Sunday, March 14, 2010

Recap of this weekend

No guys I didn't write on this picture..This is Tila's cover art for her album...made on Paint!

According to Tila she had a miscarriage near Valentine's Day and is now again pregnant. Of course that can't be true, she was just saying last week that she was having twins and her due date was December. She wouldn't know about the twins yet, because she would have just had to have concieved within this past week or so. She wouldn't have even take a pregnancy test by now most likely. So obviously Tila is still lying about her child. You can read what she said about her pregnancy here.

Here's most of what happened this weekend with Tila:

  1. Tila made a new Twitter

  2. Tila got her Twitter verified

  3. Tila's twitter is unverified, again for some reason

  4. Tila is working on new adoption, because her last adoption was a "scam"

  5. Tila supposedly calls the cops due to a hater telling everyone her address was still the same.

  6. Tila spends $18,000 on herself and $30,000 on her baby, obviously a big joke.

  7. Tila is in London looking for her baby daddy

  8. Tila isn't in London

  9. Tila goes on SayNow and talks with an English accent

  10. Tila tells everyone she asked a random person to marry her

  11. Tila has a crush on a girl

  12. A friend of Tila's is in love with her

  13. Tila needs advice from teenagers on how to handle her love life

  14. Tila shows us her cover art for her album which looks like it was made on Paint

  15. Tila "grieves" over Casey

  16. LA Times comes out with an article on Tila and she promotes it even though it's negative

  17. Tila "reads" a book

Here is an excerpt of the LA Times article about Tila.

Wow Tila chains Onyx to her stripper pole how sad. I wonder if she makes Onyx sit there while she strips too.

Please read LA Times article here.


Anonymous said...

BS! Tila is a retarded crackhead whore!

Anonymous said...


Nikki said...

poor onyx : (

the alien saigon hooker probably forgets to take care of her.

god i hate this piece of trash.

Anonymous said...

I find it amusing she often refers to the 'controversy' around her pregnancy and how other celebs don't have controversy. She neglects to realize that there is no controversy, only what she's desperately trying to drum up. There are comments about it because it's obvious she's lying. Other celebs (which she isn't even a part of to begin with) are upfront about their pregnancies or lack thereof.

Tila is manufacturing this controversy to get more attention to herself. She doesn't realize that Hollywood and the public have a very long memory and her credibility is toast. She can get beat up and bloodied in front of witnesses, and still no one will believe her side of the story. Tila sold her soul for a few minutes of fame. Good luck in 5 years when the ravages of drug abuse take their physical toll and you have no looks to beguile the press.

Anonymous said...

I bet the local humane society would be interested in a large dog being chained to a stripper pole.

Anonymous said...

Tila just posted about P Diddys son Quincey being in love with her and sending her flowers and then she asked someone to go tell him he is too young for her. Of course she deleted it when she realized that was a major mistake to ask people to pester him.

Anonymous said...

carlton also tweeted once that tila was in love with p diddy and quincy at the same time... and that p diddy asked her to abort the child since he didnt know if it was his or his son quincys.. yuck!

Anonymous said...

andd heres carltons tweet regarding it

Sonja said...

LOL...I didn't know she posted a tweet about P Diddy's son being in love with her and sending her flowers....which we all know is a lie.

Tila thinks nothing about throwing out celebs names and slamming them with ridiculous lies she has made up. I surprised none of them have sued her for slander.

She should really be careful about what comes out of her mouth when she starts talking trash about other celebs. She is going to say the wrong thing one day and that person will take serious action against her and it won't be pretty.

This chick is really mentally unstable and I'm waitng for the day when karma pays her a visit.

Anonymous said...

I love the site....this witch is one f'ed up person (actually, I don't even like referring to her as a "person", just doesn't feel right)!