Thursday, March 4, 2010

Who's REALLY working on Tila's new website?

Thank you to @Ceph4dead (who is a website designer) for the pictures and finding the code to Tila's website. You can find it by right clicking on the page and going to view source. Here is what he has done as far as website design

Tila claimed to have a big team working on her website. You'd think that this team would be very skilled in the website designing process, but from what the coding shows it is very simply done. It's done almost like a myspace layout. This stuff is very EASY to do. I'm sure anyone could make a myspace layout. I know I have and I don't know ANYTHING about website design.
I asked @Ceph4dead to explain what was wrong with Tila's coding on her website and he had this to say.

"...Her site overuses tables. There are a million better ways to create a site. Sad thing is, her whole site could be done in one main div and a few nested ones. Use an image slice for the nav (since it isn't even dynamic lol) I could duplicate her site, with half the coding, in like a few hours."

I personally have no idea what most of what he just said means, but I'm sure some of you do. The point is Tila's website is obviously not being designed by a real website designer worth anything. It's done in a way that anyone could just copy and do themselves.

I asked him if he thought she was the one making the layout and he said either she was or a myspace "designer" was. "No real web designer worth anything would do such shotty work," he said.

Well I think it's safe to say even Tila's website is going to be tacky, especially now that she doesn't have any real money to hire real talented web designers.

As for what website coding should look like, check out Ceph's friends Coming Soon page.