Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I'm getting sued...NOT.

So @MittieeFanPage sent Tila a link of my blog and (below) is how she responded. Yep I guess I am getting sued now. I can't wait to get my fake Cease and Desist like the one Rotspot got!! I need a good laugh right about now.

Also Tila thinks she spent $500,000 on an attorney. What a hillarious lie. She can't even pay her rent!! Not to mention she said she payed $18,000 on a shopping spree which was found to be a lie as you can see in an earlier post of mine. Maybe Tila spent her imaginary money on her imaginary internet attorney?

And if Tila couldn't get sick enough she's now telling all her fans she will adopt anyone who is 14 and under and is a foster child. She can't even take care of herself. She's really a disgusting human being. I truly feel sorry for her fans, and I wish their parents knew what was going on.


Jennifer said...

HAHA... I also like the tweet she wrote about how she deleted her old Twitter account because having 400k+ followers was too much, and that she wanted to keep things intimate.

Intimate does not equal stripping on Ustream livefeed for the world to see. Plus isn't she the one that wanted to get as many new followers within the first day of her new account?

If she likes 'intimate' then she should delete her Facebook, Myspace, and move out of the country.

Anonymous said...

It's really sad that she's saying she'll adopt all these foster kids, if there ARE foster kids that are in desperate need of loving homes, and for some reason they have internet and are fans of Tila's, she could be hurting some feelings when she doesn't swoop in and adopt them all. But since when does she care about anyone's feelings but her own, anyway?

Sonja said...


She claims she found out the Russian adoption agency she was dealing with was a fraud and is NOT going to adopt a boy from Russia but will now go to Oakland instead and adopt an African American Child....God, does she ever, ever stop.

What this lying nitwit fails to realize is that satements anyone post about her on other blogs is something that came out of HER OWN MOUTH THAT SHE TWEETED ABOUT.

How would we know all these things about her if she didn't tell it and the majority of us have the proof she says these asinine things.

Can you imagine someone who supposedly spent $500,000 on an attorney will be having a garage sale, to sell all of her old stuff, at a rented house she USE to live in(I'm still trying to figure that one out)and on top of that she will be keeping the money.

If she would learn to stop lying and keep her trap shut about every move she's making in her pitful life she wouldn't have to try and "fake sue" others.

IMO, she desperately needs mental help.

Jayden said...

I'm sure the social worker's home study is just a technicality. Perhaps the state will give her a special "two for one" deal if she adopts multiple kids at a time.

DIsTheName said...

Who will let this retarded crackhead whore adopt a kid? Seriously?!!She needs to put the bloody pipe down and go to rehab!