Monday, March 15, 2010

Tila Tequila spends $18,000??

Tila posted a couple pictures on her Facebook claiming she went shopping this past weekend and spent $18,000 dollars on herself. Well I decided to look up all the stuff in her pictures, and add up the total cost of it all. (Yes I took the time to do this so get over it lmao)

Now prices can be different depending on the store you bought them from or where you found them online. I calculated the prices from the official websites of the products. I got a grand total of $8572 which is a little under $10,000 from what she said. Now of course that isn't 100% accurate due to the fact that I couldn't find certain things and didn't know exactly what she got from some of the places. BUT I know that it isn't $9428 off. I think it's safe to say Tila did not spend $18,000.

As for the Bond no. 9 DNA For Her crystallized Swarovski perfume....Tila said it was the newest kind of perfume they just came out with, but how come when I was trying to find the price for it I found a website that had information on it back in 2007. Since I could NOT find that perfume anywhere I assume it WAS from 2007 and Tila lied about when she got it. So what else did Tila lie about with these items she "recently" bought? She can't even spell Swarovski or Louis Vuitton...sad.
So we know Tila is showing us an old bottle of Bond No. 9. So did she even go shopping? haha.
With my adding I did give Tila the benefit of the doubt if I only had the ranges I added the more expensive price.

Balenciaga Purse $195

Tila's YSL makeup:
Eyeliners range from $28 to $34
Perfect Touch foundation $55
Golden Gloss $30.00
Long Lasting Eye Pencil $28.00

Louis Vuitton:
Vintage Jewelery Case: I couldn't find a jewelery case that looked like the one Tila had in the picture I did find a watch case that looks exactly like Tila's "jewelery case" the cost of that is $4,070
Montorguiel PM purse $800
Berkeley Purse was the closest purse that I could find that was also a Damier Ebene canvas $1,620
Large Ring Agenda $635

La Mer skin care I can't tell what Tila got from La Mer from the picture but I did look up prices for different skin care products and I've seen things range from -$75 to $200+

Bond No. 9
For Her candle $85
Scent of Peace candle $95
For Her Perfume Swarovski Funny thing is I could not find this perfume on Saks' website or Bond N0. 9's website. I did find the snowflake version of it which was $525

For the Balenciaga purse go here
For Louis Vuitton go here
For Bond N0. 9 go here
For YSL go here
For La Mer go here
For the website where I found the 2007 post of the perfume go here


Anonymous said...

Good detective work. Another Tila lie.

DIsTheName said...

The stuff is fake!!! Those who purchases REAL LV, SAKS, 5th Ave, Swarovski would know what the REAL stuff look like....too bad Tila only used to buying FAKE CRAP!!!

Anonymous said...

Does she still have her BMW M6?

PK said...

What about the 30k spent on her baby?

Anonymous said...

The jewelry box is a fake. The real one is taller and has a different lock. It also doesn't have that sewn leather strip around the perimeter.

There are other jewelry boxes by LV, and they are about the same size and look, but they also have a huge handle and the brasses are different.

That jewelry box is not only not vintage, it is not real. Estimated price if it's real leather is less than $100

Anonymous said...

A Balenciaga is worth WAY more than $195 (if it's real).

Anonymous said...

you can still find that perfume on saks website...but it seems they just sell that black edition with swarovski stuff...but it definitely isn´t the newest shit...

Sonja said...

95% of what Tila says are lies and the other 5% could be true, but Tila has pumped it up so much you stil don't know what to believe.

Who knows where she got all the stuff in the above pictures.

My grandmother always said when you catch a person who lies all the time, the will also steal.

Now I'm NOT saying she stole any of the above items, but where there's smoke there's fire.

Anonymous said...

wow youre obsessed with Tila tequila

Anonymous said...

dear, balenciagas are like $1,500 not $150

Anonymous said...

okay I hate Tila soooo much but something about this isn't right. A Balenciaga bag for under $200? omg whaaaaaat that is impossible. Either you have found a place to shop that has THE most amazing prices ever, or you missed an extra digit there. lol

I can't speak for the other brands because I sadly am not rich enough to own any of them, but I own some *REAL* LV (along with some fake, teehee shhh) and Tila's stuff screams fake to me IMO.

Love your blog


Ade said...

She went shopping and she didn't announce it so the Paps can show up. This is all the stuff that Tila already bought a while ago, because if she just bought them, she would not only snap a photo of everything still in it's original packaging, there would be snapshots of her shopping because we all know how famous she is. She's a liar, all those stuff she bought individually, even in the height of her career *snickers*, she can't spend 10,000 grand on shopping and she knows it.

Anonymous said...

its called taxes.
she lives in california.