Thursday, March 18, 2010

Tila Tequila on Global Grind

Tila Tequila has written for Global Grind a couple times now, before I didn't really think about it..infact I never even payed attention to the website. But today after all Tila has done in 2010 it did matter to me. Russel Simmons chose to allow Tila to blog on his website, about her "mogul" status. Now to my understanding Russ is a really good guy. He supports many good causes, and seems to be just a really good guy. So this confused all of us haters that he would now allow Tila to blog on GG again. After everyone contacting him he admitted to not paying attention to what Tila does outside of GG. He said he would look into everything we told him about what Tila has done recently. For example, racist remarks, insults, stripping on cam to minors, putting a gun up to her head, convincing kids 14 and under that she will adopt them, talking about her breast milk, and having phone sex with kids only 15 years old. That's not all obviously. BUT after whatever Russ looked into he came to the conclusion that he would leave Tila's blog up there. This confuses me, Tila has insulted his race and he allows her to still be on his website. According to him since there's no negativity in the blogs it's okay to keep it up. doesn't matter what the blogs say he is allowing people to look up to Tila. Oh she became a mogul by insulting people, so now kids think I can be succesful too! I just have to treat people badly and do drugs! This is the wrong message. Needless to say I am VERY upset with Russell Simmons and he has lost probably a great deal of a following because of this very very stupid mistake.
Now as for Tila's blog it was her just whoring herself out to the internet. She talked about her Twitter page in the first part, had to make sure everyone knows about it. She also gets very redundant..I think we hear five times how she has been in the industry for over 10 years. Talks about her fake record label as well. Basically everything in her blog was exaggerated. It didn't give any good advice for people to follow their dreams. And in the end she brings up her becoming an ambassador to Vietnam.
Wow Russell good idea lets keep up Tila's lies. I don't know what you looked over, but who ever gave you your advice really sucks.
I'm so dissapointed.


DIsTheName said...

This retard crackhead whore gets retarded every minute. I would blog for you, but you know my onery side would so get me into trouble! **evily snickers away** I do have my own blogger site, its too funny..haha!

Spiked Tequila said...

I'm gonna check it out my love

Anonymous said...

I would be willing to bet tila has some dirt on ol' Russel. Isn't that how she got Carlton Jordan to work with her again?

Anonymous said...

TT is so delusional, it's amazing. CEO of a blog!! Whoop de doo!

Anonymous said...

every teenage ghetto hip hop group has a "record label" these days... anyone can call themselves a CEO. Any real CEO/moguls I know do not have to tell people about it...

Anonymous said...

you seriously have to be the most bored human being in the entire world to put so much effort into something as pointless as Tila Tequila.You do realize this makes you as bad as her?Now come back with something "witty" to prove to your little buddies how smart you are.

Sonja said...

First....I have never been on Global Grind until today. I wanted to inform Mr. Simmons, as many others did, about the type of unstable person Tila has become. Basically he said as long as the articles she posted on his site were positive he didn't care what she did or said elsewhere.

He is entitled to his opinion but quite frankly I was shocked. I'm glad I never was a follower of Russell Simmons.

Second...I am so thrilled you are going to have another site for us "haters" to voice what is on our minds about Tila and bring information that might eventually shut her down.

I have decided to stop voicing too much of anything about Tila on her Hotspot blog and I will not sign up for her twitter or her FB.

There is a poster on her Hotspot blog who follows me and responds to my every post with insane rants about why I keep posting on there and this person is suppose to be a "hater". LOL.

I don't do the cyber "back and forth rants" but this person, for some reason, continues to be fixated on what I have to say.

This is not about me, it's about bringing Tila and her lies out into the open and her scandalous behavior towards minors, so your 2nd site is just what I need.

Believe it or not I hope Tila will wake up and realize she needs mental help(don't think she will though)and have her blogs shut down for her behavior towards minors and I will continue to voice that opinion.

Will definitely be on board with your 2nd site and will contribute as much as I can.

Keep up the good work.

Amanda said...

Oh PLEASE keep posting them here! My work laptop won't let me download adobe for the flash and I HAVE to keep up with you.

I also wrote a piece on this crazy chick yesterday - completely calling her 'lets start the baby daddy drama' out.

I guess that's what happens when you follow her too much - she rubs off some of psychicness (or crazy) on you. LOL

Anonymous said...

this site is better. i think u shd only keep this one and ditch the other flash one