Monday, March 29, 2010

Tila Tequila's night on the town

Last night Tila decided to tweet us about her job on the corner, and what she has to do to get paid. Apparently getting ass fucked is one of the requirements on the corner. Tila was so busy having sex with random strangers, and masturbating when she wasn't getting any customers that, she decided to go grocery shopping. As you can see from the pictures Tila did not bother changing she just walked right in. Tila had no purse with her and it didn't look like she had any money with her at all, so maybe she didn't get any customers last night. What was the point of her going in a grocery store if it looks like she didn't buy anything? Of course what other reason then Tila wanting to act "controversial" and getting attention. It's great that we get to laugh at these photos, but I wish no one would have bothered to take them. Then again, I'm sure Tila called her paparazzi friends and told them to come down there and take pictures.

I love how Tila always says how controversial she is. I'm sorry guys but you can't be controversial if you are trying to be. If you are TRYING to be controversial that's called attention craving, which describes Tila perfectly. Tila goes out of her way to do things that seem controversial maybe to act misunderstood, but most people can see right through it.

This woman whether we like it or not is a role model to these young teenagers. It scares me to think what these kids so obsessed with Tila are going to turn in to. All they see is this woman freaking out on twitter all the time, being egotistical, attention craving, and lying. Some of her fans have even started acting like her on twitter, and they probably do off the internet as well. This really disgusts me and it shows how little parents pay attention to their kids. I would never get away with looking up to that woman or acting the way some of Tila's fans do. There's fans who insult people in the worst way possible and they aren't even 16 yet. Where are their parents when these kids are sitting on the internet all day idolizing Tila? When their kids turn in to little freak shows like Tila, they won't blame themselves they will blame Tila for it. Yes, it is Tila's fault for acting that way, but it's a parents fault more by not paying attention to what their kids are doing online. That whole thing disgusts me.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Tila's new mansion

Thanks to @tilasbusted for the screencaps

UPDATE: I have the before picture of Tila's house before it got all the crap in it to read the blog go here:

If you are "rich" and are looking in to buying a beautiful new home, this is what you have to look forward to. Okay, that's entirely untrue but if your Tila Tequila this is a nice house. I don't have problems with people living in apartments or smaller houses, I'm not claiming to be rich either, but I have problems with people lying about it. Tila acts like this is a huge beautiful home, but it looks far from it.

First off, the two "lounge areas" that are supposted to be on two different floors are actually in the same room. As you can see the same glass table, and red carpet are visible in both. The lounge area with the kitchen in the back is supposed to be on the second floor, but why would the kitchen be on the second floor? And rewinding back to what I just said its on the same floor as the other lounge area. I'm going to assume it is on the first floor since I have never seen a kitchen on the second floor. The size of the kitchen leads me to believe it is an aprtment, that is a VERY small kitchen. It was mentioned to be that the kitchen looks very similar to Tila's old house as well. The cabinets seem to be the same style. Tila seems to have everything crammed together as well. Why would the piano be there if there was more room for it?

What is up with the fake baby playing the piano? I don't understand that. As for the Marilyn Monroe painting, there is a picture just like that at target. You can tell the art work is very tacky. So far it's not looking so good for Tila's supposed mansion.

I'm going to say this is either a one story or an apartment. We cannot see what's outside of the bedroom glass door, but if it was the ground that would confirm it. The glass door may, however, just be a door to the patio.

Whatever the case this house is definately NOT a mansion. Please let me know if you think it resembles her old house in a way as well.



Saturday, March 20, 2010

a failure garage sale featuring Tila

What happens when a celebrity like Tila has a garage sale? The answer to that is, only 50 people show up.

Tila did end up having her garage sale despite her forgetting about it the other day, and saying she was going to Las Vegas. The garage sale was supposed to start at 11 am and end at 5 pm. Anything that was left after 5 would be given out for free. Well, this is not how it went. By the time 11 am came around, Tila was not there. She showed up to her garage sale an hour late, making everyone there wait outside. Even though Tila arrived around noon looking a hot mess, and didn't let anyone in until 1:30. According to a comment made on her facebook by an ex staff member, Tila was high off of something. That is why she showed up late, because she had to sober down. I don't think the people who attended the garage sale would be surprised. She was out of it.

Everything she showed in her pictures seemed to be there, except for the love note journal from Benji. The clothes had all their tags ripped off for some reason. My guess would be that Tila was trying to act like certain things were designer when they weren't. There was ridiculous prices for things that were not in good shape.

There was Tila Army shirts being sold for $1, apparently those shirts are a couple years old. And to many fans dismay, Tila did not end up giving out free pictures. Tila did claim that she would give out free pictures for all purchases, but she ended up charging $10 for it. Tila sure needs money if she couldn't even do that for her fans.

As for the tour of her house that was supposed to happen, it didn't. Anyone who wanted to take pictures WITH Tila could not. She only allowed pictures of her alone.

The garage sale did not last until five, not even close. By the time it ended Tila did not give the rest of her stuff away for free, just rushed everybody out of there.

If I was a fan of Tila's I'd be greatly disappointed. What did you get out of going there? A high Tila who was rude to everybody, no free pictures, and you didn't get to take pictures with her.

The whole thing was a complete disaster.

Tila hunny, this garage sale was a complete FAIL, and she's already started lying about it.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Publicity Stunt?

Tila Tequila and Raz B are "breaking up"? According to Tila Raz has been dropped from her record label. A day before his EP comes out. She says that he leaked her music and is stealing it by having it on his EP. At first I was like YES Tila finally screwed over Raz like I knew she would. No I don't want her to, but I knew it was a bad decision for him. But after awhile it just seemed to be a big publicity stunt to promote Raz's mixtape which comes out tomorrow. Maybe promote Tila as well. If they actually did part was Tila is supposedly suing him. But then again Tila is also suing me. Not gonna happen. Tila and Raz are still following eachother if they were mad why would they still be doing that. When Tila gets mad at someone she atleast tweets about them 50 times, with Raz she didn't really. She didn't even insult him really either.

I think we all agree that this seems like a Carlton Jordan situation. For those of you who don't know about Carlton Jordan, he is a paparazzi blogger who came out of the woodwork to start talking about his dislike for Tila. He got all of us "haters" hopes up by telling us he was writing a blog about Tila with stuff no one else knew. A week passed or so and we still had not seen a blog. Eventually he did put a blog up about Tila, but it was information we all already knew. He said he was getting threats and had to clear up a few things before he started blogging, but when he said he was writing it it never showed up. At the same Tila was insulting him and blah blah. Recently we found out Tila and him are friends again. Many people honestly think it was a publicity stunt for Carlton, being that he isn't very popular.

Another thing that seemed weird was Raz tweeting to The Game. He has no reason to tweet to the game about Tila.

With Tila everything is a publicity stunt so I wouldn't be surprised if both the feud with Carlton and Jordan is just an act.

Tila thinks we are all "meanies"

Last night Tila decided to answer questions on her twitter page. She said she would be answering both hater and fan questions. Which she did keep her word on answering the hater's questions, but if the haters wouldn't have asked questions she'd probably only have 10 so of course she answered both their questions. What sparked my interest was when someone asked Tila why she blocked me and @TilaTruth she replied "I only block spammers" funny Tila. When I was blocked from Tila's twitter page I had tweeted her maybe 3-5 times, because I went out soon after she made it. I do remember the last tweet I sent her was a link to my blogspot. As for @TilaTruth I've never seen them spam anybody before. OBVIOUSLY Tila is bothered by the haters and that's the REAL reason she blocks people.

Tila then went on to tell everybody to shut up about her garage sale, and called the haters "meanies" Wow how old are you Tila to be saying "meanies" You're 28 years old act like it. She asked all her fans if they wanted to buy her vibrators. wow Russel Simmons thinks this is a woman who should be on his website as a role model? Tila continued to make herself look like a fool by tweeting Lindsay Lohan, who didn't even respond to Tila.
It looks like Tila decided to name a new baby daddy as well. He is a soccer player, watch out David Beckham!!!

What really makes me laugh is Tila has been showing us all a link to saying that is going to happen to our sites, because of slandering her name. Funny, if Tila was able to take all the "haters" websites off the internet...SHE WOULD HAVE BY NOW. All I gotta say is HI TILA. I think we will all be just fine :)

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Tila Tequila on Global Grind

Tila Tequila has written for Global Grind a couple times now, before I didn't really think about it..infact I never even payed attention to the website. But today after all Tila has done in 2010 it did matter to me. Russel Simmons chose to allow Tila to blog on his website, about her "mogul" status. Now to my understanding Russ is a really good guy. He supports many good causes, and seems to be just a really good guy. So this confused all of us haters that he would now allow Tila to blog on GG again. After everyone contacting him he admitted to not paying attention to what Tila does outside of GG. He said he would look into everything we told him about what Tila has done recently. For example, racist remarks, insults, stripping on cam to minors, putting a gun up to her head, convincing kids 14 and under that she will adopt them, talking about her breast milk, and having phone sex with kids only 15 years old. That's not all obviously. BUT after whatever Russ looked into he came to the conclusion that he would leave Tila's blog up there. This confuses me, Tila has insulted his race and he allows her to still be on his website. According to him since there's no negativity in the blogs it's okay to keep it up. doesn't matter what the blogs say he is allowing people to look up to Tila. Oh she became a mogul by insulting people, so now kids think I can be succesful too! I just have to treat people badly and do drugs! This is the wrong message. Needless to say I am VERY upset with Russell Simmons and he has lost probably a great deal of a following because of this very very stupid mistake.
Now as for Tila's blog it was her just whoring herself out to the internet. She talked about her Twitter page in the first part, had to make sure everyone knows about it. She also gets very redundant..I think we hear five times how she has been in the industry for over 10 years. Talks about her fake record label as well. Basically everything in her blog was exaggerated. It didn't give any good advice for people to follow their dreams. And in the end she brings up her becoming an ambassador to Vietnam.
Wow Russell good idea lets keep up Tila's lies. I don't know what you looked over, but who ever gave you your advice really sucks.
I'm so dissapointed.

Tila Tequila in "Circle of Five"

So I stumbled across this on Google, be careful if you don't want your eyes to burn you may not want to watch this because you can see Tila's fake boobs. Tila was in a movie by R. Michael Walker (an old CBS director) I don't know if anyone else came across this before, but I never have. I wonder where this movie is? I never heard of it before. ALSO they call Tila "Tila Nguyen" she must not have been Tequila at that point. Anyways just thought this was an interesting find.

Here is the biography of Tila for the movie. It's sad people had such high hopes for her at one point. Her acting obviously wasn't that great though, because she was never in a well known movie with a big part. Oh Tila probably wishes she was back in these days when she wasn't hated, and maybe had a chance at bigger success.

Awww look at the sweet angel sleep (sarcasm obviously)

To go to the main webpage click here

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Tila insults the United States

Tila has now decided that she doesn't like the United States. In her facebook status below she talks about how the American's are jealous of everything, and that we are pathetic. I find this very funny considering Tila was made famous by America. If it wasn't for America she would be a nothing, well she still is a nothing but she wouldn't be known. How are you gonna insult the country that gave you everything that you have, and did have. Not to mention what about Tila's fans from America? I guess they are pathetic and stupid too. Not only does she insult the country that gave her everything she has she bashed her fans. If I was a fan of Tila's and read that, that would be the last straw for me. How far can Tila go with the insults? She bashes "ugly" people, "fat" people, she's made racial comments about black people, and now America? I know some of you fans of hers aren't exactly skinny, and if I was you I would take that offensive. SHE IS OFFENDING YOU. How much abuse are you guys going to take from this woman? This woman really is disgusting and a disgrace to America. If anything we should want her to leave. She is the type of person who gives us all a bad name.

So Tila hunny, if you don't like the United States. GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY COUNTRY. I'll be happy to buy you a plane ticket outta here.

You won't be missed.

P.S. You being Vietnamese is irrelevant you were born in Singapore and were to remember the place, idiot.

PPS. If you are so proud of being Vietnamese why are you speaking Spanish?

The Translation:

I'm getting sued...NOT.

So @MittieeFanPage sent Tila a link of my blog and (below) is how she responded. Yep I guess I am getting sued now. I can't wait to get my fake Cease and Desist like the one Rotspot got!! I need a good laugh right about now.

Also Tila thinks she spent $500,000 on an attorney. What a hillarious lie. She can't even pay her rent!! Not to mention she said she payed $18,000 on a shopping spree which was found to be a lie as you can see in an earlier post of mine. Maybe Tila spent her imaginary money on her imaginary internet attorney?

And if Tila couldn't get sick enough she's now telling all her fans she will adopt anyone who is 14 and under and is a foster child. She can't even take care of herself. She's really a disgusting human being. I truly feel sorry for her fans, and I wish their parents knew what was going on.

Email Blackheart Records about this

Update: Video was taken off due to copyright claim by Blackheart Records. THANKS GUYS :)

I'm sick of seeing "Pop Rox" being on Youtube. Blackheart Records has been filing copyright claims on whatever videos have had the song so let's let them know about this video as well.

Email licensing about it at

Here's the direct link

Tila skips out on Garbage Sale

UPDATE: Tila has just confirmed her Garbage Sale will still be on the 20th. So maybe she isn't really going to Vegas.

UPDATE: Harvey Levin just confirmed on TMZ Live that they did NOT call Tila about her garbage sale and they never heard anything about it until it was asked on their comments

Well I'll start this with something funny I just saw this morning. Apparently Tila thinks that Perez Hilton is always talking about her. WHERE?! Yes, Perez did mention her to Chris Brown yesterday, but other then that I never see him talk about her. It's Tila who is always talking about Perez for some reason. I assume she wants him to blog about her, but I'm guessing Perez just doesn't give a fuck about Tila. That really kills her I'm sure.

Here is Tila saying Perez is always talking shit about her :

Here is Perez's most recent blog post about Tila..hmm way back in January and it was about Casey and just merely mentioned Tila:

Tila's just jealous that Perez's blog is not from concentrate.

Anyways, on to the next. Tila claims she is going to Las Vegas this weekend (ohhh you don't know how bad I wish I was still there. ) What's funny about Tila going to Las Vegas this very weekend is that she was supposed to have her garbage sale on the 20th. She already has pushed back this garbage sale and now she is pushing it back even more. Makes you wonder why she keeps doing that. We all know Tila doesn't have enough money to buy all new things, so maybe she was lying the whole time. I doubt she would sell EVERYTHING of hers and go by more. Or maybe she is selling it to the real owners of the house for her unpaid rent. One that I think may be true is that Tila never moved and is still living there. She did seem to flip out a little when someone kept tweeting her address (that she made public) Whatever the case looks like Tila has disappointed her one or two fans who don't even live in the United States. She's also disappointed many haters who wanted to check that sale out. I say you still go and check out what's going on there, and act like you didn't know it was cancelled.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Another rant filled night for Tila

Thanks to Annonymous comment on my blog for the link to Carlton's tweet lmao

Soooo Tila was up all night again last night. She went from saying P. Diddy's oldest son Quincy was in love with her, talking about her new found love for Chris Brown and her hate for Rihanna, trying her best to insult the haters, to signing new people to her fake label. Enjoy!

Tila seems to do a lot of talking about people being jealous of her because they insult her. Well there she is insulting her "haters" does that mean she's jealous of them too?

Wow Tila supports Chris Brown, a man who punched Rihanna? She went from hating Chris when she first found out about the assault, and now she likes him again? I doubt a woman who was supposedly assaulted herself would support Chris Brown. BUT OF COURSE Tila hates Rihanna so she thinks she got what she deserved. Actually I think Tila is just a big fan of Rihanna's. (lol)

Wow she's gonna go "innnn" on Rihanna everyday? This girl sure got "beef" or a bad case of envy.

There Tila goes again about her Blind Items.

Tila is so pathetic she has to hit on a kid 10 years younger than her? Stop making up a false reality girl. Nobody sent you flowers. If this was true why would you delete all those tweets? And what's this about Carlton saying you were in love with Diddy and Quincy at the same time?

Monday, March 15, 2010

Tila Tequila spends $18,000??

Tila posted a couple pictures on her Facebook claiming she went shopping this past weekend and spent $18,000 dollars on herself. Well I decided to look up all the stuff in her pictures, and add up the total cost of it all. (Yes I took the time to do this so get over it lmao)

Now prices can be different depending on the store you bought them from or where you found them online. I calculated the prices from the official websites of the products. I got a grand total of $8572 which is a little under $10,000 from what she said. Now of course that isn't 100% accurate due to the fact that I couldn't find certain things and didn't know exactly what she got from some of the places. BUT I know that it isn't $9428 off. I think it's safe to say Tila did not spend $18,000.

As for the Bond no. 9 DNA For Her crystallized Swarovski perfume....Tila said it was the newest kind of perfume they just came out with, but how come when I was trying to find the price for it I found a website that had information on it back in 2007. Since I could NOT find that perfume anywhere I assume it WAS from 2007 and Tila lied about when she got it. So what else did Tila lie about with these items she "recently" bought? She can't even spell Swarovski or Louis Vuitton...sad.
So we know Tila is showing us an old bottle of Bond No. 9. So did she even go shopping? haha.
With my adding I did give Tila the benefit of the doubt if I only had the ranges I added the more expensive price.

Balenciaga Purse $195

Tila's YSL makeup:
Eyeliners range from $28 to $34
Perfect Touch foundation $55
Golden Gloss $30.00
Long Lasting Eye Pencil $28.00

Louis Vuitton:
Vintage Jewelery Case: I couldn't find a jewelery case that looked like the one Tila had in the picture I did find a watch case that looks exactly like Tila's "jewelery case" the cost of that is $4,070
Montorguiel PM purse $800
Berkeley Purse was the closest purse that I could find that was also a Damier Ebene canvas $1,620
Large Ring Agenda $635

La Mer skin care I can't tell what Tila got from La Mer from the picture but I did look up prices for different skin care products and I've seen things range from -$75 to $200+

Bond No. 9
For Her candle $85
Scent of Peace candle $95
For Her Perfume Swarovski Funny thing is I could not find this perfume on Saks' website or Bond N0. 9's website. I did find the snowflake version of it which was $525

For the Balenciaga purse go here
For Louis Vuitton go here
For Bond N0. 9 go here
For YSL go here
For La Mer go here
For the website where I found the 2007 post of the perfume go here

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Recap of this weekend

No guys I didn't write on this picture..This is Tila's cover art for her album...made on Paint!

According to Tila she had a miscarriage near Valentine's Day and is now again pregnant. Of course that can't be true, she was just saying last week that she was having twins and her due date was December. She wouldn't know about the twins yet, because she would have just had to have concieved within this past week or so. She wouldn't have even take a pregnancy test by now most likely. So obviously Tila is still lying about her child. You can read what she said about her pregnancy here.

Here's most of what happened this weekend with Tila:

  1. Tila made a new Twitter

  2. Tila got her Twitter verified

  3. Tila's twitter is unverified, again for some reason

  4. Tila is working on new adoption, because her last adoption was a "scam"

  5. Tila supposedly calls the cops due to a hater telling everyone her address was still the same.

  6. Tila spends $18,000 on herself and $30,000 on her baby, obviously a big joke.

  7. Tila is in London looking for her baby daddy

  8. Tila isn't in London

  9. Tila goes on SayNow and talks with an English accent

  10. Tila tells everyone she asked a random person to marry her

  11. Tila has a crush on a girl

  12. A friend of Tila's is in love with her

  13. Tila needs advice from teenagers on how to handle her love life

  14. Tila shows us her cover art for her album which looks like it was made on Paint

  15. Tila "grieves" over Casey

  16. LA Times comes out with an article on Tila and she promotes it even though it's negative

  17. Tila "reads" a book

Here is an excerpt of the LA Times article about Tila.

Wow Tila chains Onyx to her stripper pole how sad. I wonder if she makes Onyx sit there while she strips too.

Please read LA Times article here.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Tila's due date is December

Thanks to Eduardo Retardo for the screencap from Facebook.

Tila decided today she was going to let her fans know when she is due to have her baby. I'm surprised she had a straight answer this time. A loyal fan of Tila's asked on SayNow when Tila was due before Tila went to Australia, and Tila replied with a few stutters and "you'll see". Too bad Tila didn't learn basic math or just doesn't know how pregnancies work, you'd think she would with all her baby doctor visits. Anyways, Tila now says her baby is due in December. Wait, that doesn't make sense on January 30th Tila stated she was 13 weeks pregnant which would have put her conception date in October. This means Tila's baby will be born in about 13 months instead of the traditional 9 month pregnancy. If Tila's due date was in December that means she would have had her last period this month or end of last month, which would still mean she was lying. Some of us didn't think Tila was human I guess this is some pretty good proof, because a baby being born in 13 months just isn't normal. Of course Tila may have actually just recently got pregnant, but that would still mean she was lying. Good luck on that 13 month born baby Tila! Let us know how that goes.

This screencap I got from, this was on January 30th.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Tila Tequila is INDEED broke

Last night Tila Tequila was trying to say she won the lawsuit against Shawne Merriman, where she claimed he had beat her (you can read where she said that in my earlier posts.) Now we've been through this a couple times. I thought the case was dismissed due to insufficient evidence. BUT according to this email sent from Shawne's roommate to @deepviolet40, she couldn't afford the lawyer fees and that's why it was dismissed. Funny how he says she rents everything too. REAL celebrities don't have to rent everything they own, Tila. I wonder if Tila rents her furniture?? Does that mean she's selling rented things at her garage sale? Hopefully Shawne's team will review this, and atleast get her to shut the hell up about winning the case. :)