Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A little bit about Tila's Past

Thanks to @Cottons59 for finding all this information

According to http://www.ascap.com/ Tila only has two song's that are by Thien Thanh Thi Nguyen (Tila Tequila) these two songs are I Love you and Paralyze. I Love You is listed twice on the website, because there is a clean and explicit version of the song. Since these two songs are what come up as what was written by Tila who is the owner of Tila's other songs?? Obviously we know Blue Dress, Pop Rox, and Stripper Friends aren't hers, but what about the others? Tila talks about being such a great writer/lyricist but she allegedly has only written two songs.

Back in 2006 many expected Tila to have her songs released on a major record label, but in 2007 they ended up just being sold independently on Itunes. She had a chance to release an album with Will.I.AM's record label but didn't. She says she decided to do it independently, but some places the songs are listed as signed by StratArt. At that time on her Myspace she did have contact info for Strategic Artist Management. Maybe Tila was trying to act like she did this independently but didn't really.

In March of '07 an actual CD came out of Tila's called The Sex EP, which was recorded in Sweden. The Saturday Team, a small record label based in Washington, posted the announcement of the CD on their website. It also had mentioned a legal controversy to stop publication of The Sex EP. The subject they had on this matter was removed soon after. There was links posted of where the CD was being sold such as, Amazon and an unknown Merchster, but the Amazon link ended up being removed. There is one site that still has the CD listed, however, this site also allows you to listen to Tila's songs on the CD http://www.juno.co.uk/ppps/products/261293-01.htm According to http://www.nowpublic.com/ it looks like Tila decided to do this CD independently. But they question whether she choose to do it independently or they choose not to work with her. A legal document was found at http://www.musicblob.it/archivio-documenti/the-saturday-team-inc-icon-music-entertainment-services-llc-v-thien-thanh-thi-nguyen-aka-tila-tequila-does. Tila apparently tried to act like The Sex EP wasn't supposed to be published and told her fans in a bulletin on Myspace, that was soon deleted, that it was fake. The record label made a legal complaint saying Tila signed a contract with them, and that she was breaking it. Was the record label trying to sell it unfairly or did Tila try to do this to gain more popularity?? A Youtube video was found of Tila that was allegedly shown as her working on producing the CD, and talking about owning these songs. BUT to my dismay, it was taken off due to a copyright infringement complaint BY Tila herself. Hmm...Either Tila was lying about the CD being fake, or the record label is.

For the whole story go to http://www.nowpublic.com/what_happened_tila_tequila.

To check out the Youtube link go to http://www.youtube.com/index?ytsession=ZC-AKfSGxru7jLIGXe5345UMySmUyPt19-oAzDumqBojYSzWOLM4djBLKUOq2p-DG3bYfUYaGhb9FguzcVMgMs8VIHFzYLXagEUp-0U_oQHvqnfADMubJqgNoQcCkE-z9vhnmzp-Aqjk0nw3q7MK2q_DELDZspmZSZzH0VtPdyt5t1Jb1k3lPl1wBS9CuCnCSbijDVauY4gzJcsGCaoObFvTBnT3mM5rP1BCRz6WrLS9CmlfWMY178DLs7Fss9D8r4Gqmq6COp4xx7urnZd6iexWpXE7vqKEp8NmbF1yZKuDhmevHXBBdHA6OTzLVwdMI0F7YJUqoXu9_vKiPtG4xtGDNyph5jSeG2T_Jod6fy9YXe13tFfKCGme70-lpZXl.


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wow......whats up with her and her lying?

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i think it's her work, because...
her Banner to her OMG site:


looks pretty darn similar to the cd cover of the cd in question...


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Will Tila EVER QUIT LYING? She keeps losing fans and the fans she does have love her so much but have NO CLUE who the real Tila is. These people just follow blindly and just won't listen to reason. How sad!