Monday, May 24, 2010

Tila exposes what we already knew

How many times have all us haters said that Tila was abusing prescription pills? A lot. How many times has Tila denied these accusations and her fans have defended that? A lot. So I find it insanely humorous that Tila has decided to admit her addiction to pills. Tila tells her "army" to keep fighting us haters off, but why should they bother? This whole thing just proves we were right once again.

I wonder if when they drug test her if any other drugs will show up in her system? Like, oh..I don't know....METH?


Tila says that if she stays sober after Celebrity Rehab, she might get her own spin-off show about her life being sober. Hmmm I wonder why Tila is doing Celebrity Rehab then? Is it really to get "sober" or is it just to get her own show.

I'm still waiting for the TV show deal she closed with 3ball Productions. I wonder when that's coming to TV, or was that just another lie?

Whatever happened to "Little Miss Trendsetter LLC"? I thought that was Tila's management firm, where she was going to be managing the Ford model. Why does she need to close a deal to finish up her management firm when she already "has" one?

Anyways if Tila is REALLY going to learn something from this rehab experience, and stay off the drugs then she will earn a lot more respect from everyone. So hopefully something comes out of this, if not then I still think she's a piece of shit.

Oh, and since this was also in that blog Tila wrote I figured I'd remind you of your fake charity story.


Sunday, May 23, 2010

Tila finally admits she has a problem

You know that awesome new reality show about Tila's life that she is filming right now? Well, TMZ has confirmed that Tila will be joining Celebrity Rehab next season. I cannot stop laughing right now. We all knew her attention whoring ways would lead her to rehab, and not for the right reasons at all I am sure.

I love how Tila acts like her reality show is ABOUT her. Honey, you aren't the center of attention on celebrity rehab. This definitely won't be about your awesome life either. Now we get to see you admit to what we have been saying all along.

At least her stupid fans can see that she admits to having a problem.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Tila's EXCLUSIVE interview

Tila went to the Maxim Top 100 red carpet event last night to remind Maxim why she hasn't been on the list in the past two years. She rolled around on the ground, flashed her nasty bits, and claimed to have worn a dress that was custom made for her.

Sadly, for Tila, Rotspot found that dress she was wearing was from two months ago. Read about it HERE.

Moving on......

Remember Ruslan Provodnikov? Tila interviewed him a couple weeks ago, and she FINALLY posted it today on her blog.

During the interview Tila had to read her interview questions off a piece of paper. From what was shown on the video she only asked him a couple questions so why couldn't she remember those? It's hillarious watching her read off that paper. The interview is only three minutes long and of course this hogul can't stop bringing her self up when he answers a question.

She asks him if he can handle her questions because she is "fiesty." None of her questions were hard at all, they were all VERY generic.

WORST INTERVIEW EVER. Watch if you dare...

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Trouble in paradise for Tila?

Looking at Leo Madrid's recent tweets, it seems as if he is not working for Tila anymore. I could be misinterpreting this wrong - he may just be looking for a second job. I'm sure Tila doesn't pay him much so that's completely understandable. Not only did his tweets incinuate that he was no longer working with her, he changed his background from a picture of him with Tila to a generic twitter background.

I really hope he did open his eyes and see that she is not offering him anything, but a bad reputation. Remember when her and Mr. Bradshaw seemed to have a falling out? I don't think their parternership will last very long either.

I wish Leo would tell us why he quit if he really did. I doubt it though, none of these people speak out about what has gone on.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Can Tila really be more stupid than we thought?

Thanks to @antifakebitch for pointing out the Steve Nash story

Tila never fails to amaze us all. If it wasn't bad enough that the hogul was copy and pasting stories to her blog - now she's sourcing The Onion for one her posts.

Although I just found out today, most people know that The Onion is all parody. None of their news is REAL. The only person stupid enough to source them would be Tila.
Now I'm just waiting to see what she does about it. Will she delete her post, or say that she knew it was a joke the whole time.
She really is the worst gossip blogger around.

Did she really think this was real? LOL

Monday, May 17, 2010

The many faces of Tila

Tila has had a million different looks throughout her career (some worse than others.) My question is: did she have any work done besides a boob job? It seems to me she got maybe a little something done with her nose. I don't know for sure, but it seems to be a little different now then it was when she was younger. I could be wrong, so don't take my word for it. I just want to know what you guys think. It really looks like something changed, maybe it was just her getting older.

It's amazing to me how she went from being this cute little girl, to this really ugly woman. Yes, I do think she is ugly now. ESPECIALLY with that hair she has, it doesn't compliment her at all. It's obvious something changed -- whether it be drugs or plastic surgery.

She looks more natural here.

Even this is kind of cute. She looks very natural.

I don't like this pic really, but look how she looks more Asian here.

Here she is breaking out which you can tell from her forehead.

Look at her hair it's a complete disaster. It looks soooo greasy.

This is what she has turned in to. Pretty sad. It does seem to me like she is trying to stay away from her Asian looks. She has blue contacts now, and blonde hair. Denies her REAL name (Thien Thanh Thi Nguyen) is real. Or maybe she just forgot her name, meth is a hell-of-a drug.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Tila forgot where she performed

Tila is now trying to say she performed at the Staples Center, and it was huge. She must forget this is the internet, and you really can't lie about that kind of stuff.

Nice try though!

Sadly for Tila, we already have all the proof we need:

Oh by the way Tila, I see Rihanna is playing at the Staples Center soon. That must kill you.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Tila at the Conga Room

Thanks to @TheRealLiarFace for Tila's tweets screencapped.

Uh oh guys, Tila's at it again. A lawsuit for us bloggers again? OHH NOOOOO. We are all very scared and are going to stop blogging now, so farewell guys.

K I'm obviously joking, because Tila isn't going to do shit to any of us. She obviously was just very pissed that her Conga Room performance was a complete fail, so she had to take it out on us. By the way Tila, which lawsuit was it that you won again? I hope you aren't talking about the lawsuits with Shawne Merriman. We all know that you didn't win either of them.

Tila had her performance at the Conga Room last night. According to this twitter user who showed up for it (@checkone2paris) only 6 people were there watching it.

Apparently the Conga Room was very empty last night. I'm not gonna say there was only six people without proof, but I'm sure there wasn't more than 20 people. Which means it was a complete failure. I guess people really do not care about her and her crappy music.

If that wasn't bad enough, look at what she wore.

And look below. Tila has to show us all her wonky eyed nipples.

Here's video of Tila's train wreck last night.

Oh the lulz we all got from knowing less than 20 people showed. That's gotta hurt. Anyways I gotta go, I need to find a lawyer for Tila's big scary lawsuit.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Tila met Jamie Fox when?

I have to thank @bentrb4 for finding this blog about Tila.

So Tila blogged about the first time she met Jamie Fox. According to her it was outside of a club, where he was in his Escalade.

Well, this blogger did some readin' up and found the facts just didn't add up. Like he points out - In Living Color ran from 1990 - 1994. She was born in October 1981 which means she would have met him in front of a club at 9-13 years old. Also Escalade came out in 1999. Which means, he wasn't doing Living Color when he was in said Escalade. Now he may have misinterpreted what she said. She doesn't exactly say she met him during Living Color, just that he's changed since then.

Go HERE for the full blog it's actually quite entertaining.

I just found that whole thing funny. Did Tila even really meet Jamie Fox? Probably not. If she really was trying to say she met him during Living Color, then she's an idiot.

What lies will she come up with next?

Tila "closes deal for tv show"

Well, according to Tila she has closed her TV show deal. Now what could Tila's show possibly be about that would keep any of us entertained? Or have anyone else watch it.

I don't personally want to watch Tila do drugs, have sex in alley ways, or copy and paste blog posts. So what could this show be about?

I wonder if Tila realizes a TV show isn't going to help her that much. No one knows who she is and people who do are like "oh that girl who got famous through myspace?" I wouldn't be proud to know I was famous for nothing other then having a lot of friends on myspace.

Her EP has three songs, two of which are covers. All her other songs are trashy and makes dogs howl at the sound of it, kids cry, and others throw up.

I wouldn't be surprised if Tila's show didn't even have her as the main person. She'd just be an extra on a show like the stupid VH1 shows she'd put her opinion on. She might even be on a crappy show where all the washed up celebrities appear on like Surreal Life. No one cares about this hogul enough to watch a reality show on her life.

As for her "record label." We haven't seen any proof of it. We haven't seen any artists actually put out music on this supposed record label. The people who were previously supposed to be on her record label, aren't now.

I don't know why she's so proud of a blog either. We all can have blogs, look I have one and I'm not famous. Tila you really aren't anything special.

I can't wait to see if she really has a TV show and what it's going to be about.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Tila makes an appearance on KTLA

Well if you haven't seen it here is Tila's appearance on KTLA. More promoting of Tila's crappy music. Why would anyone want to put someone on TV who has three songs on their EP and only one of them is actually written by them. Two of her songs are covers of music made by Depeche Mode and Yoko Ono.

Also I had to laugh when they showed the cover art for "I fucked the DJ" I've said it before and I'll say it again it looks like it was made on Paint. If I was them I would have laughed so hard when I saw that.

Why is a TV show promoting Tila? I'm really getting sick of these people helping her. To bad it's not really working.

Notice how she seems to forget words when she's performing, and how it seems like she's doing karaoke.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Tila has all kinds of things for you

Thank you Uncle Eddie for a few of the screencaps!! Visit Eddie at the Rotspot!

So Tila Army remember all of Tila's promises of contests on her site and letting YOU guys be the real bloggers and not her? I haven't seen any of that.

Yes we knew her blog was going to be about bashing people the whole time I just love how she tries to justify herself acting like she only bashes people who have hurt her in someway. And what's THAT? The best commentator of a blog wins a prize? I haven't seen that at all going on. I wonder who she would pick to be the best commentator - the people who threaten the haters lives or the people who insult the haters.

Where's the LIVE celebrity intervies Tila?

I haven't seen any contest for a trip to LA to interview live with you Tila..when does the Tila Army get this lovely prize?

Again, I haven't seen any contests for XBOX's trips to LA, or phone calls...
You guys aren't gonna get anything that she promised, as usual. Just like when she went shopping and got you guys gifts. That was a good joke.

This one really makes me laugh. A contest to be on her reality show with her. Yeah, like that'll ever happen.

*sigh* Tila when will the lies stop?

A letter to ME lol

Wow someone sent me a letter today just like Tila! Uh oh tila for that one fan you gained, you lost one as well!


I used to be one of those people who liked Tila. I went along with all the others and praised her and tweeted nice things to her. I say I used to because well, I realized a few things and I really need to say them, even if you or the TilaArmy never see this letter. (though I do wish the TilaARmy would see it as I think they really need to hear what I have to say).

I deleted my twitter a few days ago….I got sick of logging on and seeing my timeline cluttered with loving things that should never be said to ANYONE regardless of who they are or what they do. I started thinking about how I would feel as a person if this was happening to me….and the longer I thought about it, the more awesome I felt. I don’t think I am way stronger than Tila, she doesn't push through all the hate and still make it out to the other side. That takes a really shitty individual which, clearly Tila is. In a way, I think a lot of us were jealous of the haters. strong minded and beautiful haters can be incredibly intimidating….but, the qualities do tend to make people feel envious. I can admit that…as hard as it is, it needs to be said.

I am no longer a TilaArmy. I am a reformed hater. I wish you only the very very best in everything you do. I am so very sorry for my part in not hurting Tila. You may have never seen the great things I said to Tila, and I really hope that is the case but, in any case, please accept my deepest apologies. I am no longer participating in the love that was inflicted upon Tila. Instead, I am staying behind you, eager to see you succeed in everything you do. I am sure your blog is going to be a huge success. Again, I am so very sorry, and I hope that you can forgive me. Please realize that the people who say and perpetuate the nice that have been slung at Tila…they’ll receive karmic retribution.

Thank you for listening. I hope that you will consider publishing this letter. It is my hope that some of these fans and the "TilaArmy” will read it and perhaps, it will restart the conscience that some of them still have. As for the others, nothing short of being struck by lightning would change their ignorant nature….if it only gets through to one person, it will have served it’s purpose.”

Keep your head up.

A reformed fan"

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Old habits die hard for Tila

Remember when Tila thought she was taking Perez Hilton's spot with Tila'sHotSpot? Well, just to refresh your memory - it didn't happen. Just like her new gossip blog isn't "dethroning" him either.

We get that you don't like Perez, Tila. But find someone new to "dethrone." It obviously isn't working with him, and you've been attacking him for months. Now that he isn't mentioning you at all I think it's time to move on from your weird obsession with him. You just keep going on and on saying you are taking over his spot. If you didn't do it then, you aren't going to do it now.

Something I found funny in her post was that she said she didn't have to lie and make up stories like other celebrity gossip blogs. That obviously isn't true, because we have already seen her made up stories on her blog.

Anyways, the point is, enough with the Perez Hilton crap. The whole feud is stale now. Maybe you can focus on "dethroning" Jane. She seems to be taking all your publicity.

Tila disrespects her new hero

Tila finally got to interview a celebrity, and she's just so excited. Funny, I remember her saying one of the reasons her blog was so late was because she was interviewing celebrities. She also said she had a big interview with someone from Twilight. I haven't seen any of that, but that's not the point. The point is how Tila fails at her whole blog.

Now Tila says this new boxer is her "new hero" and just praises him all over the place, but she didn't even spell his name right. The CORRECT way to spell his name is Ruslan Provodnikov. She spelled his name wrong twice, and both those times were spelled differently as well. If you ask me, that's disrespectful. If I was Ruslan I'd be pissed that she spelled my name incorrectly two times.

Tila, at least learn how to spell the person you are trying to praise's name right.

You already fucked up Lindsay Lohan's name and Heidi Montag.
ex. Linsday, Heidi Montage

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Tila needs a dictionary

For someone who sure seems to know a lot about alter ego's, they can't even get the definition right.

Tila is now claiming that Michelle Mcgee (the woman Jesse James cheated on Sandra Bullock with) is Sandra's alter ego. I know she isn't REALLY claiming that, but she's so stupid she uses it in two different ways. Unless Tila seems to think Sandra somehow gets all these tattoo's at night, changed her hair, and everything and goes out on the town. In that case Jesse wouldn't have cheated on Sandra.

Tila you like to throw around the "alter ego" term a lot with yourself. Remember Jane? I thought you knew the definition of at least THAT term, but I guess I learn more everyday how stupid you really are.

Looks like Jane almost came out the other day too. Maybe "Jane" and "Michelle" can go play together.

Tila doesn't even get her info right

Today Tila posted a blog about The Millionaires, a girl pop band. What made me laugh was that she said the song that she posted was their first single. I have been a fan of TheMillionaires for awhile now, and that isn't true. They've been around for years and that most definitely isn't their first single.

Tila if you are going to write a gossip blog, at least get all your information right. I know I know, most of Tila's blogs have been hearsay and what not already - so we can't expect much out of her posts. Just to make some things clear, hun. Ke$ha does sound A LOT like them. When I first heard "Tik Tok" I honestly thought it was The Millionaires, turned out it wasn't. She seems to be copying from their style. That, however, is just my opinion.

Moving on....
Tila took some pictures she swears she didn't pose for last night. It's quite obvious she did. In this picture you can see her cocktail ingredients. (Thank you @Likereally for noticing this)

1. Ambien
2. Benadryl
3. Red Bull

What does that make? Probably about 90% of Tila's blogs, tweets, Say Now messages, and overall attitude.

What's that Tila? You don't do drugs? Whatever you say dear.

Please read RotSpot's post which tells what all three combined can do to a person.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Tila's blog launches - post already deleted

UPDATE: Tila took down the post about Khloe Kardashian "whoring" herself out at 15 years old.

For someone who was supposed to have a big team working with her on this website, it sure doesn't look like there was. Where's all the "cool" stuff Tila said she was going to have on there? All I see is her posts, nothing else.

Have no fear Perez! This site has lawsuit written all over it. If that isn't bad enough she has her crappy spelling, and her half naked pictures thrown in some of her posts. Which of course we expected. What celebrity blogger throws pictures of themselves all over the place Tila? Especially your stupid topless ones?

Tila's posts vary from Khloe Kardashian supposedly whoring herself out at the age of 15 to a picture of Paris Hilton giving a guy a blowjob at the age of 16. Which I thought could be considered child pornography.

At this point I do hope they do some legal action against Tila, but if not they just ignore her. This is just another ploy for attention on her part.

"Hey guys look at me!!! I'm here!! I say I'm famous so will you accept me in to your hollywood life? LOOK AT ME!!" -- That's basically what she is sounding like.

Cobra Starship is MY favorite band.
Gabe Saporta is my favorite man celeb.
I doubt they were there for Tila. She probably begged them to take a picture with her.

Tila likes to insult those kiddies don't she? So she didn't post the Ali Lohan insult about her eyebrows, but we all saw it and now this.

Guess you better stop talking crap about Shawne then.