Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Tila insults the United States

Tila has now decided that she doesn't like the United States. In her facebook status below she talks about how the American's are jealous of everything, and that we are pathetic. I find this very funny considering Tila was made famous by America. If it wasn't for America she would be a nothing, well she still is a nothing but she wouldn't be known. How are you gonna insult the country that gave you everything that you have, and did have. Not to mention what about Tila's fans from America? I guess they are pathetic and stupid too. Not only does she insult the country that gave her everything she has she bashed her fans. If I was a fan of Tila's and read that, that would be the last straw for me. How far can Tila go with the insults? She bashes "ugly" people, "fat" people, she's made racial comments about black people, and now America? I know some of you fans of hers aren't exactly skinny, and if I was you I would take that offensive. SHE IS OFFENDING YOU. How much abuse are you guys going to take from this woman? This woman really is disgusting and a disgrace to America. If anything we should want her to leave. She is the type of person who gives us all a bad name.

So Tila hunny, if you don't like the United States. GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY COUNTRY. I'll be happy to buy you a plane ticket outta here.

You won't be missed.

P.S. You being Vietnamese is irrelevant you were born in Singapore and were to remember the place, idiot.

PPS. If you are so proud of being Vietnamese why are you speaking Spanish?

The Translation:


Anonymous said...

I think we need to put together some condensed information and get it to adoption agencies in Oakland to make sure that if there is any danger of her adopting an AFRICAN AMERICAN CHILD FROM AMERICA, that the adoption agents know about her dramatic life, her charity fraud, her child exploitation, her adult online stripping and masterbating for the internet, her racist remarks against African Americans, and now her Anti-American remarks.

Eduardo Retardo said...

I like how she badmouths the country her parents risked their lives coming to. Classy.

Anonymous said...

actually this is the real translation

"Hello to all! I am entertaining so much the editing of news in! I write him in Spanish because I believe that these American people are stupid. They hate all because they are jealous of all. The American style is very pathetic! haha! I am Vietnamese! "

Anonymous said...

What a stupid fucken whorebag. Go away stinky cuz I can't afford all the febreeze needed to keep your stinch all the way from California to Texas at bay . Bad day to make me mad. Spiked what can I do to help destroy this wacky biotch? @Shabbycat01

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Oops, mispelled word..correction. You have to be kidding. If she leaves the USA, she has to move her cardboard box to the Neitherlands. Hopefully she wont come to the UK!

Sonja said...

See, this is what I don't understand about Tila.

Now, I know she's a pathological liar, but she makes it so easy for anyone with common sense to catch her in her lies.

As Anon @ 10:40 PM said, the translation in part was..."I write him in Spanish because I believe that these American people are stupid." THEN SHE POST THIS ON HER BLOG AND/OR FB.

Has it not dawned on Tila that there are Spanish/English speaking people who read her blog and FB, don't like her and will post the translation into English for all to see...and she calls us stupid!!!!!

Does she do things like this to see how much she can get away with or is Tila that utterly stupid?

There is no way she is writing in Spanish without the Google translator.

I wish she would leave the US and take her lying BS to another country.

saramb25 said...

Her latest statement is definelty going to lose her fans. Tila Get the fuck out of America if you hate it so much!!

Anonymous said...

well, here at least she is right...