Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Tila skips out on Garbage Sale

UPDATE: Tila has just confirmed her Garbage Sale will still be on the 20th. So maybe she isn't really going to Vegas.

UPDATE: Harvey Levin just confirmed on TMZ Live that they did NOT call Tila about her garbage sale and they never heard anything about it until it was asked on their comments

Well I'll start this with something funny I just saw this morning. Apparently Tila thinks that Perez Hilton is always talking about her. WHERE?! Yes, Perez did mention her to Chris Brown yesterday, but other then that I never see him talk about her. It's Tila who is always talking about Perez for some reason. I assume she wants him to blog about her, but I'm guessing Perez just doesn't give a fuck about Tila. That really kills her I'm sure.

Here is Tila saying Perez is always talking shit about her :

Here is Perez's most recent blog post about Tila..hmm way back in January and it was about Casey and just merely mentioned Tila:

Tila's just jealous that Perez's blog is not from concentrate.

Anyways, on to the next. Tila claims she is going to Las Vegas this weekend (ohhh you don't know how bad I wish I was still there. ) What's funny about Tila going to Las Vegas this very weekend is that she was supposed to have her garbage sale on the 20th. She already has pushed back this garbage sale and now she is pushing it back even more. Makes you wonder why she keeps doing that. We all know Tila doesn't have enough money to buy all new things, so maybe she was lying the whole time. I doubt she would sell EVERYTHING of hers and go by more. Or maybe she is selling it to the real owners of the house for her unpaid rent. One that I think may be true is that Tila never moved and is still living there. She did seem to flip out a little when someone kept tweeting her address (that she made public) Whatever the case looks like Tila has disappointed her one or two fans who don't even live in the United States. She's also disappointed many haters who wanted to check that sale out. I say you still go and check out what's going on there, and act like you didn't know it was cancelled.


Sonja said...

ST said..."One that I think may be true is that Tila never moved and is still living there."...that's what I was thinking.

What didn't make sense to me is why would Tila move from a RENTED HOUSE, leave ALL of her belongings there to sell but doesn't come back until WEEKS later to hold the garage sale on the belongings she left behind.

It would make more sense to hold the garage sale BEFORE you moved out.

Either Tila never moved or she was lying about having a garage sale in the first place.

Spiked Tequila said...

Yeah I agree. Me and my boyfriend were renting last summer and we had to get all our things out of there right away we didn't get to just leave it there.

jess said...

tila just wrote a new blog on her website about the garage sale, saying she gonna be there but not for long. and only 5people can come inside at a time lol.

Anonymous said...

I say I just go in w/property owners permission to throw ALL her crap on the front lawn! Then have a EVICTION SALE 4 them, the proceeds can go to the property owners for pain & suffering.

Anonymous said...

The tila/Perez thing was months ago when they were twitter fighting. He had enough of her and said he would never print anything else about her on his blog. I believe this was around the time of caseys dogs and the nikki hilton thing. I cant stand him any more than her but he hasnt wrote anything about her that I know of since then and I believe he deleted some of the articles about her then.

Anonymous said...

Just saw on TMZ live lunch webcast - someone asked via email if they were actually going to send cameras to Tila's garage sale and they had no idea what that was - first they'd heard about it and they could not care less

Anonymous said...

We all know this garage sale isn't going to happen, but let's entertain the thought that it does. Is she just going to let people name their price in a big junk free-for-all? I don't believe for a second that she would actually take the time to price everything. And what about Onyx? Is he going to be there?

And if this is a rented property, why is she going to sell the fridge, washer/dryer, etc.? Maybe someone should notify the landlord/lady.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I was the one who asked Harvey about that. I told him surely he had better things to do with his time. Glad Harvey verified what I already knew!

Anonymous said...

Right after Casey died Prez and Tila were fighting back and forth on twitter...and he said that he would NEVER mention her on his blog again..guess he really ment it!!