Saturday, March 6, 2010

Tila's interview with Maximo TV

QVC = big extravagant pre-Oscar event, according to Tila. Last night Maximo tv interviewed Tila from the QVC red carpet event. The interview has to be one of the most entertaining things I've seen come from Tila in awhile. She blabs on and on and her publicist? (No idea who that is..let me know if you know) stood behind Tila rolling her eyes and just looking very annoyed. When Tila starts talking about her pregnancy the woman clearly tries to stop that topic and the twitter topic.

Also something seems to be going on with Raz B and Tila. Today he changed his myspace to unsigned. Is Tila not working with him anymore?? Hopefully Raz saw how stupid Tila is. The other day he also had a twitter rant saying he had no faith in people. There's clearly something going on there. I'm interested in seeing what is going on.

Now to Tila's charity "Jayden's Angels." She clearly said awhile ago that she had this charity already and that it helps millions of children. But on Facebook today she said she was still working on getting the charity set up. She's trying to backtrack her lies since everybody started questioning the charity. Read for more about Tila's so called charity.


Anonymous said...

Somewhere around 2:13 on that video is priceless. That woman in the back is just staring at the camera with her eyes all wide...

I freaking love it.


Anonymous said...

She's such a lying sack of shit. Among other things, she says "the paramedics called the ambulance, not me". uhhhhh the paramedics come arrive in an ambulance. It's the same thing. LOLOL. So who called the paramedics? Moron. That publicist is the lowest of low types of publicists. This is not someone important in Hollywood - because no legit Pr firm would take her on.

Anonymous said...

I believe the puppet master behind Tila in that video is Jamie Roberts of Big Machine Media (Tila's supposedly "high powered" PR firm hahahahaha!)

RockitQueen said...

That publicist/handler looks like she wants to go lie down on some train tracks. Hilarious!

I love how instead of "I" she goes "Iyyyyyyy...." like a 13-year-old. Very befitting of an ambassador! The reporter really missed some good opportunities:
"Are you sure you're pregnant? You don't sound sure."
"Tell us your plans, as Ambassador, for economic, environmental and human rights outreach in Vietnam."
"If you're about to 'blow up' as you say, then why do you want to stay out of the limelight?"
"Aren't you concerned that you still have a knot on your head 3+ weeks after you fell? And when did the dent turn into a knot?"

Anonymous said...

I cannot believe that anyone would let her keep telling that "Ambassador" lie. Ambassadors are appointed by the freaking President of the United States. There is not, ever was, or ever will be a President that would appoint her as an ambassador to anything.

Anonymous said...

Her POW! publicity firm "handles" Janice Dikinson too. The end.

Anonymous said...

raz b now says he has been signed with songbmg since 1999 and him and tila did a nice deal

@razb2k I though you were signed with @officialTila , your myspace page said unsigned, what is up
that was question he was asked

his response
@TilasCunt me and tila did a nice deal! I don't care about that! Lol change it for me! I've been signed to songBMG since 1999

Anonymous said...

wasnt razb meant to be toring the world with tila what happened to that now he is trying to sort his own tour out

@PrinceSammie: let's give the supporters want they want? You down for a @princeSammie & Friends Ft. @RazB2K and many others Concert.
about 23 hours ago via UberTwitter

If yall wanna see me @princesammie and @razb2k do a tour or a show retweet please.
about 23 hours ago via UberTwitter
Reply Retweet

@PrinceSammie let's put together a tour. I respect that dude! He has open the doors for B2K, Bow Wow and many other kids act. Thank u
about 24 hours ago via UberTwitter

Anonymous said...

Tila seemed very cracked out in this interview

- Katie

Anonymous said...

listen,I wish I knew your real name so I could find you and call you out on your shit.And this doesn't even have anything to do with Tila Tequila,I just think you're a dumb bitch that spends all her time hanging out on the internet trying to make friends because no one irl wants to hang out with you.

Anonymous said...

hey do u make all of your friends just by hating tila tequila?u must be so interesting<sarcasm

The Gnome said...

awwww, the anonymous twat aka tila is on your blog too? that's cute!!!
that means you've made it gf.

i wish i had anon's #....i'd like a date...but i'm going to require them to leave their e-rage at home....cuz well let's face it, that's just not sexy. :)

Anonymous said...

I love when people try to act big and bad on the internet. Listen, you wanna try to be hard, you can at least put a name, you pansy ass son of a bitch. If you're gonna talk shit, you've obviously following her for a bit to see if she's on twitter and whatnot. It's also not hard to type out the word "you," even if you're on a phone, like I am now. Also, while trying to be clever, get it right. It's "/sarcasm."
KTHX. Moron.
-SailorVesta :)

Anonymous said...

I wonder how the "Tila Army" will feel when Tila has a "miscarriage" When her adoption "falls through" when her supposed sign artists and her "have artistic differences"?? I mean even the most gullible of people can see that she is a blatant liar and needs help. It's pretty funny really... how stupid can these people be?

Spiked Tequila said...

Dear ANNONYMOUS at 12:37 you are insulting me annonymously. you aren't badass or anything. Next time come talk to me on Twitter or Facebook. kay? thanks :)