Friday, March 19, 2010

Publicity Stunt?

Tila Tequila and Raz B are "breaking up"? According to Tila Raz has been dropped from her record label. A day before his EP comes out. She says that he leaked her music and is stealing it by having it on his EP. At first I was like YES Tila finally screwed over Raz like I knew she would. No I don't want her to, but I knew it was a bad decision for him. But after awhile it just seemed to be a big publicity stunt to promote Raz's mixtape which comes out tomorrow. Maybe promote Tila as well. If they actually did part was Tila is supposedly suing him. But then again Tila is also suing me. Not gonna happen. Tila and Raz are still following eachother if they were mad why would they still be doing that. When Tila gets mad at someone she atleast tweets about them 50 times, with Raz she didn't really. She didn't even insult him really either.

I think we all agree that this seems like a Carlton Jordan situation. For those of you who don't know about Carlton Jordan, he is a paparazzi blogger who came out of the woodwork to start talking about his dislike for Tila. He got all of us "haters" hopes up by telling us he was writing a blog about Tila with stuff no one else knew. A week passed or so and we still had not seen a blog. Eventually he did put a blog up about Tila, but it was information we all already knew. He said he was getting threats and had to clear up a few things before he started blogging, but when he said he was writing it it never showed up. At the same Tila was insulting him and blah blah. Recently we found out Tila and him are friends again. Many people honestly think it was a publicity stunt for Carlton, being that he isn't very popular.

Another thing that seemed weird was Raz tweeting to The Game. He has no reason to tweet to the game about Tila.

With Tila everything is a publicity stunt so I wouldn't be surprised if both the feud with Carlton and Jordan is just an act.

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Anonymous said...

i agree with ur blog but i believe you meant carlton and razb instead of carlton and jordan :)