila's style down?

If you really want to stress a point, add 10 exclamation points!!!!!!!!!!
If you're just joking around, add 4!!!!
Be sure to use incomplete sentences and make up as many words as possible!
End each phrase with a POW.

Anonymous said...

Is her site up? Ive signed up? can anyone else enter?

Anonymous said...

I just typed in her gossip site URL, it's 8:43 PM here in Cali, and the words Word Press. com w/a logo came up.

It's saying this blog is protected and to view it you must sign in. You have to register if you don't have a U or P.

I don't know what's that about but I'm not registering to VIEW her gossip site. You don't have to register to view any other gossip site that I go on. Sometimes if you want to comment you have to register or log in, but not to view.

Seagal said...

You've really been rockin spikey! Awesome work girl!

Anonymous said...

Here's what she twitted several minutes ago.

#SO that means 10pm West Coast, 1am East Coast, and 12am Central!! GOT IT!!!! Now the countdown continues!!! POW! YAY! 2 minutes ago via web

#omg some people are getting confused! I SAID 10pm PST!!! Do you NOT KNOW WHAT PST MEANS??? It means PACIFIC COAST TIME!!!! DUH! 3 minutes ago via web


ROFL! I doubt this retardo-bot knows what the "S" in PST stands for. AHAHAHA Actually, it's PDT season, you dumb cunt.