Friday, March 19, 2010

Tila thinks we are all "meanies"

Last night Tila decided to answer questions on her twitter page. She said she would be answering both hater and fan questions. Which she did keep her word on answering the hater's questions, but if the haters wouldn't have asked questions she'd probably only have 10 so of course she answered both their questions. What sparked my interest was when someone asked Tila why she blocked me and @TilaTruth she replied "I only block spammers" funny Tila. When I was blocked from Tila's twitter page I had tweeted her maybe 3-5 times, because I went out soon after she made it. I do remember the last tweet I sent her was a link to my blogspot. As for @TilaTruth I've never seen them spam anybody before. OBVIOUSLY Tila is bothered by the haters and that's the REAL reason she blocks people.

Tila then went on to tell everybody to shut up about her garage sale, and called the haters "meanies" Wow how old are you Tila to be saying "meanies" You're 28 years old act like it. She asked all her fans if they wanted to buy her vibrators. wow Russel Simmons thinks this is a woman who should be on his website as a role model? Tila continued to make herself look like a fool by tweeting Lindsay Lohan, who didn't even respond to Tila.
It looks like Tila decided to name a new baby daddy as well. He is a soccer player, watch out David Beckham!!!

What really makes me laugh is Tila has been showing us all a link to saying that is going to happen to our sites, because of slandering her name. Funny, if Tila was able to take all the "haters" websites off the internet...SHE WOULD HAVE BY NOW. All I gotta say is HI TILA. I think we will all be just fine :)

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Anonymous said...

oh for the love of god. now the father is a soccer player? She just pulls this stuff out of thin air, doesn't she? and what's this about taking a "lost girl" under her wing to be her mentor? Nooooooooo!!!!